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June 1962 -- Brock and Aaron

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  • June 1962 -- Brock and Aaron

    Just curious about the three centerfield home runs hit druing big league games at the PG.... Joe Adcock was the only one for a long time, and then Lou Brock and Hank Aaron on consecutive days in June of 1962.

    I've read that Brock's was in the "right center field bleachers, 460-470 feet from home plate" and that Aarons was in "left center."

    Anyone have any info on where these balls specifically landed? Or even Adcocks?

    Photos? Google did not turn up much....

    After having only Adcock's HR being the only one for a LONG time, the Giants fans must have been pinching themselves when the other two were hit on successive days!!

    I also read of a Negro Leaguer who blasted one into the CF bleachers as well, but found even less info on that one, just the guys name...

    Why am I curious about this?? On the new baseball game, MLB 2006 The Show for PS2, my son and I are having a great time playing games at a beautifully rendered Polo Grounds, as well as Home Run derby's. He thinks he can reach the CF bleachers.... I laugh as drive after drive comes up short.....

    Hitting them on the roof down the two lines is neat though.....
    Bryan in Indy.
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    Lou Brock 6-17-1962

    On the same day that lou brock hit his famous polo grounds centerfield homerun marv throneberry missed 1st base and 2nd base will hitting a base clearing triple and was called out. Lou brocks homerun off of Al Jackson hit the top of the fence next to the larger batters backgroung out in centerfield.and Aarons homerun on the next day was a granslam off of Jay Hook that landed into the bleachers to the left of the batters background in the left centerfield bleachers. Joe Adcock hit his homerun in 1953 and Luke Easter of the Homestead Grays did it in 1948. By the way this photo of Lou Brock was taken at the polo grounds. the 6-17-1962 game with brocks homerun still exists today on audio tape complete.
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      So it is fair to say that both homers were just to the side of the batters background? Maybe 20 yards or so from the Eddie Grant Memorial?

      Or were they more towards where the second deck stopped, and the bleachers began?

      I'm curious how "dead center" they really were. Obviously not at the batter's backdrop/clubhouse wall, as I read no batted ball ever even struck the wall behind the Eddie Grant Memorial (under the 483 ft sign) much less cleared it.

      Another way to put it... For Aaron's HR, how close was it to the BOTTOM step leading up to the clubhouse? A few feet to the left, or more like yards?
      And if there was a set of stairs on the right centerfield side of the hitters backdrop, how far away would Brock's HR been from what would have been the bottom step? This makes a difference on the total distance of the homers, I suppose.

      And Luke Easter, that was the name. Imagine that guy shaking his head at hitting only the second ever HR to that part of the PG, but not being able to play in the Major Leagues....
      "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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        Lou Brock????

        I still can't see the guy as a Cub.... but I grew up a Cardinals fan and my Dad even took me to Lou Brock Day. I was 8. We were in a VERY long line for the left field bleachers, and I said to my Dad... "Look Dad, that line over THERE is much shorter." It was for the Right Field Bleachers, and was definitely NOT the place to be on Lou Brock Day. Fortunately, he knew better.

        Now, show me an autographed photo of Earnie Broglio and you win the prize
        "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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