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    I just wanted to say, GO HABS GO!!


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      It's a good thing

      If you like spring and/or fall baseball or softball, if like me you enjoy attending football games or if you sometimes go to minor hockey games in arena that are insuffisantely heated, you know how much of a problem sitting down can be in those situations. Not only is it unconfortable to freeze your rear end attending such an event, there's also the very real threat of hemoroids. And lately, I tought of something that might just be the definite answer in that regard. All you have to do is dig out a piece of that pink isolating board you put inside the walls of your house (I'm sure there has to be old pieces of that stuff in every basement/garage in the world), you cut yourself a piece, you put that in some kind of handbag (unless you want to spend the whole game telling the people around you what it is youre sitting on) and voilà. I've had great success with that this spring so far. It does a great job of insulating you from the cold bench, and is surprinsingly confortable. And I wanted to share that with my fellow Expos fans, before I publish it in my magazine, Augustin_"Gus" Living, on newstands everywhere.

      It's a good thing.
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      From now until the end of September, I'll be chronicling in real time on Twitter the 1946 season of the International league's Montréal Royals, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball. Check it out:


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