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Any land at Jarry Park available for a new baseball stadium?

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  • Any land at Jarry Park available for a new baseball stadium?

    I know that when the Expos left Jarry Park (Parc Jarry for our Francophone friends) for Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium for our Anglophone friends), it was converted into a tennis center (centre) with the main stadium, which was the Expos' home from 1969-1976, now called Stade Uniprix (Uniprix Stadium) and its stands remodeled for tennis.

    I was wondering if there is any land left at the Jarry Park complex to build a new baseball stadium.

    Another good site would be the Stade Claude Robillard, where the Montreal Impact soccer team played there games before Stade Saputo (Saputo Stadium) was built. Yet another could be the downtown area (I wonder what is now on the site of what should have been Parc Labatt [Labatt Park].

    I wish there was a way the Big O could have a grass field or have a way to build an area for the grass field like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, home of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, has. However, the Big O should either be remodeled for CFL Football, Soccer, and Track and Field. Better yet, make it a tennis center (centre), tear down Uniprix Stadium and build a new Expos ballpark.

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    If it must be built anywhere, downtown is the way to go, However ther is plenty of land on the Jarry park site (just check it out in Google maps). The labatt park site is filleed with condos now. Montreal's downtown, is one of the most vibrant, clean, safe and beautiful in north America. there actually is a site just south of the downtown core (10 minute walk). An independant league stadium had rumors of being built there, but it will probably be built north of the city in Laval. Here is a link to that site


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      not without taking more of the park from the neighborhood as the tennis center has done.
      but who cares about the neighbors, eh?
      why would the tennis folks want to be in an oversized location that puts seating farther away from the action and lose (sun, fresh air etc.) the atmosphere that they have?
      doesn't make sense after the city has sunk more than $15M into the complex to tear it apart.
      with only hwy 40 nearby it's not a realistic location for an mlb franchise.
      olympic stadium already has cfl dates and a running track would have to be anchored to the floor, this was tried there in the late 70's and proved to be a problem.
      there's also no room for a grass "tray" like glendale, on the tower end are the pools and the other is the infrastructure for the building - load bearing towers that can't be moved.
      phoenix stadium was designed with the tray in mind.

      btw - mlb isn't interested
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      reality really sucks.
      enjoy the game more...


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