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A few Expos December Trades

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  • JBSptfn
    Singleton, Torrez, and Thornton

    If they wouldn't have traded away Ken Singleton, Mike Torrez, and Andre Thornton, maybe they would have won the division in 1979.

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  • Brad MCdonald
    The Singleton/Torrez trade was brutal. The Expos had had 2 decent (for them) seasons in 73(in the pennant race-as it was) and 74. Even as an 11 year old Expo fanatic, I thought it was a terrible trade ...and proven when McNally packed it in a year later...just awful.

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  • Chicoutimi CP
    started a topic A few Expos December Trades

    A few Expos December Trades

    The annual MLB Winter Meetings are taking place in Indianapolis. That, combined with my reading of "Il était une fois les Expos", is making me a bit nostalgic about Nos Amours these days. The Expos have been involved in their share of trades during the month of December over the years. According to the SABR transaction database, about 60 of them actually.

    Here are some of the most memorable :

    The first major December trade involving the Expos:
    December 5, 1973 / Mike Marshall to the L.A. Dodgers for Willie Davis.

    No one can forget this one because it was probably their worst ever:
    December 4, 1974 / Ken Singleton and Mike Torrez to Baltimore for Rich Coggins and Dave McNally. Ouch…

    The following brought leadership to the young team that was developping at the time and that would be a contender a few years later:
    December 16, 1976 / Woodie Fryman and Dale Murray to Cincinnati for Will McEnaney and Tony Perez.

    After their run for the division title in 1979, the Expos found out they needed a real leadoff batter. They went for one and got their man:
    December 7, 1979 / Dan Schatzeder to Detroit for Ron LeFlore

    Then, after a few average seasons, they decided to part ways with their best player ever:
    December 10, 1984 / Gary Carter to the New York Mets for Hubie Brooks, Mike Fitzgerald, Herm Winningham, and Floyd Youmans.

    The next few trades were real steals for the Expos :
    December 30, 1970 / Dave McDonald to San Francisco for Ron Hunt.
    December 14, 1978 / Sam Mejias to the Chicago Cubs for Rodney Scott and Jerry White.
    December 20, 1983 / Pat Rooney to the New York Yankees for Tim Burke.
    December 9, 1991 / Barry Jones to Philadelphia for Darren Fletcher.

    Unfortunately, the Expos looked bad quite a few times too in some December trades:
    As mentionned earlier, the Singleton-Torrez trade should be at the top of that list.
    December 10, 1976 / Andre Thornton to Cleveland for Jackie Brown.
    December 12, 1980 / Tony Bernazard to the Chicago White Sox for Rich Wortham.
    December 12, 1997 / Henry Rodriguez to the Chicago Cubs for Miguel Batista.
    December 14, 2000 / Dustin Hermanson and Steve Kline to St. Louis for Britt Reames and Fernando Tatis.

    Any thoughts or comments from you guys? It's quite possible I've overlooked a few gems... Please remember: we're only talking about December trades!

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