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L'Époque Glorieuse des Expos

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  • L'Époque Glorieuse des Expos

    This is a new French-language book on the team's best years in the late '70s and early '80s, by Alain Usereau. He's researched it very thoroughly. He's hoping to publish a version in English as well.

    He notes that another book about the Expos will be launched in 10 days (not by him, though).

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    The other book's title is "Il était une fois les Expos, tome 1: les années 1969-1984" (Once upon a time, there was the Expos, Volume 1, 1969-1984). The book was written by former Expos broadcaster Jacques Doucet and author Marc Robitaille. The media launch is monday (November 9th) but I've been told it hit bookshelves last week.

    I got to read an early version of the chapters about the Jarry Park years, and I have to say it was a great read. There were some issues with the writting style at that point (wich has hopefully been fixed since) but I learned a lot about a franchise I know quite a bit about (altough I wasn't around for the Jarry Park years, having been born a few weeks after the conclusion of the Expos' first season at the Big O). I believe that anyone who cares about the Expos will enjoy the book.

    Full discolsure, I'm not completely objective here. I did some reaserch for the book (if you see Marcel Dugas in the aknowledgements, that's me). But I don't get a share of the profits. So there's no point for me to encourage people to get the book if it werent any good. I tought it was informative and I believe Expos fans will enjoy it.

    I will also be at the media launch on tomorrow. I hope I can meet Claude Raymond. Few people have been as good ambassadors for this sport in Québec has Mr. Raymond as been, and I would like to shake his hand.
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