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The Archives of the New York Giants

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  • The Archives of the New York Giants

    Hi All,

    Just wondering whether there is a collection of New York Giants archives in a public repository such as a university archives. Does anybody know what happened to all the records of the ball club when the Giants moved to San Francisco?

    I am particularly interested in the whereabouts of records relating to the Giants' 1913-14 world tour with the White Sox.

    Alternatively, does anybody know whether the personal papers of John McGraw are located in a public repository?


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    Perhaps I should direct my enquiries to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

    Has anybody on Baseball Fever visited the Hall of Fame's to undertake research in its library/archives?


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      I've done research many times at the Hall's library. The staff is very helpful in person. As far as the NY Giants records, I'd be shocked if they didn't just pack them up and move them to San Fran in 1958. It was still the same team and ownership. I've never heard of any John McGraw papers existing, but a call to the Hall of Fame library would probably give you your answer. If you're interested in the 1913-14 tour and have read the book that came out on it, the Hall of Fame library is the next step for you, I am sure they have an archive of newspaper clippings and maybe more. I have seen a commemorative book put out after the tour ended, perhaps they have a copy there. They charge a fee to make copies and such, but it's very reasonable.
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        Thanks Gary! I'll have to visit Cooperstown on a future trip the US.

        I am a librarian by profession, and I can't imagine a more wonderful place to work than the Hall of Fame library!


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          Before your trip, you should send an inquiry. It's better than just showing up and announcing what you are looking for. They can pull items ahead of time and have it ready for you. You can't just walk around the stacks and browse.


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            greenpoint you might like to check out this thread I posted that has a number articles written about this tour



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              Thank you Scribbs! I will investigate.

              Thanks too to all who have responded to my enquiries.


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