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If no Arnold Johnson/K.C. trade, then what?

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  • If no Arnold Johnson/K.C. trade, then what?

    First, I've read the thread on "Philadelphia: An American league Town." I hadn't realized that local businessmen were trying to put something together.

    My question is, if a different commissioner has a backbone and blocks the sale to Arnold Johnson, who gets the Athletics? Despite the attempt by local businessmen, it seems like the PHillies were still close enough to Philadelphia hearts since 1950 they might have moved anyway. And, there were a number of possibilities out there. Someone mentioned L.A. - I can see the A's and Senators moving to California together, maybe.

    However, even if the A's stay, their history wouldn't have been the same as Oakland's, unless Charlie Finley buys the club. (Which , I suppose, he could have, if he had enough money in '54.)

    Now, say the Phillies move or fold - they did need $35,000 fromt he league in 1931, and a different town could have been found for a club - I agree, Carpenter himself is a very likely purchaser. In fact, in that case, I can see an Oakland type dynasty forming, but not '72-'74.

    Reggie Jackson was from Philadelphia, he's listed as from there on And, I can easily imagine him being offered bigger bucks and staying in the A.L. where he's most comfortable; the Carpenters might not be able to challenge Steinbrenner penny for penny with what is really a hobby, but maybe they could; and I think they would for him. It becomes the late '70s-early '80s Phillies, but with Luzinski moved to DH by the signing, an outfield of McBride, Maddox, and Reggie, and when resting Reggie at DH the outfield we remember; *that* club would win several pennants for sure. (This is how I have it in "If Baseball Integrated Early.)

    Billy Beane, I guess I can see, though - he could be hired anywhere.
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