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Vuvuzelas at Olympic Stadium

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  • Vuvuzelas at Olympic Stadium

    Hearing the vuvuzelas during the World Cup reminded me that one year, during opening day, the Expos sold those long plastic horns. The noise was so deafening beneath the dome that the team discontinued selling them. Though in future games, there'd often be some fans with those horns, thankfully no game I attended ever reached the same level of constant noise.

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    From what I undertsand, there are enough empty seats in South Africa that fans over there could bang their seats like we use to do at Olympic Stadium. That would sure bring back old memories...
    From now until the end of September, I'll be chronicling in real time on Twitter the 1946 season of the International league's Montréal Royals, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball. Check it out:


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