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Robert Moses ran the Giants out of NY

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    Originally posted by Joe Barrie View Post
    I attended high school in Manhattan, and our Class Days were held at the Polo Grounds. The percentage of New Yorkers who rooted for the Giants was decreasing, though they were my team. I suppose a move to Queens would have been tolerated because of concerns about the neighborhood, but the fact is that the Polo Grounds was only one subway stop away from Yankee Stadium.

    The St. Louis Browns in Queens was an effort in which people I knew were involved after WW 2.

    There are those who say Brooklyn deteriorated after the Dodgers left. Look at Detroit and Cleveland to see the results of a team's not moving!
    Hey now! No need to diss on the midwesterners here! Especially us in Cleveland who just lost our best basketball player. Cleveland and Detroit suffer from being prone to sprawl more so than other cities. Pittsburgh is in a valley surrounded by hills, you can't sprawl up a hill. So think white flight on steriods. But the building of the Jake injected a lot of life into downtown. The fading of the team on the field has hurt downtown and what was that other thing? Oh yeah worldwide economic collapse. I don't think Brooklynites blame just the Dodgers leaving it just galvanized the decline of Brooklyn.


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      What the Dodgers leaving did was two things:

      1) It definitely took some money out of Brooklyn. Since a good portion of the Dodgers fanbase had decamped to Long Island by then, that was money that was no longer being spent in Brooklyn. I'd bet some businesses closed around the park in 1958.

      2) It probably alerted people to the state of Brooklyn. Those potholes become more noticeable, the closing businesses, the drunks on the street, the empty Navy Yard, etc.

      I'd love to know what if any effect the Giants had on Harlem and Washington Heights. With the location of the Polo Grounds, somewhat isolated from the community, I wonder if there were any bars, delis and assorted evidence of a local economy based around the Giants.


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        As best I can recall the only business' that were affected when the Giants moved from the Polo Grounds were the one or two souvenir stands located across the street from the bleachers. The park was surrounded by the parking lot behind first base and right field, the El station and aforementioned souvernir stands beyond center field, the housing project and a school behind left field and third base and the hill called Coogans Bluff behind home plate. Atop the hill was a "Motor Speedway" whos name presently escapes me. Very, very tight quarters indeed and not the best of neighborhoods to boot. Unless you were a resident of the area, I doubt very much that you would be looking to hang around and hoist a few in that neighborhood after a game.


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          Folks, while this conversation may be of poignancy, let's keep the political stances and, more important, the ethnically-infused comments out of the discourse. There are better ways to express our thoughts without them.
          Put it in the books.


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