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    Hi Goose - I didn't get it from Nate himself.I won it on ebay. He was their big gun from 1969-73'. He dropped to 14 homers and .207 in 1974 and only got worse afterwards. How does that happen?

    Originally posted by Goosenoggle Slipgear
    Hey JG did Nate give you any information on what he's up to these days? He was all the Padres had in the early days. A feared slugger.


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      Originally posted by JohnGelnarFan
      Good Question Goose! That was the great Jose Vidal! I have his Pilot card and never forgot those stats. He hit .340 that year with Reno. He had some good years at AAA too. How come he couldn't touch major league pitching?
      I knew I'd might have a tough time getting that one by you JG . I wonder if his problems had anything to do with a thing called the curve ball


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        I'll bet it had alot to do with it!

        Here's one:

        Diego Segui led the pitching staff with 66 appearances. Who was second with 57?


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          It wasn't Jim Bouton, was it?


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            That's correct Erik!


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              Let me see. On guess I would say it had to be Bob Locker.


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                Just saw this thread.. How about Pattin? I think the following season he threw something like a 12 hit shutout?

                What if the Pilots had never made a trade? I'm doing this off the top of my head but they could have had a rotation in the early 70's of

                and add Marshall and Barber and Aker to the pen and that doesn't look real shabby as far as a pitching staff goes.

                Davis hobbling around the outfield with Pinella and maybe Coluccio.
                Mincher at first
                Harper at third
                Garcia at second
                Any others that later blossomed into having a couple of decent years in the early 70's? Thomas would have been too late to include.
                It wouldn't have been a world beater in 70 and 71 but I think the potential to break even during one of those seasons.
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                  Which three Pilots played in the 1965 World Series . One is easy.


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                    Tommy Davis would have to be one and another could be Rich Rollins?
                    "(Shoeless Joe Jackson's fall from grace is one of the real tragedies of baseball. I always thought he was more sinned against than sinning." -- Connie Mack

                    "I have the ultimate respect for Whitesox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Redsox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country."--Jim Caple, ESPN (Jan. 12, 2011)


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                      Tommy Davis was injured

                      the 3 were Rich Rollins, Don Mincher and Sandy Valdespino


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                        You Pilots fans may be interested in this Sicks Stadium Model that I built earlier this year.

                        Photos are here.



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                          Very cool kingfin66! Looks pretty straight on, epecially the front side as I remember it.


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                            There was another...

                            Originally posted by strato View Post
                            Tommy Davis was injured

                            the 3 were Rich Rollins, Don Mincher and Sandy Valdespino
                            John Kennedy also played, though quite sparingly.


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