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  • Expos all time 25 man roster

    Stealing an idea from Sockeye. After seeing in the Nationals forum a combined Expos/Nationals roster, I decided to create a roster dedicated exclusively to the Expos. While I researched all of the Expos rosters from 1969-2004 on BFF, I know I may have forgotten some names.

    C: Gary Carter, Darrin Fletcher
    1B: Andres Gallaraga
    2B: Jose Vidro, Mike Lansing
    3B: Tim Wallach, Bob Bailey
    SS: Orlando Cabrera, Hubie Brooks
    LF: Tim Raines, Moises Alou
    CF: Andre Dawson, Marquis Grissom
    RF: Vladimir Guerrero, Larry Walker
    SP: Steve Rogers, Pedro Martinez, Dennis Martinez, Ken Hill, Bryn Smith
    RP: John Wetteland, Jeff Reardon, Mel Rojas, Woodie Fryman, Tim Burke

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    How about Ellis Valentine. I took my son to his first Major League game at Veterans Stadium and we sat in right field. It was the Phillies and the Expos. Ellis Valentine was playing right field and he fielded a base hit and a runner was rounding second. I will never forget the throw he made from deep right to third to get the runner. It was the greatest throw that I have ever seen, on a line, right to the third baseman. He had an arm like a rocket. With the Expos 1975 to 1981.
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      Rusty Staub as pinch hitter.


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        The problem with these teams is that so many spots are wasted on relief pitchers. As a roster for how baseball is played currently it works. Ass a pantheon for a team it misses a lot of position players for a position that came into prominence only in the last 2-3 decades.

        Ron Fairly, Ron Hunt, Larry Parrish, Warren Cromartie and even Chris Speier are some guys that get squeezed out.


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          Thanks a lot to Steve or that very interesting list.

          Starting pitchers: Bryn Smith, not so sure... I think Javier Vazquez or even Pascual Perez would have been better... Maybe Livan Hernandez!!
          Relief pitchers: Ugueth Urbina over Woodie.
          Catchers: Brian Schneider instead of Fletcher, who was a bit better offensively, while Schneider was much better defensively.
          Second basemen: Hunt over Lansing.
          Shortstops: Speier, not Brooks.
          Third basemen: I loved Bailey a lot in the old days. But here, his percentage of innings at 3rd is a bit too low (he also played a lot at 1B and LF). So, Parrish.

          I agree with PVNICK that too many good position players are left over because of the relievers.
          Same with Expo16 idea that Staub deserves the honorary title as PH. But in real life, that spot would go to Wallace Johnson and Jose Morales.
          Please keep the answers coming, guys!
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