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  • Sportsmen Park Stadium Chair

    I've just purchased a seat from Sportsman Park. I had been looking for several years for my Baseball room. It was taken during the 1966 demolision. Can anyone tell me if these have been in the park since it was build in 1902. It's wooden slats with metal legs. Did they "remodel" since the original stadium was built.
    Last edited by Dennie Cunningham; 02-20-2006, 08:26 PM.

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    Well... I don't know much about the remodelling of the park... but I do know the park was named "SportsmAns Park" not SportsmEns park.

    Hopefully, you just typed it wrong.

    If not, I have a truly historical seat from the Pole-Oh Grounds I'd like to sell you

    There are a few around here who will know the answer to your question, Dennie.
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      It could be depending on the style. If it's a straight back seat it probably is. If the seat backs are curved it's from the late 1940's early 50's


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        Sportsman's Park was owned by the St. Louis Browns, until Gussie Busch of the Cardinals
        purchased it in 1953. Seats generally would be replaced "as needed" by ownership,
        through the years.

        Can you post a picture of your seat?

        Mike and Dawn


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          I don't old the seats from 1966 may be but I think when the rennovations were done to Sportsman's Park in early 1947, the seats were painted (not replaced with new ones). I think the Browns would have had a hard time spending the money to replace seats during their time of owning/managing the ballpark.


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