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    Originally posted by spark240 View Post
    Significant in what way?

    Significant in representing interest in bringing baseball back to Montreal? Yes, I deny that.

    I'm not against baseball in Montreal. Montreal was one of the great minor league cities for many years. Major league baseball might be viable in Montreal too, if it were done right.
    Well, for a while it was done right, and Montreal was a great major league city.

    Originally posted by Augustin_"Gus" View Post
    Couple of things here. A) The fact that the Expos, being a defunct team, see their merch sales go up as part of this post-modern-retro-chic fad dosent mean there's a public support for the return of baseball in this city. Ut just means that... were in the middle of a post-modern-retro-chic fad. Were everything either old or ugly is cool, for a reason I don't completely understand. Reading more into it is a mistake, IMHO.
    Just about everyone in Canada feels screwed over by the Expos leaving (and rightfully so). In the past, they would bury their head in the sand. Now it appears they buy fitted hats. I know that everyone I know who wears one (including myself) want the team to come back. After all, the Blue Jays weren't the only Canadian team. We also had a National League baseball club. Implying that the logo may or may not be "ugly" is not the best route to take simply because the hats are available in all the colours of the rainbow now. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. I know that Blue Jays merchandise has spiked since they introduced their new abomination of a logo and uniforms. But just about everyone I know, once again, would like them to return to the pre-1997 logo. And by golly, we've seen a spike in hat sales featuring the old logo. This is democracy in action. People voting with their wallets. That's not reading too much into it at all.


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      Originally posted by JaysExpos View Post
      That's not reading too much into it at all.
      MLB doesn't need to see that there are fans in the street; it needs to see a deep-pocketed fan in the boardroom willing to invest in the sport. If someone like Stephen Bronfman starts wearing an Expos cap in public, then MLB will start paying attention.


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