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The End and the Beginning

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  • The End and the Beginning

    I was at the last Expos Game against the Mets in 2004 and I was also at the Nationals first game ever (not counting exhibition) at Philly in 2005. Although not an Expos fan I wore and Expos hat I had bought at Olympic Stadium in 2004 as a tribute to the Expos. ( I went to an Expos game in Montreal their last year and a National game in DC their first) Did anyone here have similiar experiences?

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    First off, Welcome aboard.

    Now to answer your question, I'd say about 80% of the Expos fans, myself included, ignore the Nationals. I find myself cheering against them.

    Also, I wonder when I will see an MLB game again. I suppose Toronto is only 2 hours away by train, so maybe I will go catch a game there. But I don't see myself getting to a game anywhere in the US (especially Washington) anytime soon. I would like to get to Yankee Stadium before it closes, but I don't know where i'll find the time.

    This time of year always hurts...:candle:
    Montreal Expos 1969 - 2004


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      I know it's mean, but I couldn't help but crack a smile when I heard one instance where they said that it's a balanced season this year, no team really sticks out as a clear cut favorite, anybody could win except the Nationals; and another one who said the Nationals may very well turn out to be one of the worst clubs in recent memory.

      They're gonna beg us to take them back before too long. It's just unfortunate they dumped Frank. I would have enjoyed seeing him coasting trhu a 110 losses season.
      From now until the end of September, I'll be chronicling in real time on Twitter the 1946 season of the International league's Montréal Royals, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball. Check it out:


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        Hi Thanks You for your responses. When it comes to baseball I am a diehard Mets fan and go to Shea about 15-20 times a year (By the way I know the Mets are going to have a new park in 2009 and I am sure it will be nice but as far as I am concerned no matter how many more comforts it has over Shea, it will never replace Shea in my heart, I am not saying I won't enjoy the new place just that it can't replace what Shea means to me.) Well this is an Expos forum so back to Les Expos, I am also a baseball fan and I first saw the Expos at Olympic Stadium in May of 1989, I was up there for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Canadians and Flames and I went to the saturday and sunday games (Sunday was a baseball-hockey double header) then of course in 2004 when the move was iminent I had too see one more Expo game at the BIG O for nostalgia sake (The same goes for the last Expos game at Shea and the first Nationals game in 2005 bye the way when I said I wore the Expos cap it was at that first Nationals game, I know in the eyes of the world no one really cares who goes to what game or what but to me it's nice to know I was at historic baseball events (just like that day-night dh the Mets and Yanks played in 2000 sure as a Mets fan it was a horrid day with Gooden beating us and Piazza getting beaned by Clemens but as a baseball fane I could appreciate the historic baseball that day) Also speaking of Shea, It holds a very special place in Expos history, Not only did the Expos open their history and what turned out to be a glorious 1969 season for the Mets with a win but of course they played their last ever game at Shea (Bye the way Endy Chavez who made that awesome catch in Game 7 (That was a great moment in a very sad night I was there) made the last out in Expos history and of course the Expos clinced their first ever playoff berth at Shea in 1981 and of course we both loved the Kid (Yes even though he was a great Met it was proper he went in the hall as an Expo. Now I cannot relate directly to the pain to losing your team, However my dad could, He was a long time NY Giant fan and when the Giants left for San Fran he stopped being a fan and rooting for the Yanks is not an option then the Mets came along in 1962 and the rest is history


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