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  • Caps with no team emblem

    I was up in Cooperstown last year on business and had a chance to go through the Hall of Fame. I noticed that there are many players without an emblem/ insignia on their caps:
    Catfish Hunter, Frankie Frisch, Johnny Mize, Yogi Berra and even Mel Ott has no cap on at all.
    Combine that with the dozen, or more, 19th Century players and several Negro League players without an insignia I think that should give precedence to ending disputes with players who want a team symbol that the Hall of Fame would not support.
    Send them in to the Hall with a blank cap, or no cap!

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    I agree, with all the player movement the past 40 years, having a logo on a cap seems incredibly outdated, especially if the logo is ugly, which most are.
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