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  • Photograph in David Jordan Book

    A slightly arcane question maybe: I'm reading David Jordan's The Athletics of Philadelphia: Connie Mack's White Elephants, 1901-1954. On page 156 is a photograph of a large crowd in front of the park, with the caption "Shibe Park: Pennant Fever in July 1948." The cover photograph is a blow-up from the same picture, with the caption "Crowds outside Shibe Park in July 1948." But in the blow-up photo you can clearly see "Connie Mack Stadium" inscribed over the entrance below the old inscription for Shibe Park. That should put the photo no earlier than 1953. What event in Philadelphia baseball in that period would have generated that kind of crowd scene? The cars in the photo are late '40s to mid-'50s vintage, roughly, so this is not a scene from the Phillies' 1964 pennant race. Keith Allen

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