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1901 New York Giants photos and illustrations

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  • 1901 New York Giants photos and illustrations

    When the 20th century began, the New York Giants were not yet a great team; they weren't even a good team. They were managed by an infielder who was later elected to the Hall of Fame, but it wasn't John McGraw, it was shortstop George Davis. They had a young pitcher from Bucknell in his first full major league season named Christy Mathewson. The pitching staff was co-anchored by a hearing-impaired player named Luther Taylor. The Giants' players learned sign language so that they could communicate with Dummy Taylor, and also with the two additional hearing-impaired pitchers who joined the staff during that season, William "Dummy" Deegan and George "Dummy" Leitner. The team finished with a record of 52-85, 37 games behind the leader, in 7th place.

    1901 was the first year that it became common for news photographers to take on-field photos of the players. The reproductions in the newspapers were poor quality, compared to what we see today, and many newspapers still used illustrators to draw pictures of the players, rather than include low-grade photos. Other publications, such as the Police Gazette, had better quality photographs in them. I've compiled here photos and drawings of the 1901 Giants.

    Photos of the team from the 19th Century (up to and including 1900) are in the following thread:

    This season's Giants.jpg
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    Pitcher Christy Mathewson

    Twenty-year-old Christy Mathewson compiled a record of 20-17 with 221 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.41.

    6000 fans greet Chris Mathewson.jpg

    P Christy Mathewson Police Gazette.jpgMathewson 2.jpgMathewson.jpg


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      Pitcher Luther "Dummy" Taylor

      Taylor was 26 years old, and in his second major league season in 1901. He compiled a record of 18-27 with a 3.18 ERA.

      P Dummy Taylor headline.jpg

      I have not found a newspaper photo of him with the Giants that year, or even an ink-drawn likeness. Prior to the season, though, he was photographed with a San Diego team with whom he had pitched during that winter. He is in the back row, second from the left. The player who is second from the right in the back row is "Turkey" Mike Donlin, who would join the Giants in mid-1904 and be an integral part of their consecutive championship teams.

      P Dummy Taylor on San Diego winter ball team.jpg


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        Pitcher William "Dummy" Deegan

        Deegan spent just a week with the team in August, and finished with a record of 0-1 and a 6.35 ERA in two games.

        P Dummy Deegan.jpg
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          Catcher/Infielder Frank Bowerman and Pitcher Roger Denzer

          Bowerman hit .199 that season, and Denzer's record was 2-6 (3.36 ERA) in 11 games.

          Bowerman Denzer.jpg


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            Frank Bowerman

            C Frank Bowerman.jpg


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              Pitcher Roger Denzer, Infielder/Outfielder/Pitcher Charlie Hickman, and Catcher Broadway Aleck Smith

              "Piano Legs" Hickman hit .278 and drove in 62 runs that season, and also had a record of 3-5 as a pitcher in 9 games. Smith hit .141 as one of the teams three catchers. (Jack Warner was the other.)

              Denzer Hickman Smith.jpg

              -------------------------------Charlie Hickman------------------------
              OF IF P Charlie Hickman.jpg
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                Third Baseman/Second Baseman Sammy Strang

                "The Dixie Thrush" hit .282 and stole 40 bases that season.

                3B Sammy Strang.jpg


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                  First Baseman John Ganzel and Pitcher Bill Phyle

                  Ganzel hit just .215 but drove in a team-leading 66 runs. Phyle had a record of 7-10 with a 4.27 ERA.

                  Ganzel Phyle.jpg


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                    Rightfielder Algie McBride and Pitcher Willie Mills

                    McBride was obtained in a trade on June 29th and hit .280 for the Giants. Mills pitched in just two games and lost both, with an ERA of 8.44.

                    McBride Mills.jpg


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                      Pitcher Bill Magee, Second Baseman Jim Miller, and Rightfielder/Pitcher Jim Jones

                      Magee pitched in six games, and compiled a record of 0-4 with an ERA of 5.95. Miller hit .138 and Jones hit .209; Jones also started and lost one game as a pitcher.

                      McGee Miller Jones.jpg


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                        Leftfielder Kip Selbach, Shortstop/Manager George Davis, and Centerfielder George van Haltren

                        Selbach hit .289 and scored a team-high 89 runs. Davis hit .301 with a team-leading 7 home runs and drove in 65 runs. Van Haltren led the team with a .335 batting average and scored 82 runs, and also pitched in one game in relief.

                        Selbach Davis van Haltren.jpg

                        Kip Selbach at the plate with Johnny Kling of the Chicago Orphans catching.
                        Kling C and Selbach batting.jpg
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                          George Davis

                          SS George Davis Police Gazette.jpg


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                            George van Haltren

                            OF George van Haltren.jpg NL NY van Haltren 2.jpg
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                              Kip Selbach

                              OF Kip Selbach.jpg


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