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Post in this thread if you ever attended an Expos game!

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    I used to drive up from Boston about every other year starting in 1986. Got a Mike Fitzgerald poster first night and autograph from Dann Bilardello. Usually stayed at Centre Sheraton and rode Metro to stadium. One time there was a Friday night doubleheader with the Cubs because the WLAF was having its World Bowl on Saturday night at Olympic. Went to that game too (Orlando vs. Sacramento), took the Metro along with Joe Girardi, Ken Patterson and a few other Cubs. One player was making his first trip to Montreal and must have taken the bus the night before. He was nervous about not knowing where to get off so I piped up and told him only to find Girardi and mates were planning to prank him by jumping out at station just before doors shut.
    Made it up in 2004 and saw Bob Bailey and Dennis Martinez get inducted into Expos hall of fame. Only complaint I had about stadium was the constant banging of the seats, drove me crazy.


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      We used to do a trip once a year from 1988 to 1997. We called it the Annual Montreal Trip. Always seen an Expos game. Usually the same group of guys from work. For some reason, after 10 years, the trip fell apart. Went up a few times after that with other guys from work who tried to copy our trips, but it wasn't quite the same.
      Well, I'm happy to say, we did another trip. Got the old "original" guys back together, and went up for the Blue Jays Exhibition Games in March 2014. I'll tell you, it was like 17 years hadn't passed! Laughed until it hurt! Only down side... Many of us were in bed early, not as young as we used to be!
      Hope Montreal gets a team back!
      Let's Go Expos!


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