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    Originally posted by Ontarioguy
    My High School was a school with the bare minimum. It was a small rural school so it didn't offer any thing besides the bare essentials. We didn't even have a thrid language class like German or Spanish. Higher level courses like grade 12 University Physics or Chemistry were offered only every second year. It was pretty pathetic.

    I think I'd really enjoy working in radio but I guess I'll find out for certain next fall. As for the AG-OG hour, hmmmm. It could work!:radio :radio
    Do you guys actually know each other?
    Can I be the third man in your show?

    Like, Terry Ted and Kim, only I'm Terry and AG is Kim!! (joke!)
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      Originally posted by Augustin_"Gus"
      Were the school you attended/ neighborhood you lived in solely for diplomats and their families? I guess my question is, did you spend those 2 years isolated from native Burundians or did you interact with "the locals"
      I would interact with the Burundians that would be in my school at the Lycee Français de Bumjumbura. We would also have our cook (it sounds snobbish as hell, but anyone hailing from the occidental world would have one in Burundi) Atanas who would babysit us when my parents were gone, and when the political climate worsened, him and the other staff would bring their families at our house, and I would play with their children. As I said, none of them really had anything and some of them were hit by sorrow (some of them lost their childrens or wifes), but they would still not go down and give up, and would still smile and laugh, something I have the deepest respect for. So when I see people complaining here because they have too much work or the winter is too cold (which this year would be just ridiculous, 7 celsius in January! ), I kind of just laugh at it. But from time to time I complain, I'm still a francophone at heart .

      Originally posted by Augustin_"Gus"
      I would love to go to Africa, perhaps for a prolonged period of time. For it's unique cultures, the sights, the sounds... after all, it's the birthplace of humanity. But on the other hand, I'm kind of hypochondriac. So the diseases, the bugs, the food... It may take a while before I go there...
      I survived it, but after Burundi, the people at our schools would always be amazed by how many vaccinations we had in our booklet, as long as you take your medication you should be fine. The African continent is beautiful, sometimes I wish I wasn't that young when I lived there so I would have realised it. Egypt is supposedly beautiful, but very dirty, according to my parents who lived there in the 80's. But I want to go there one day too, preferably before it expands into an even bigger tourist country. Burundi probably doesn't look the same as when I was there also. Africa is also changing. A friend of mine from Senegal said that individualism is the norm over there now.

      Originally posted by Augustin_"Gus"
      I always tought Ntaryamira and his Rwandeese counterpart, Juvenal Habyarimana had really cool names. But I know very little about both of them. You would have to believe that they shoulder part of the responsability for what happened after they were assasinated.
      If you are looking for cool names, look no other place than Madagaskar, a friend of mine is from there and his last name is Randriambololona, they are longer and easier to say . I don't remember the Rwandan case that much, although I have lately informed myself more about it (watching movies, a documentary about Romeo D'Allaire which I recommend), but in Burundi's case, Ntaryamira's predecessor's assasination started the whole situation. Of course Ntaryamira death must have worsened the situation.


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        The Habs are going...down h
        I wish we could be better


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          We Won!!!!


          Huet Was Awesome!!


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            Anyone here Greek by any chance?


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              Hello everyone.

              I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but I've been browsing this forum for a while now, and I felt I should introduce myself. My name is Gabe and I'm a huge Expos fan. I went to many of their games during their last few seasons. Truthfully, I didn't really fall in love with them until after they had left. I guess I didn't really realize how fortunate I was to have the 'Spos, until they were gone.

              It's nice to have this forum here. I have strong feelings about many issues and topics that have to do with the Expos and I look forward to conversing with other Expos fans out there. I also want to say that, living in west-central New Hampshire, there are an unbelievable amount of Expos fans here. I feel, that if Montreal was ever to get another MLB team, and one with good management and financial security, they would really be supported. One thing I also want to say is that, Olympic Stadium was my favorite stadium in the MLB. I don't understand why everyone ridiculed and bashed it. I always enjoyed it much more than Fenway. It had a great atmosphere during Expos games.

              Personally, I love to collect Expos souvenirs and memorabilia. They've obviously become harder to come by in the past couple years, but that makes it all the more fun. I have several hundred autographed baseball cards of Expos players and coaches, and their minor league affiliates, primarily the Vermont Expos. One of my favorite pieces is a a 2004 game-used jersey of Josh Labandeira.

              My favorite former Expos are Jamey Carroll, Brian Schneider, Peter Bergeron, Brad Mills, and Rusty Staub.

              Again, I've really enjoyed reading all the threads here and I hope to contribute to more in the future. Thanks for reading and Bring Back the Expos!

              Gabe B., New Hampshire
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                Welcome to the Expos board, Gabe!

                Feel free to discuss anything and everything about the Expos. Always good to get new people, new experiences, new memories of our favorite team.

                Regarding memorabilia, it's a bit odd beaucuse now that Expos gear, caps expecially, are vintage, it's become very fashionable for young people in Montréal to wear them. We see much more Expos caps on the street now then when the team was actually playing. Doesent make sense, but I guess that's life.

                Again, welcome aboard!
                From now until the end of September, I'll be chronicling in real time on Twitter the 1946 season of the International league's Montréal Royals, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball. Check it out:


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                  I'm a newbie, too

                  Hi Gus and all expo fans. I'm originally from montreal, as my nickname would hint at, and always loved the Expos. As a 10 year old, i was at the opening game back in 1969, and was back in Montreal with more than a tear or two in my eye at the final home game in 2004. I went to West Hill High, and then to dawson CEGEP during the late '70s. I have been fortunate to have lived out west, but now live in Nova Scotia, I have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I noticed one the the other posters has an interest in broadcasting. I was in the business myself for a few years, and still do mobile DJing. I was the king of late night radio in Yellowknife in '82-'83!


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                    I just get the feeling that the effort to get the Expos back isn't as big as the effort to get the Seattle SuperSonics back. I don't know why that is.

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