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Vive Les Expos: An Interview with Kevin Glew

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  • Vive Les Expos: An Interview with Kevin Glew

    Kevin Glew is an award-winning Canadian freelance writer, whose work has been seen in such publications as Baseball Digest, Baseball America, The Hockey News and Sports Collectors Monthly, as well as Glew has also been involved with the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, and for the past three years has served as an executive for the London chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

    Glew’s blog, Cooperstowners in Canada, tells the tales of Hall of Famers who, for at least portions of their careers, spent some time in Canada, as well as the glorious history of the game north of the border.

    Glew recently took some time to speak with us about the Montreal Expos, touching on the 1994 club that may have been robbed of the World Series appearance which had always haunted the franchise, the fire sale of 1995, the factors that led to the Washington relocation, not the least of which was fan disillusionment, and why Montreal executives did a better job of marketing the Expos mascot than future Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero...continue...
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