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    Hi there I am new to this forum but it looks very good. I am a baseball autograph collector and recently purchased what was described to me as a 1937 St. Louis Browns team ball signed by 22 people. The interesting thing is as follows: Gabby Street and John Schoonover signed the ball and are not on the 1937 Browns roster. I know that Street managed the team in the early 1930s and came back as manager in 1938, but why would he sign during 1937, what was he doing, did he have some other association with the team that year??? Also, I can find no record of a John Schoonover playing in the major leagues at any point in history. Does anyone know who he is?? Is he associated with the team in anyway? maybe the batboy? a coach? a scout? st. louis politician?

    Any help anyone could provide would be great.

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    Street was, indeed, a coach on the 1937 Brown's squad.


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      I located the minor league record for a John Schoonover that shows him as playing in the Appalacian League in 1939 & 1940, as well as playing in '46. This could be the same person on the ball.


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        I thank you both for the info.


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          This club had attendance of 123,121 -- up from 93,267 in 1936 and 80,922 in 1935. The latter is, I believe, the all-time major league low for a season. Less than 1,000 per game! Obviously the Great Depression was a factor, but the '35 club wasn't particularly horrendous (65-87, 7th out of 8). There was a good player there for in '35 and '36, Moose Solters, along with Harlond Clift.


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