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Ken Williams picture (and possible help)

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  • Ken Williams picture (and possible help)


    OK, here is a picture of Ken Williams. He appears to be younger, so probably before his major-league days.

    My question(s) for the viewing audience - Any idea why he is wearing a USA uniform and any idea who the other players might be?

    I realize I might be looking for a needle in the haystack here ...

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    I don't know about the USA uniforms but three other players look familiar. Is the second from the left Rogers Hornsby?


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      This is not a trivia question so I don't know the answer but that doesn't look like Hornsby to me (not saying I'm right of course).

      EDIT: Second from the right maybe (next to Williams) ...


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        Is there a reason to believe this is in Latin America during the off season? The three-story colonial buildings (in the background to Williams' left) lead me to think it's in the Carribean.

        Also, I assume since the uniforms have "USA" printed on them, the team was playing against teams from other nations. I don't think it's the Olympics because baseball was an exhibition sport in 1912 and 1936. I assume that this picture was taken in the 1920s.


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          Hmm, a possibility I guess. They are wearing long sleeve shirts under their uniforms which would indicate playing later in the year. I think Williams might have gone on a "world tour" although not sure the year (yet). However in 1920 he would have been 30, and he looks older than that to me (although I've never been a very good judge of age).


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