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My ballpark idea for a future MLB team in Montreal

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  • My ballpark idea for a future MLB team in Montreal

    If and when Montreal does get a new baseball stadium, here are some ideas that I have:

    1. Build it either in the downtown area, by the Centre Bell (Bell Centre), in the Jarry Park area, or on the lot where the proposed Labatt Park would have been.

    2. It would have the architecture of the old Montreal Stadium/Delorimier Downs.

    3. Natural Grass playing surface with storage area like at the Arizona Cardinals stadium (could be electrically heated field like at Stade Saputo) or FieldTurf with full baseball cutouts like Tropicana Field has.

    4. Retractable roof (like Safeco Field, Chase Field, Miller Park, or Rogers Centre, not the one that is not worth a darn at Stade Olympique).

    5. Capacity would be between 40,000 and 55,000.

    6. Dimensions would be a combination of those at Jarry Park and Olympic Stadium, plus a few of my ideas (Metric Measurements first [metres/meters], with English ones [feet] in parentheses]):

    Left Field Lines: Either 99 M (325 ft.), 101 M (330 ft.), 103 M (340 ft.), or 104 M (342 ft.-original, the #42 to honor Jackie Robinson, the former Montreal Royal who wore that number when he became the first Negro to break Major League Baseball's Colour/Color Barrier-first two are from Olympic Stadium (325/99 from 1977-80 and from 1982-2004, 330/101 from 1981-1982)

    Left Field Power Alley: 112 M (368 ft.)-Jarry Park's power alleys

    Deep Left Centre (Center) Field Corner: 128 M (420 ft.)-Centre Field Corners at Jarry Park

    Centre (Center) Field: 123 M (404 ft., which was the centre/center field distance for the majority of the Expos' seasons at Olympic Stadium, although it was 405 ft. [marked as 123 M] in 1979 and 400 ft. [121 M] from 1980-81)
    Deep Right Centre (Center) Field Corner: 127 M (417 ft.-distance to centre/center field at Jarry Park)

    Right Field Power Alley: 114 M (375 ft.)-power alleys at Olympic Stadium

    Right Field Line: 97 M (320 ft.-original, the #20 to honor Jackie Robinson, who wore that number for the Montreal Royals before going to the Brooklyn Dodgers), or 99 M (see left field lines). Thought about 89 M (293 ft.) from Delorimier Downs but the distance is too short for MLB regulations.

    Fence Heights:
    Left Field: 2.4 M (8 Feet-Jarry Park's fence height in the Expos' first (1969) and final (1976) seasons there-between 1970 and 1975 the fence heights were 1.5 M (5 ft.), however, I consider them too short for today's Major Leaguers.

    Centre Field: 3.6 M (12 ft.-Olympic Stadium's fence heights)

    Right Field: 6.1 M (20 ft.-original, not sure about fence height at Delorimier Downs, but the 20 would honor the #20 for Jackie Robinson)

    However, if you prefer, you can flip these measurements around and make it 97M in left, etc.

    One field area (in my proposal, the left field area) would have an area for the bullpens that would also serve as extra space for a soccer field and a CFL football field. The other (in the high wall area) would have a hand operated scoreboard like Delorimier Downs or Olympic Stadium had in the later years).

    Large video board in centre/center field with Jarry Park like scoreboard in left.

    If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them.

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