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Triumph and tragedy: story of the montreal expos

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  • Triumph and tragedy: story of the montreal expos

    Finally got my hands on this great documentary. There is a rally for the spos this year being organized make sure you represent Canada's first MLB team. I miss em and I'm a huge jays fan.

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    I just watched that documentary, absolutle shame what happen to the expos, the fans and the city of montreal. shame that corporate greed and hindsight of government officials ruined the franchise. and this really affects me because the same exact thing is happening to my islanders here on long island. we are all preparing for the worse three years from now when we hear the sad news that owner charles wang will sell and relocate the once 4 time stanley cup champion new york islanders to...kansas city or seattle. i hope one day the expos will see thier chance agin in a beautiful new ballpark (labatt 1998 would have been oen of the nicest stadium in baseball if built). and for some reason, one memory i can always remember was back in 03 or 04, it was about 330pm and i kept asking my dad to get me home so i can watch the mets, and i remember turning the game on and of all teams they were playing, it was against the expos in montreal. i cant erase that memory for some reason, but its the only memory i have of the expos
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    Lets Go Mets, Jets, Islanders !!!


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