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Great article in today's (10-27-10) Daily News about the "forgotten" NY Giants

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  • Great article in today's (10-27-10) Daily News about the "forgotten" NY Giants

    Article by Bondy that illustrates just how many New Yorkers are ignorant of the NY Giants. Such a shame really, given their long history in New York, and the amount of HOF players produced. The passage of time, and the passing of people who remember the Giants is going to make them just another historical event in one generation. It is incumbent on this generation to pass down the knowledge so the NY Giants dont become just another thing read in a book.
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    unknown brooklyn cabbie " how are the brooks doin"
    unknown fan "good they got three men on base"
    unknown brooklyn cabbie "which one?"

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    Well, one big step in the right direction was in the related articles: They've finally cobbled together enough money to refurbish the John T. Brush Staircase.

    I'd love to see Bondy come and interview Stu Leeds and some of the NY Giants Historical Society about the World Series.


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      The article raises this larger question:

      The NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers both played in New York for about the same length of time. Both teams had colorful histories and loyal fans who were passionate about their heroes.
      Both teams disappointed their fans by leaving the city.

      Why is it, though, that more than 50 years after both teams left, Brooklyn fans seem to have retained more of that passion? That even on this board, there are many more threads and posts about the Brooklyn team than there are about the Giants?

      Why is that?


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