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  • Toronto Outfield Amazes A's

    4/12/43 Nothing really new, but kind of fun to look back.

    Pete Gray lost his good arm when he was a boy, but the Philadelphia A's will agree that he's doing alright with the other. And they can't help but wonder what he'd do with both.
    The Toronto Maple Leafs' outfield candidate who bvatted .381 for Three Rivers in the Can Am league last year demonstrated how a one-armed outfielder makes a catch and throw when he nipped Jo-Jo White off second base early in the firt of a three game-series between the Leafs and A's.
    In addition he laid down a bunt and bet it out with a phenomenal burst of speed and then stole second standing up. To catch a fly,Gray slides his gloved hand across his chest and under his right armpit. The balls rolls back on his wrist and drops into his hand as he pulls it back quickly leaving the glove tucked under his arm.
    He uses a light slender bat and swings from the first base side of the batter's box with a full follow through. Hiws boosters say he can pole a tremndous drive and doesn't depend on bunts and scratch hits for his fat average.
    Gray was a right hander by birth but his right arm was amputated at the shoulder after he fell from a truck in Nanticoke Pa when he was six years old. Despite his handicap, he made the high school team and got a job with Three rivers in the old CanAm league.
    Then he went with the Bushwicks in Brooklyn for several season to earn more money but erturned to the Can Am when it gbecame a recognized professional league, be he wanted to get a start in organized ball.
    He's in deadly earnest says Burleigh Grimes manager of the Leafs who are training here and we're giving him just as much consideration as any other member of the squad.

    This story was filed from Lancaster PA

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    That's a cool description. Do you happen to know what paper published that article?


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      I think it was the St Paul Dispatch or Pioneer Press.


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