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    Just a friendly reminder that today is the 61st anniversary of one of the great moments in New York Giants history- Willie Mays's phenomenal catch off Vic Wertz in the 8th inning of Game One of the World Series. It's simply one of the great plays of all time, and it did so much to throw a bucket of water on the Cleveland Indians' chances. Throw in Dusty Rhodes's pinch-hit home run in the 10th inning, and the Indians never recovered.

    BTW, the play that rarely gets talked about was in the 10th inning. Wertz was up, and drilled one into left-center field. Mays called off Irvin, and promptly threw a strike to Hank Thompson at third. Thank goodness Wertz ran like a cement truck with the cement still in it, or else he might have thought about going to third. Needless to say, the Indians never scored. Wertz had four hits that day, but he's best known for the fish that got away because of Mays's catch. Thanks, Buck.

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    I was going to write "my how things changed" regarding the timing. Then it was the WS. No it is the last week of regular season. Though 8 more games would tack on a week + and then the lack of playoffs means actually timing is about the same. Nice "catch" on the anniversary.


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