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  • Original Jersey

    There's an original jersey for sale on ebay. It belonged to Bill Stafford,who was cut before opening day in 1969. It has an interesting story. Apparently it was changed from #22 to #48 for spring training,1970. It was then worn by Wayne Twitchell. The seller has the full story on his site. He's also including a pair of Pilot powder blue uniform pants that he picked up seperately and isn't sure who wore them. It has a #22 in the waistband so it might be Stafford's. He's throwing in a Pilots Program and a promotional piece about Bill Stafford. The bidding is at $610.00 right now!

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    Pilots Uniform

    It sure would be nice to own an authentic Pilots uniform! I once had one that was restored. The imprint left on the front before restoration was that of the Portland Beavers which was charted to be the Pilots AAA farm team in 1970. The letters that spelled out "B E A V E R S" was faint, but could be read. I find it interesting how those uniforms did not remain the original white, but had yellowed.
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      Hi T/Tommy- You found the uniform I was talking about! Is it still on ebay? I wrote my original post on 5/31,so It's been awhile. What happened to the one you had? Did it have Tommy Harper's number on it? I guess most things white,yellow with age unless they're treated or kept a certain way.
      I remember the 3-D card series you have displayed. I believe they came in Kellogg's cereal boxes. I have the Frank Howard card. They were free back in 1970 but probably cost a few dollars now. Thanks for the pictures!


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        Pilots Game Worn Jersey

        John Gelnar Fan,

        I tried searching for the listing on ebay without success, so I don't know what the uniform had sold for. I also don't know what number was on the restored Pilots uniform I had. It was so long ago that I had sold it...sorry. I know it did not have Tommy Harper's number on it.
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          That's ok Tommy.It was a long time ago. It's too bad that you don't still have it but wev'e all let go of things like baseball cards and comic books(almost all of them!). If we only knew then that we'd always love them. Thanks for trying!


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