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    I miss their unis, which were one billion times better than the boring, red, Walgreens ripoffs being worn in DC.
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      The 'Big Owe' as it is now, is better than Tropicana Field. The Expos in the American League? Why not?
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        Though I was born in '69, a few teams that have moved from before my time are my favorites, including the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Expos became part of that when they moved. I'm an Indians fan ina ctuality, but there are certain teams, doing alternate histories and such, that I like.

        Their '80s uniforms were really cool. Strawberry hitting the roof with a homer in '87 was amazing. They reach the World Series in '94 in what I'm working on now, but sadly, they seem like a team that might have had troubles even if Loria somehow buys the Marlins right away, give the very poor exchange rate and rising costs.

        But, that's sort of why they're endearing. If they had succeeded, it would have been such a great story. And, as with the Brooklyn Dodgers, the way they left makes them feel a bi more endearing because they're a victim of larger markets and better pay and all the financial thigns that make baseball too much of a business and not the fun, innocent game it was meant to be, when I was a kid and Charlie Brown and his friends were the epitome of a great baseball team - at least when they won once ina decade.
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