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Hate for the Brewers?

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  • Hate for the Brewers?

    I've wondered about this for a while, but is there any animosity from Seattle Pilots fans towards the Brewers? I know that in the Case of the Dodgers and the Expos/Nationals, that there are a lot of fans who detest the 2nd team.
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    Sentiment Toward the Milwaukee Brewers

    I have a liking toward the original 1970 Brewers, since the team was made up of the purchased franchise of the Seattle Pilots. Since the 1969 Pilots continued through the 1970 exhibition season, it is basically the same team that landed in Milwaukee (minus the Pilots winged-wheel logo and name on the jerseys, and the unique design on the hat, and a few new names on the roster). I would've enjoyed the team keep the "Pilots" as their carry over name, thus the team name would be the Milwaukee Pilots. The only change in uniform would then be the hats with the "M" along with the bar underneath and the scrambled eggs on the bill. With this, I believe the Brewers would have a larger following of Pilots fans still today.

    I thought it ironic that the Pilots, who played in Milwaukee against the Chicago White Sox in 1969, ended up landing in Milwaukee the following year!

    As I remember the 1970 Brewers were playing the New York Yankees and Phil Rizzuto announced the Brewers as "the Milwaukee Pilots", probably in reference to the 1970 Pilots press guide that was used that year.


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      In the early years as a kid I had a strong kinship for the Brewers and rooted for them. Eventually as the years went by and old Pilot players became scarce my feelings for the Brewers left me. Now had I been an adult when the Pilots moved I probably would have had a somewhat hatred for them.


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        I understand your feelings...


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          An Attachment To The Remnant Pilots of 1970

          As long as there were original Seattle Pilot players on the Milwaukee Brewers roster, there is an attachment to the team. The Seattle Pilots still existed, but played in Milwaukee. The original Pilots jerseys still existed, and so did the players wearing them. Yes...the jerseys still had the original Pilots piping on the sleeves and the pants remained Pilots original. The winged wheel logo, although hastily removed, still made an impression on the jersey and jacket. Yes, the Pilots were fading away. Gradually the players would be traded away, Marvin Milkes was replaced, and the uniforms took on a new design. But until the last Pilot player left, the Brewers still had Seattle ties. Even their Topps team baseball cards retained Pilots statistics! How could an honest to goodness Pilots fan hate the Brewers? At least for the Brewers first couple of years? I would think the problem comes in when the name Bud Selig comes up. Granted, he salvaged the Pilots' uniform to a degree. But, that's about where it ended. It's sad that he removed Marvin Milkes and other Pilots brass (including Dave Bristol, who managed the Pilots through the 1970 exhibition season).
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            I went to that Pilots/White Sox game at County Stadium in 1969. Still have the scorecard; was just looking it over the other day.


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