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    Back in the 1920s & 1930s, both Fordham & NYU were nationally renowned college football powers. As such, both frequently played important intersectional games against powerhouses from the midwest, south & Pacific coast. Here is an oddity: Fordham, which is located in the Bronx, usually played it's important games at the Polo Grounds while NYU, which is in Manhattan, played it's marquee matchups at Yankee Stadium. One would have thought it would have been the reverse. Does any NYC sports history buff know why this was?-Brownie31

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    From Wikipedia for what it's worth:

    While NYU has had its Washington Square campus since its inception, the University purchased a campus at University Heights in the Bronx, as a result of overcrowding on the old campus. NYU's move to the Bronx took place in 1894, spearheaded by the efforts of Chancellor Henry Mitchell MacCracken, who is credited with turning the school into a modern university. The University Heights campus was far more spacious than its predecessor, and housed the bulk of the University's operations, along with the undergraduate College of Arts and Science (University College) and School of Engineering. With most of NYU's operations moved to the new campus, the Washington Square campus declined, with only the Law School remaining until the founding of Washington Square College in 1914.

    The University Heights (now Bronx Community College) and Fordham aren't that far from each other:

    The grey spot in the upper right corner is Fordham on this map. I would suspect that whoever had a football team first played in the Polo grounds and the follower took Yankee Stadium.

    I guess the point is when NYU was a football power the major operations of the school (the school itself if you will) was located in the Bronx. Not that big a stretch at that time for a team to play on either side of the river.
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      MSUlaxer27: Thanks very much. Have a great weekend! Brownie31


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