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1901 New York Giants photos and illustrations

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      This photo of Dummy Taylor was published in a newspaper in 1904, but he is wearing the Giants' uniform of either 1901 or 1902.

      Dummy Taylor 1901-02.jpg


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        Composite illustration of the 1901 Giants

        1901 NL New York.jpg


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          2B Danny Murphy

          Danny Murphy.png

          Danny Murphy broke into the majors in 1900 with the Giants, playing 22 games that year and 5 games with them in 1901. He jumped to the American League prior to the 1902 season, and played 12 years for the Philadelphia Athletics before completing his major league career in the Federal League.

          Catcher/RF Joe Wall

          C RF Joe Wall.jpg

          Wall appeared in just 4 games with the Giants in 1901, and had 4 hits in 8 at-bats.
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            Cuban touring team of the 1900-1901 off-season

            1900 NY Giants.png

            The Brooklyn Superbas and the New York Giants visited Cuba after the 1900 season to play a series of games. The Giants supplemented their roster with Tom O'Brien, who had been a Giant outfielder in 1899 but played for Pittsburg in 1900. Someone decided to play a practical joke on O'Brien and Kid Gleason, and told them that they could minimize seasickness by ingesting large quantities of sea water. Although Gleason was able to recover from the resulting illness, O'Brien drank so much salt water that he died in February, 1901, from the damage to his internal organs.


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              2B Ray Nelson

              2B Ray Nelson.jpg


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                OF Curt Bernard

                OF Curt Bernard.jpg


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                  P Christy Mathewson

                  P Christy Mathewson.jpg


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                    May 30, 1901: New York vs. St. Louis at the Polo Grounds on Decoration Day

                    1901 Polo Grounds.jpg


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                      Christy Mathewson
                      (This photo dates from either 1901 or 1902; it's difficult to differentiate the uniforms from those two seasons.)

                      Mathewson 3.jpg


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                        An early newspaper portrait of Christy Mathewson in what appears to be the 1901 Giants' uniform. (This photo was in a 1903 newspaper.)
                        His first no-hitter was accomplished while a member of the Norfolk minor league team in 1900, and his second came for the Giants on July 15, 1901, against the St. Louis Cardinals.

                        P Christy Mathewson portrait.jpg


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                          NEW YORK RICH IN YOUNG BALL PLAYERS
                          New York Morning Telegram, April 28, 1901

                          Top Row (L-R): Frank Benzinger (DNP*), Luther "Dummy" Taylor (P), Curt Bernard (CF/RF/IF), Al "Kip" Selbach (LF), Bill Phyle (P).
                          Bottom Row (L-R): Sammy Strang (3B/2B), Frank Bowerman (C), Danny Murphy (2B).
                          *Benzinger was a pitcher who did not make the team in 1901 and never pitched in the major leagues.

                          New York Rich in Young Ball Players - NY Morning Telegraph April 28 1901.jpg


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                            This group photo was recently sold at Love Of The Game auctions.

                            Top Row (L-R): George Davis (SS/Mgr.), Roger Denzer (P), Charlie Hickman (utility), John Ganzel (1B), Christy Mathewson (P), Frank Bowerman (C), Ed Doheny (P).
                            Middle Row (L-R): Dummy Taylor (P), Sammy Strang (3B), Bill Phyle (P), George Van Haltren (CF), Jack Warner (C), Algie McBride (RF).
                            Bottom Row (L-R): Kip Selbach (LF), probably Aleck Smith (C), probably Charlie Buelow (3B), Ray Nelson (2B).

                            1901 NL New York group photo.jpg
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                              Heritage Auctions have additionally been involved in the sale of the photo of the 1901 Giants. Additionally they have a date on the back which is probably an indicator of when the photograph was taken. Based on this date an examination of the Baseball-Reference game logs of all players who represented the Giants during this year revealed that other than the players already identified only Aleck Smith and Willie Mills played for the Giants in July the month on the reverse of the photograph. Aleck Smith was also active for the Giants in June whereas Mills made his debut on 17th July, 2 weeks after the date shown. The date also reinforces the identification of Buelow.
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                                1901 Leslie's Weekly image of Christy Mathewson
                                (Posted by IrishDenny at

                                NL NY Mathewson Leslie's.jpg
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