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Radio of Game Three of 1951 Playoff

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  • Radio of Game Three of 1951 Playoff

    I read recently that there were five--five--radio broadcasts of Game Three of the 1951 NL Playoff. There is existing audio, of course, of the Russ Hodges call on the local Giants network; Red Barber's call on WMGM was saved and heard on the Bob Costas show about the game; and Gordon McClendon's account is available on YouTube. But Mutual Radio (Al Helfer) and a Brooklyn Dodgers network using recreated games for smaller stations (Nat Albright) also had the call. Additionally, Buck Canel on Spanish language called it and it was on Armed Forces Radio. Does anyone know (or know anyone who might know) if any audio from those calls was ever saved? Did Armed Forces do their own broadcast or just transmit content from a US network?

    As a bonus, does anybody know if audio exists of the 1946 NL playoff between the Dodgers and Cardinals?


    Neal Lavon
    Takoma Park, MD

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