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David Letterman references the Seattle Pilots

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  • David Letterman references the Seattle Pilots

    The other day I was watching Letterman and one of his guests said they were going to a Montreal Expos(!?) game for some reason. Well, Letterman starts laughing and asks if they're "going to a Seattle Pilots game next."

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    More On David Letterman's References

    Here's the excerpt from David Letterman's show Monday, March 31, 2008
    Show #2896

    BIFF AT YANKEES SPRING TRAINING: This is Biff's 11th year going to Tampa to visit the Yankees at Spring Training. Biff sits with Dave and they discuss the history of Biff at Spring Training. Dave mentions that today's Yankee home opener was postponed due to rain. Biff says the Yankees were scheduled to play Montreal. It almost slipped by Dave but then he questioned it, "Montreal? They're no longer in the league." Biff corrects himself and says Toronto. A few moments later, Dave announces next on the Yankee schedule is the Seattle Pilots! Ah, the Seattle Pilots. Played only one season in the Majors, then moved to Milwaukee. That's a story I want to learn more about.

    Here's another earlier excerpt from David Letterman's show Friday, September 19, 2003
    Show #2026

    I'm off to the Berkshires for a week. I'll be paying a visit to Wahconah Park in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the oldest minor league stadium in the country. I've gone there a handful of times before, but there's been talk of it being torn down. Former Yankee and Seattle Pilot pitcher Jim Bouton fought to preserve and improve the stadium, and the entire town was behind him. That is, all except for "the Mayor, the Mayor's hand-picked Parks Commissioners, a majority of the City Council, the only daily newspaper in town, the city's largest bank, its most powerful law firm, and a guy from General Electric." Everyone else, or approximately 94% of the citizens of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, loved the stadium and supported Bouton. Bouton wrote a book on the ordeal entitled "Foul Ball" and I look forward to chatting with some of the locals to get their view.
    Until then, see ya. We're off the next two weeks.

    Sounds like David might be a Seattle Pilots fan.
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        Does anyone have a link to the YouTube clip (if there is one) of David Letterman joking about the Seattle Pilots baseball club? I've looked and looked and looked by I can't find one.


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          Due to his investment with Jeff Smulyan's company, Dave Letterman was a minority owner of the Seattle Mariners at one point.
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