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How did the Philly A's fans react when they left KC

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  • How did the Philly A's fans react when they left KC

    I asked a similar question in the Boston/Milwaukee Braves forum about how the Boston fans felt when the team left Milwaukee. Did the PHilly fans laugh at KC when the A's moved on or did you just not care at that point?

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    The Philadelphia Athletics drew only 300K to the renamed Connie Mack Stadium for the 1954 season. All efforts to get a 'Save the A's' program off the ground came to grief. Decades of Connie Mack valuing tiny profits over putting together winning clubs tended to contribute to a sort of negativity. The success of the Phillies helped drive nails into the coffin.

    I'm thinking there was a small minority, who, like fans of the Expos, remained sorrowful...and possibly became even bitter after seeing the success the A's had on the field in Oakland two decades later, right?


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      I wasn't alive when the A's left here for KC, but my Father, his brothers and my Grandfather were all A's fans first.

      Despite the Phillies winning the Series this year, my Dad still thinks the wrong team left.

      He'll go to the Phillies games and support them, but I can always tell something under the surface that he wishes it was still the A's.


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