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Has/or would Montreal be considered for a AAA team

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  • Has/or would Montreal be considered for a AAA team

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    The problem then becomes: "Where would it play?" With all the problems at the "Big Owe" (which is starting to take on a literal meaning; perhaps the city should just officially change the name to that) I doubt any existing AAA team is going to be dying to go there. Delormier Downs is long gone. (Cities last AAA ballpark) and Jarry Park has been converted into a tennis center.

    On another thread in this Expos forum, I suggested what I called the "Buffalo Plan". When the City of Buffalo built Pilot Field (original name, now has some corporate name) they built Pilot Field at AAA capacity and had the architects design in such a way that expansion to an MLB capacity of around 40,000 was easily and economically accomplished should MLB ever come calling to expand.

    I suggested that Montreal build an A park and start out in the NY-Penn League. They should make sure in its architecture / design that the ballpark is easily expandable first to AA. then AAA then MLB proportions. They can slowly work their way back up into the MLB picture by shattering attendance records (and proving interest) at each stop along the way. Doing it in stages should make the ballpark cost a lot easier to take and spread it over time.

    A smart thing to do would be, make it for Baseball first and foremost, but also make sure that Canadian football can be played in it. Sort like all the Bowl Games in the USA that are played in baseball "only" stadia. This way they could rent it out to the Alouettes or a college team in the off-season should they so desire.

    Maybe they don't need to start in A or Independent ball, but I think its important they do **SOMETHING** to get back into baseball, show and prove interest and get "the ball rolling" again, so to speak.

    Thoughts from the BBF people that have in interest in Montreal?

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