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    Jim Pisoni will forever be known among Browns fans and baseball historians as the last player to make their major leagues debut as a St Louis Brown. I believe he served two years in the military covering the 1951 and 1952 seasons, during the Korean War. He was a much improved player in '53 after leaving the military. He advancied at least two, perhaps three minor league classifications that year. After the minor league playoffs/championship he came up to the Browns for the final weekend of the season. He debuted on Friday, Sept. 25 and played all three remaining games, including playing in the franchise closer on 9/27/1953. Pisoni later played for the NY Yankees and two other franchises that are defunct today, the Milwaukee Braves and the Kansas Cityh Athletics. Today at 77 he is one of the youngest surviving St.ouis Browns. I am a new member. My question to long-time members is whether Pisoni attends St. Louis Browns reunions or welcomes the attention from the public of being one of the last living Browns & the last to debut in a Browns uniform. -Philly-brownsfan-

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