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St. Louis Brown's baseball - value?

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  • St. Louis Brown's baseball - value?

    Can anyone tell me the approximate worth of a baseball (foul ball) caught at a 1929-1930 (not sure which one) St. Louis Brown's game then signed by Heinie Manush? Thanks!

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    Autographed Baseball

    your question is a "loaded" one. First the baseball would be worth about 100, just as it is a baseball from the 1929-30 era. Being autographed by a hall of famer, just adds to it. If the autograph is the ONLY one on the ball, it's worth even more. If it is all alone and found on the "sweet spot", it is worth more then 500$$$. If it's all of the above and the ball is white and clean, it's going to be worth even more.


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      I appreciate the reply! My Mother caught the ball when she and my Grandmother went to a game together. His is the only signature, it's in great condition but I'm not sure where the sweet spot is...?


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        The Sweet Spot (in autograph terms) is the thin strip of leather where the seams are closest together.... the seams are about an inch apart at this closest point. There is usually some type of manufacturers mark there on modern baseballs (i.e. Rawlings..... Official Major League Baseball, and moronic Bud Selig's signature) meaning that the same spot on the other side of the ball (same seam configuration) is the "sweet spot" for an autograph. A signature just looks good there.

        If you know how to throw a two seam fastball, your fingers go on each seam..... with the sweet spot between your fingers. Again, this is just an autograph term....

        Someone who has been here longer than me, and knows how to post photos, can probably do in 2 seconds what I tried to do in 200 words.......

        I would think that a player signing a ball in the 20's or 30's would not care much about the sweet spot (a modern term) and would have just signed it anywhere?
        "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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          Thanks Stan

          I'll have to look again - the ball is with my mother, 93 years old and still as feisty as ever. Thanks for your reply!


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