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    What's everyone's opinion on the Expos' 1994 team? They were on top of the NL East and looking great, then the strike stopped play. Do you think they could of taken the NL pennant that year? Look at the talent they had: Alou, Walker, Cordero, Floyd, Grissom, Pedro, Fassero and Wetteland. I think Guerrero was playing for the Harrisburg Senators at the time, but I'm not sure. I think they could of taken it. What's all of your opinions?

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    They were a very good and a very exciting team for sure. But there's an old sayin' that you have to learn to loose before you can learn to win. No one will ever be able to tell, and if anyone asks, I think they would have won the WS for sure. But just between us die-hard fans, they were probably a little too green, little short on big game experience to go all the way. Not sure they would have won it all.

    It would have been a very different kind of heartbreak, but heartbreak none the less.

    And perhaps the team management would have wanted to take another stab at it in 95. We'll never know.
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      There is no guarantee that the Expos would have won the NL East that year if the strike did not occur. There was still nearly two months left in the season and it would have been foolish to dismiss the Braves, who were 6 GB when the strike stopped the season. The Braves came from 10 games back in July to overtake the Giants to win the NL West in 1993 and erased a 9.5 games deficit at the All Star break in 1991 to beat the Dodgers for the division. How the Expos would have handled a possible Braves run is a question that never will be answered.


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        I honestly don't think there are many people in Montreal or in Canada that didn't think the Expos were going to win the World Series that season. They may have been wrong as anything can happen but the general consensus was that they were going to win it. Maybe the lockout was good (not really since it destroyed the Expos...) in the sense that everyone still believes they were destined to win it so much that many people kinda believe they did win the world series that year in a way.

        If there was a world series and the Expos didn't win or lost in the NL playoffs or somehow didn't even make the playoffs then that year wouldn't be so great as it is now.


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          They woulda won it all

          1994 WS Champs = Montreal Expos
          1994 WS MVP = Moises Alou


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