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Expos Players getting in trouble

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  • Expos Players getting in trouble

    So the Urbina thread brought forward the naqme of Jeff Reardon and how he's had his fair share of problems.

    I was thinking maybe we should look back on some of the more controversial incidents to hit the Expos.

    I remember Vidro giving the camera's a the middle finger...

    I remeber when I was a youngster, the team went nuts on a plane and detroyed seats and stuff, I' thinking Carlos Perez was the main cowboy, but I could be 100% wrong.

    I also once heard a story on Team 990 about Tim Raines and his coke use. Apparently, in that plexi glass behind homeplate, there is a bunch of pictures of great Expos. And there's one pic of Raines sliding headfirst into 2nd, and if you looked at his back pocket, you could see a little silinder of coke. Apparently he always slid headfirst at this time to avoid shattering the container.

    Anyways, my memory doesn't go back to far, I'm hoping for some good stories from you fine folks...

    And please, I know some of the stories may be less that appropriate for children, but try to keep the colourful language to a minimum:silent:
    Montreal Expos 1969 - 2004

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