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  • April 12th

    On This Date in History!

    Due to the fact that I'll be travelling to Dallas on Tuesday, April 12th for a Texas Baseball Hall of Fame board meeting - and also staying there through April 13th to watch a Texas Rangers game, I'm writing the post for April 12th tonight. The post for April 13th will be written (God willing) the night of April 13th, when I'll be back in Houston. The normal schedule of early morning, same day posting here on "This Date in Browns History" will resume on Thursday, April 14th. :atthepc

    April 12, 1922: An Urban League Moment.

    Shocker: One of The Two Urbans Who Faced Off Today,

    In an Urban opener, Urban Shocker of the St. Louis Browns overcomes Urban Faber of the Chicago White Sox by a squeaker score of 3–2. The Sox outhit the Browns, 9–3, but the Browns did what a club is supposed to do. They got their hits when they counted and turned them into more runs – which is the object of the game, however you get there, to score more runs than the other team.

    April 12, 1905: Browns To Help Senators Win Bonus.

    The boys from Washington are going to love our St. Louis Browns by season's end. The Washington club owners offer their players a $1,000 bonus if they finish higher than 8th - and $500 for each position they finisher higher. Well, by season's end in 1905, the Senators will only rise to 7th, but they will collect the basic money. Thanks to the Browns last place tank job, the Sens finish in 7th by 11 full games. - Way to go, Browns!

    Births on April 12

    Samuel Lester "Sam" or "Slam" Agnew is born on April 12, 1887 in Farmington, Missouri. The BR/TR catcher will "slam" only 2 HRs and hits only .204 in in his 7-year MLB career ((1913-1919), so he must have received his nickname in some other way. (Did Denny's serve "Grand Slams" back in the Deadball era?) - Agnew will be a Brown during his first 3 years (1913-1915(, and he will hit .208, .212., and .203 during his time in St. Louis. - Slammin' Sam Agnew will pass away on July 19, 1951 in Sonoma, California at the age of 73.

    William F. "Bill" Bailey is born on April 12, 1889 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Bill Bailey enjoys an 11-year career (1907-1912, 1914-1915, 1918, 1921-1922) as BR/TR pitcher that starts with 6 years as a Brown from 1907-1912. Bailey finishes with a career record of 38 wins, 76 losses, and an ERA of 3.57. - Bill Bailey heads on home to eternity on November 2, 1926 in Houston, Texas at the tender age of 37.

    William Francis "Wild Bill" Miller is born on April 12, 1910 in Hannibal, Missouri. It is the Year of Halley's Comet, and Miller is born in the same hometown where Samuel Clemens was also born, and in the same year that Hannibal's famous writer passes away. - Sadly for Miller, his career comet has no tail - and he will prove to be no "Mark Twain"-level talent as a pitcher. - "Wild Bill" is another of our one-game-wonder boys. He starts one game for the Browns on October 2, 1937 and lasts all of 4 innings, and giving up 6 runs on 7 hits and a homer along the way. He does strike out 1 batter, but he walks 4 other batters and hits another guy. (Wonder how Miller got that "Wild BiIl'' tag that has followed him so fluidly into the record books?) The Browns do not recover from Bill's early ineffectivemess and the BR/TR Miller ends up with the loss and a career record of 0 wins, 1 loss, and an ERA of 13.50. Miller never gets another shot in the bigs. After this failed first start, he is (altogether now!) - gone for good! - Hannibal's Bill Miller dies on February 26, 1982 in Hannibal, Missouri at the age of nearly 72.

    BCT/GB, Wild Bill Miller!

    Deaths on April 12

    Thomas Gerald "Tom" Phillips dies young. He passes away on April 12, 1929 at the age of 40. The BR/TR pitcher broke into the big leagues by posting a record of 1 win, 3 losses, and an ERA of 2.96 for the 1915 Browns. It was Phillips's only year as a Brown, but still he hung around MLB long enough (1915, 1919, 1921-1922) to finish out with a career record of 8 wins, 12 losses, and an ERA of 3.74. - Tom Phillips was born on April 5, 1889 in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

    Timothy J. "Tim" McCabe dies on April 12, 1977 at the age of 82. The BR/TR pitcher won 5, lost 1, and posted a career ERA of 2.92 in 4 seasons for the 1915-1918 Browns. - Tim McCabe was born on October 19, 1894 in Ironton, Missouri.

    Today's Reference Links ...

    Reminder: Because of my "road game," the post for April 13th will not appear here until the early evening hours of that same date. We'll be back on schedule with regular same-day, early morning posting on Thursday, April 14th.

    Have a great Tuesday and Wednesday, everybody!
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    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


    • April 13th

      On This Date in History!

      April 13, 1916: Cleveland's O'Neill Starts Catcher DP Record Against Browns.

      In a 4–2 Indian loss to the Browns, Cleveland catcher Steve O'Neill completes a double play with shortstop Ray Chapman. It is O'Neill's first defensive DP of the year, but he will be involved in 36 for the whole 1916 season, an MLB record for catchers that still stands today, according to the Baseball Library (Dot) Com.

      April 13, 1911: Hail To The Browns ... (and the Indians too!)

      With the Cleveland Indians leading the St. Louis Browns, 3–1, in the 9th inning at Cleveland's League Park, the game has to be stopped because of a severe storm that moves in to the area. Many fans are bruised by hailstones.

      Births on April 13

      Philip "Phil Ketter" Ketterer Phil Ketter(er) is born on April 13, 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri. Why Ketter dropped the last two letters on his given name suring his playing career, all I can say is "... er ... I dunno." All we know is that the B?/TR Ketter will hit .333 (2 singles in 6 times at bat) in 2 games as a catcher for the 1912 Browns. He will then gone-for-good. In the case of Ketter(er), his MLB career begins on May 23, 1912 and ends exactly two days later on May 25, 1912. He isn't even around long enough to complain about the travel or the long hot summers, but, ah yes, he will be a major leaguer - if ever so briefly. Phil Ketter will pass away on April 9, 1965 in St. Louis, Missouri at the age of (4 days shy) 81.

      BCT/GB, Phil Ketter(er)!

      Alfred Voyle "Roxie" Lawson is born on April 13, 1906 in Donnellson, Iowa. The BR/TR Iowa Weslayan College alumnus will pitch for 9 seasons in the big leagues (1930-1931, 1933, 1935-1940), registering a career record of 47 wins, 39 losses, and an ERA of 5.37. In his two seasons as a Brown 1939-1940), Roxie will win 8 games and lose 10. - Roxie Lawson will die on April 9, 1977 in Stockport, Iowa at the age (4 days shy) of 71.

      Deaths on April 13

      Joseph Peter "Joe" Kutina pass away in his home town of Chicago on April 13, 1945 at the age of 60. The BR/TR 1st baseman hit .222 in 95 games for the 1911-1912 Browns and was then gone-for-good from the big leagues. Joe Kutina was born on January 16, 1885 in Chicago.

      BCT/GB, Joe Kutina! :atthepc

      Today's Reference Link ...
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      "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


      • April 14th

        On This Date in History!

        April 14, 1925: Cleveland "Browns" 21 - St. Louis Browns 14.

        For George today: No steak! And no sizzle!

        In a game which produces the proverbial football-score outcome, the Cleveland Indians defeat the St. Louis Browns by a score of 21-14. The Indians clinch the deal with 12 runs in the 8th, an outcome which hardly inspires the confidence of manager George Sisler in his Browns club's 1925 pitching staff. Perhaps Sisler spent too much time in the field thinking about managerial concerns today when he really needed to stay focused on the game. During the painful and ultimately fatal procession of today's series of unfortunate events, Sisler is found guilty of 4 errors at 1st base.

        April 14, 1917: Cicotte No-Hits Browns, 11-0!

        April 14, 1917: One of the
        future "8 Men Out" Smiles as
        He Gets "9 Browns Out" with
        No Hits Along The Way.

        At Sportsman's Park in St. Louis, Eddie Cicotte of the Chicago White Sox pitches a no-hitter against the St. Louis Browns, winning easily, 11–0. Cicotte faces only 30 batters, with the only near-hit coming as a line drive by Jimmy Austin that Chick Gandil fumbles. The zeitgiest of anti-German sentiment that exists in America because of World War I is apparent in the way Austin's batted ball is reported. In dealing with the opinion of some observers that Austin's "safe on an error" call was really a hit, an unnamed reporter for the Chicago Tribune acknowledged the merits of that possibility in this way: "And not without cause, for Jimmy's drive had whiskers like a German who was trapped for ten days on Vimy Ridge." - Not incidentally to this grand start, Eddie Cicotte's 28 wins and 1.53 ERA eventually will top the American League in 1915 as the White Sox go on to win the pennant and then the World Series over the New York Giants.

        April 14, 1915: A Stolen Browns Moment, But An Incomplete Story.

        In the season opening game between the Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Browns, reserve outfielder Ernie Walker of the Browns steals home in the 11th inning. - Unfortunately, that's all we're told about the game. Minor details, such as, what happened to send the game into extra innings and which team ultimately won the game were not considered important reporting facts by whomever wrote the bones of this report for baseball reference (dot) com. Without further research, we don't even know if Walker's steal of home was simply a run scored, or if it was a tally that tied or won the game. Put this one in the "needs further research" hopper. h

        Births on April 14

        Jesse Herbert "Jesse" Doyle is born on April 14, 1898 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The BR/TR pitcher goes on to a 4 win, 7 loss record for the 1925-1927 Tigers, returning to the big leagues for one bad innng of work for the 1931 Browns. The closure on Doyle's career record is 4 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 6.22. Doyle will give up 3 earned runs on 3 hits and a walk in that July 9, 1931 outing for the Browns. All he accomplishes on that day is to put the last nail in the coffin of his career and to raise his MLB ERA. (Some days are better than others.) - Jesse Doyle will pass away on April 15, 1961 in Belleville, Illinois at the age of 63.

        BCT/GB, Jesse Doyle! :atthepc

        Deaths on April 14

        Ralph Lee "Ralph" Winegarner passes away on April 14, 1988 in Wichita, Kansas at the age of 78. The BR/TR pitcher is one of baseball history's comeback kid stories, although the results are not the stuff of inspiration for another Hollywood movie. After winning 8 and losing 6 in 4 seasons for the Cleveland Indians (1932, 1934-1936), Southwestern College alumnus Winegarner comes back to pitch 9 games and 16.2 innings for the 1949 Browns. He is uninvolved in any W/L decisions that season, but he does pour a little gasoline on his career ERA by posting a 7.56 mark for his 1949 effort. Winegarner finishes with a career record of 8 wins, 6 losses, and an ERA of 5.33. - Ralph Winegarner was born on October 29, 1909 in Benton, Kansas.

        Today's Reference Links ...
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        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


        • April 15th

          On This Date in History!

          April 15, 1947: Browns-Killer Newhouser Strikes Again!

          The Browns open the season at Sportsman's Park In St. Louis against the Detroit Tigers, but there is no joy in Brownsville by the end of the day. The mean old Tigers start their standard Browns-Killer, Hal Newhouser. The great Detroit (and later Cleveland) future Hall of Fame lefty does that thing he does so well. Newhouser shuts out the Browns, 7-0, for his 13th straight win against the boys from St. Louis. (We wish to thank noted baseball historian Al Spatz for keeping up with this painful streak for the rest of us.) The painful streak, by the way, will extend to 15 consecutive wins for Newhouser before the Browns finally break the spell on August 12th of this season.

          April 15, 1924: Sisler Returns - This Time, As Browns Playing Manager.

          George Sisler returns to is first action since 1922. This time, he's back to also make his debut as the playing manager of the 1924 St. Louis Browns after missing all of the 1923 season due to impaired vision caused by severe sinusitis. Sisler goes 2 for 4 today as the Browns defeat the Chicago White Sox, 7-3.

          April 15, 1922: Browns Roll White Sox, 14-0!

          Frank Ellerbe Starts 1922
          With Only HR of the Year

          The St. Louis Browns get a magical year off to a great start by clobbering five Chicago White Sox pitchers for 21 hits and an easy 14–0 win behind Elam Vangilder. Vangilder gives up only three hits as 3rd baseman Frank Ellerbe homers for St. Louis. It will be Ellerbe's only HR of the year.

          April 15, 1915: White Sox Blast Browns, 16-0!

          Red Faber had a fun
          day on April 15, 1915.

          April 15th shapes up as a feast or famine day in Browns history. We won't dally this morning over how unequally those two conditions balanced out over the entire life of the Browns, but 1915 definitely was one of those downer years. Today the Chicago White Sox cruised behind pitcher Red Faber to a cruel (but not unusual) 16-0 shellacking of the hapless St. Louis Browns. (Please forgive the redundancy in that last sentence.)

          Births on April 15

          No Brownies came out of the oven today.

          Deaths on April 15

          Jesse Herbert "Jesse" Doyle passes away on April 15, 1961 in Belleville, Illinois at the age of 63. The BR/TR pitcher had a 4 win, 7 loss record for the 1925-1927 Tigers, returning to the big leagues for one bad innng of work for the 1931 Browns. The closure on Doyle's career record is 4 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 6.22. Doyle surrendered 3 earned runs on 3 hits and a walk in that July 9, 1931 outing for the Browns. All he accomplished on that day was to put the last nail in the coffin of his career and to raise his MLB ERA. (Some days are better than others.) - Jesse Doyle was born on April 14, 1898 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

          Norman Andrew "Nick" Cullop dies on April 15, 1961 in Tazewell, Virginia at the age of 73. The BL/TL pitcher (whom some called "Tomato Face") had a career (1913-1917, 1921) MLB record of 57 wins, 55 losses, and an excellent ERA of 2.73. Tomato Face Cullop's 1921 return to the majors for his only year with the Browns earned him no more than a 2-loss finish to his big league run. - Nick Cullop was born on September 17, 1887 in Chilhowie, Virginia.

          Frederick Paul "Dutch" Schliebner dies on April 15, 1975 in Toledo, Ohio at the age of nearly 84. The BR/TR 1st baseman only played a split year with the Brooklyn Robins and St. Louis Browns in 1923 and was then gone-for-good. Unlike many of our brief time guys who suddenly vanish, Dutch Schliebner is a little harder to understand as a guy who could not have played longer - somewhere other than for the Browns. Perhaps, he was injured in some way. That's always my first question. - Schliebner was acquired by the Browns early in the 1923 season when it became apparent that George Sisler's eye problem was going to cause him to miss the whole year. That's a tough act to follow, but Dutch Scliebner still hit .275 with 122 hits and 4 homers in 121 games in 1923. His brief earlier time in 1923 with Brooklyn only lowered his one-year career BA to .271 with 141 total hits, including 23 doubles, 6 triples, and 4 HRs. Of course, with Sisler returning in 1924, Dutch had no future with the Browns, but on the face of his stats, he could've played somewhere. The answer to his disappearance lies elsewhere this morning without further research. - Dutch Scliebner was born on May 19, 1891 in Charlottenburg, Germany.

          Have a nice weekend, everybody! :atthepc

          Today's Reference Links ...

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          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


          • April 16th

            On This Date in History!

            April 16, 1953: White Sox 1 - Browns 0.

            Harry Brecheen: Today's
            Losing Pitcher Deserved
            Better Fate, But This Is
            Baseball & How It Goes.

            It's not a good day for the Browns, but then again - how many are? Lefty Billy Pierce of the Chicago White Sox is the perpetrator of today's bad news game as he shuts out the Browns on one hit. Bobby Young's double in the 7th is the only St. Louis safety in the 1-0 bleaching. Harry Brecheen takes the heartbreaking loss for the Browns, also going the distance and giving up only a single fatal run and two hits.

            Births on April 16

            Philip "Phil" Stremmel is born on April 16, 1880 in Zanesville, Ohio. The BR/TR pitcher for the 1909-1910 Browns will compile a record of 0 wins, 4 losses, and an ERA of 4.02 as his totally ignominious baseball legacy. Regardless of his stats, the one condition that will not change is our often repeated fact. - He got there. For two seasons, Phil Stremmel did what millions of other ballplayers only dream of doing. Phil Stremmel will die on December 26, 1947 in Chicago at the age of 67.

            BCT/GB, Phil Stremmel!

            Deaths on April 16

            Howard Richard "Dick" Kauffman passes away on April 16, 1948 in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania at the age of nearly 60. The BB/TR alumnus of Bucknell University was a 1st baseman, outfielder, pinch hitter in 44 games for the 1914-1915 Browns, batting .259 with 0 HR's and a fast track pass to The Land of Gone-For-Good. - Dick Kauffman was born on June 22, 1888 in East Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

            BCT/GB, Dick Kauffman!

            Samuel David "Dolly" or "Sad Sam" Gray dies on April 16, 1953 in McKinney, Texas at he age of 55. The BR/TR pitched enjoyed a 10-year MLB career with the Athletics (1924-1927) and Browns (1928-1933), posting a career mark of 111 wins, 115 losses, and an ERA of 4.18. Gray had a Browns record alone of 67 wins and 82 losses. His best record year came as a member of the 1928 Browns when "Not-So-Sad-Sam" Gray won 20, lost 12, while recording an ERA for the season of 3.19. - Sad Sam Gray was born on October 15, 1897 in Van Alstyne, Texas.

            George Lawrence "George" or "Pooch" Puccinelli passes away on April 16, 1956 in San Francisco, California at the age of 48. The BR/TR outfielder had a 4-season bench player career (1930, 1932, 1924, 1936) in which he batted .283 with 19 homers. In his only season with the 1934 Browns, "Pooch" hit .231 and 2 homers in 26 trips to the plate. - George Puccinelli also was born in San Francisco on June 22, 1907.

            August Joseph "Gloomy Gus" Williams passes away on April 16, 1964 in Sterling, Illinois at the age of 75. The BL/TL outfielder had a 5-year All-Browns MLB career (1911-1915) in which he batted .263 with 12 homers. - Gloomy Gus Williams was born on May 7, 1888 in Omaha, Nebraska.

            An April 16th Footnote: On a day in which "Sad Sam" came and "Gloomy Gus" went, let's hope that the net effect is an astrological wash and that the mood of Brownsville is no worse today than it was yesterday on April 15th.

            Have a great Saturday, everybody, and a BCT/GB to all of you! :atthepc

            Today's Reference Links ...

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            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


            • April 17th

              On This Date in History!

              April 17, 1945: Pete Gray Debuts! - Browns Win 9th Straight Opener!

              Pete Gray

              Pete Gray, the one-armed outfielder, makes his MLB debut for the St. Louis Browns in a 1945 Season Opening Game with the Detroit Tigers. Coming off the Browns' only pennant year in 1944, Sportsman's Park fans is a buzz with the new hope - and also with curiosity about their new one-armed ballplayer. Pete is not fullly tested in left field, as no chances come his way during the game. That's pretty unusual in itself. Perhaps the Tiger lineup was filled with lefthanded batters who didn't know how to hit to the opposite field. It would seem that, if they were able to hit the ball, the Tigers would've tested Gray's defensive abilities as much as possible. On offense, Pete Gray singles once off Tiger pitcher Les Mueller in four times at bat. The Browns defeat the Tigers, 7–1, for their 9th straight Opening Day win, a major-league record that the 1975-83 Mets eventually tie.

              April 17, 1936: Cleveland Spoils Browns Opener, 13-10!

              Indians Scalp Browns!*

              * How many times has that cliche headline been used in Cleveland baseball history?

              The Cleveland Indians spoil the St. Louis Browns home opener at Sportsman's Park as cold weather keeps the crowd a few head counts short of 1,500 fans in attendance. The Indians take the game in 10 innings by a score of 13-10. The Browns will follow this disappointing 1936 start at the gate and on the scoreboard by reeling off a record number of 9 consecutive openig day wins from 1937 to 1945.

              April 17, 1915: Hank Severeid Impresses in Browns Debut!

              Hank Hammers
              3-Run Shot To
              Beat Chicago.

              Hank Severeid didn't wait long to impress St. Louis fans. In his first game as a Brown, Severeid hits his first MLB home run, a 3-run blast off Hi Jasper of the Chicago White Sox. It is only the Browns' second hit of the day when Hank connects, ut it is ultimately the difference-maker. The Browns win, 4-3, over Chicago and the fans are thrilled. How little they realize in 1915 of the grand ride of hope that lays ahead for them in 1922 - and Hank Severeid just took his place today as a cog in that wheel. Hank Severeid played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1911 to 1913 and had not homered in 176 previous times at bat.

              Births on April 17

              Herbert Scott "Scott" Perry is born on April 17, 1891 in Denison, Texas. Perry's 7-year MLB career (1915-1921) begins as a Brown, but that phase of it amounts to little more than the cracking of the champagne bottle against the hull of a new ocean vessel on Christening Day. The BR/TR pitcher works 2 innings for the Browns on May 13, 1915, giving up 5 hits and 3 earned runs. The christening is almost Scott Perry's burial, but he proves resilient thereafter with 3 other clubs, finally becoming a 20-game winner for one season with the 1918 Athletics. For his career, Scott Perry will post a record of 40 wins, 68 losses, and an ERA of 3.07. - Scott Perry will pass away on October 27, 1959 in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 68.

              Deaths on April 17

              Edwin Collins "Big Ed" Miller passes away on Aprl 17, 1980 in South Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania at the age of 91. The BR/TR utility player had a hopscotch 3-year MLB career (1912, 1914, & 1918). Big Ed Miller hit .196 and .138 in his first 2 years of limited action as a Brown. He came back in 1918 with the Indians to rack his best season average of .229. It was enough to bring Miller's career BA to an even .200 with no homers in 200 times at bat. - "Big Ed" Miller was born November 24, 1888 in Annville, Pennsylvania. At 6'0" even, Miller wasn't really that tall by our 21st century standards, but he stood out among the Lilliputians who played the game in the early 20th century. Of course we don't know for sure. Maybe Miller acquired the "Big Ed" tag for his loud mouth or large ego. - Those two traits were around back then as much as they are today. Unfortunately, there's no sign of them going away either.

              Today's Reference Links ...

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              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


              • April 18th

                On This Date in History!

                April 18, 1950: Former Brown Al Papai Helps Billy Martin Set MLB Record.

                Al Papai Looked like this on his record setting
                day because Al Papai looked this way everyday.

                In a game played at Fenway Park before 31,822 fans, the New York Yankees overcome a 9-0 deficit to win the game, 15-10. As a part of a big 9-run 8th, rookie Billy Martin sets an MLB record by becoming the first player to get two hits in the same inning in his first game as a major leaguer. Martin's first hit in the 8th is a double off the great Mel Parnell. Martin's second hit that same inning is a single off former Browns pitcher Al Papai. - Left unmentioned is the fact that Martin was the first major leaguer to collect two hits in the same inning of his first MLB game off two pitchers whose last names both started with "P" - and with one of them having also pitched for both St. Louis clubs in 1949.

                Births on April 18

                William Lear "Bill" or "Beverly" Bayne is born on April 18, 1899 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The BL/TL pitcher has a 9-year MLB career (1919-1924, 1928-1930) in which he wins 31, losses 32, and posts an ERA of 4.84. As a Brown during his first five seasons, Bayne won 23 and lost 19. - I have no idea why they sometimes called the guy "Beverly." - Bill Bayne will pass away on May 22, 1981 in St. Louis, Missouri at the age of 82.

                Deaths on April 18

                Herbert Clyde "Harry" Niles passes away on April 18, 1953 in Sturgis, Michigan at the age of 72. The BR/TR utility position player had a 5-year MLB career (1906-1910) that began with 2 seasons as a Brown. For his total career, Niles hit .247 with 12 HR's. - Harry Niles was born on September 10, 1880 in Buchanan, Michigan.

                John Irving "Jack" or "Slug" Burns died on April 18, 1975 in Brighton, Massachusetts at the age of 67. The BL/TL 1st baseman enjoyed a 7-year MLB career (1930-1936) and almost all of it was spent as a Brown. After playing his entire career with the Browns, he was dealt to Detroit after the club was only 9 games deep into the 1936 season. He finished his MLB career with 138 games played as a member of the 1936 Tigers. For his entir career, Jack Burns hit a respectable .280 with 44 homers. - Jack Burns was born on August 31, 1907 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

                Today's Reference Links ...

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                "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                • April 19th

                  On This Date in History!

                  April 19, 1928: Detroit Tigers 9 - St. Louis Browns 8.

                  Based on available sources, we are not told where this game is played. All we know is that some combination of pitching wildness and /or a cantankerous umpire's microscopic strike zone figured into today's business. Together, the Browns and Tigers pitchers issue 18 walks. Detroit wins, 9-8. Even when they don't come pretty, a win is a win is a win.

                  April 19, 1922: St. Louis Browns 15 - Cleveland Indians 1.

                  Ken Williams and his buddy Sisler helped run down the Tribe today.

                  At Cleveland, the Browns' Elam Vangilder fires his 2nd straight three-hitter. If that ween't enough, Vangilder also homers to lead St. Louis to a 15–1 win over the Indians in their own house. Meanwhile, the Browns running game goes wild as George Sisler and Ken Williams each steal three bases.

                  Births on April 19

                  Albert Roy "Roy" Mitchell is born on April 19, 1885 in Belton, Texas. The BR/TR pitcher will start his big league career with the Browns (1910-1914). His 5 years in St. Louis produce a record of 28 wins and 35 losses. Additional time with the White Sox and Reds (1918-1919) allows Mitchell to finish his MLB career with a record of 32 wins, 37 losses, and an ERA of 3.43. - Roy Mitchell will pass away on September 8, 1959 in Temple, Texas at the age of 74.

                  Charles Henry "Chick" Shorten is born on April 19, 1892 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The BL/TL utility outfielder was only a Brown during the near-magical season of 1922, but he was a key man off the bench that year, hitting .275 with 2 homers. For his total career (1915-1917, 1919-1922, 1924), Shorten also hit .275 on the money. He only had one other career homer to go with the two he collects as a '22 Brown. - Chick Shorten will pass away on October 23, 1965 in Scranton, PA at the the age of 73.

                  Joseph Harley "Bugs" Morris is born on April 19, 1892 in Weir City, Kansas. The BR/TR pitcher has every reason to claim the nickname "Bugs" as his rightful baseball moniker. It "bugs" me just to think about his frustration. In 2 MLB seasons (1918, 1921) Morris will post a career record of 0 wins, 5 losses, and ERA of 6.69. Morris pitches 4 games for the 1918 Browns and loses 2. Then he comes back 3 years later with the 1921 White Sox and loses 3. He ends up back with the Browns in 1921, pitching 3 more games with no further decisions. - Bugs Morris will pass away on November 21, 1957 at the age of 65.

                  BCT/GB, Bugs Morris!

                  Glenn Richard "Glenn" or "Red" McQuillen is born on on April 19, 1915 in Strasburg, Virginia. The BR/TR outfielder and alumnus of McDaniel College will have a 5-year, patchy career as a utility man for the 1938, 1941-1942, & 1946-1947 Browns. McQuillen will hit .274 with 3 homers during his 210 game, All Browns career. In 1942, McQuillen will set a single season franchise record by hitting into 21 double plays.- Glenn McQuillen will die on June 8, 1989 in Gardenville, Maryland at the age of 74.

                  Deaths on April 19

                  Today's Reference Links ...

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                  "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                  • April 20th

                    On This Date in History!

                    April 20, 1938: Feller Gets 1st of 12 1-Hitters; Browns Are Victims Today, 9-0.

                    Rapid Robert!

                    Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians pitches the first of 12 career one-hitters today, beating the St. Louis Browns, 9-0. Feller also had three career no-hitters in a career that began in in 1936. The 17-year old Iowa school boy got off to a wonderful start that was equally embarrassing to the 1936 Browns. Feller fanned 15 Browns in his major league debut. The date was July 19, 1936. Although t was the first official game humiliation performed by the kid on a major league club, the St. Louis Cardinals probably were the only other club that wasn't laughing today at the Browns' fate. Feller had faced 9 Cardinals earlier in a spring training game and fanned 8 of them. It wasn't long before the humiliation factor disappeared. Once Feller established himself as one the great pitchers of all time, getting your finest flower beds mowed down by a dedicated trespasser became a lot more acceptable as an undesirable outcome.

                    April 20, 1933: Simmons Gets Rare Defensive Gem Against Browns.

                    "On the day I made that unassisted double play,
                    this not the way I caught the ball for the 1st out!"

                    ... Al Simmons

                    Chicago White Sox outfielder [B]Al Simmons[/B] makes an unassisted double play against the St. Louis Browns today. Although details are missing about it's execution, it isn't hard to imagine what most probably happened, is it? All it would take is an outfielder playing shallow, who makes an unexpected running catch on a dying quail drive to the outfield, and a runner and/or third base coach who thinks from the crack of the bat that "there's no way he's catching that ball!" - The rest of the dots we can fill in for ourselves.

                    Births on April 20

                    Charles Judson "Charlie" or "Eagle Eye" Hemphill is born on April 20, 1876 in Greenville, Michigan. The BL/TL outfielder has a long career (1899, 1901-1911), hitting a very respectable .271 with 22 homers in the heart of the deadball era. Hemphill joins the Browns early in their first year of 1902 and he hits .317 in the 103 games he plays for St. Louis that year. Charlie will also be a Brown through the 1907 season. - Old Eagle Eye Hemphill will pass away on June 22, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 77.

                    Francis Edward "Frank" or "Squash" Wilson is born on April 20, 1901 in Malden, Massachusetts. The BL/TR outfielder (1924-1926, 1928) played ony 6 games in his final season for the Browns, going out with no hits in 5 trips to the plate. For his 168 game career, Wilson batted .247 with 1 HR. - Frank Wilson will pass away on November 25, 1974 in Leicester, Massachusetts at the age of 73. - Wilson was an alumnus of Boston College.

                    James Melvin "Jim" Bilbrey is born on April 20, 1924 in Rickman, Tennessee, Bilbrey's entire MLB record is limited to one inning he pitched for the Browns on May 17, 1949. Bilbrey was not involved in the decision that day, but his 18.00 E.R.A. for that one inning of work probably led to the decision that kept him from further opportunity. Still, he had his shot.- Jim Bilbrey dies on December 26, 1985 at the age of 61 in Toledo, Ohio.

                    BCT/GB, Jim Bilbrey!

                    Deaths on April 20

                    None, so far, but the day's not done. Help me get through this virus that doesn't want to let go, Lord. - Goodnight, everybody!

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                    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                    • April 21st

                      On This Date in History!

                      April 21, 1944: Kreevich Homers Twice! A Sign of Good Times To Come!

                      1944 American League Champion St. Louis Browns!

                      Outfielder Mike Kreevich hits 2 HRs as the St. Louis Browns defeat the Chicago White Sox, 5-3. It's a virtual sign of better days ahead in the immediate future of the Browns. In the preceding 3 years, a period involving 297 games, Kreevich had tallied just one homer. Now he bangs two in one game? - Keep this up, Mike, and Browns fans are going to start thinking "pennant" again. - How bizarre would that be?

                      April 21, 1943: Browns Win 7th Straight Opener!

                      Al Hollingsworth

                      "Hey, buddy, don't complain about the sparse crowd at Sportsman's Park today! - Don't you know there's a war on?" ... War time travel restrictions do impact Opening Day at St. Louis. A crowd of only 4,000 shows up at Sportman's Park, but these fortunate few get to watch the Browns lefty Al Hollingsworth blank the Chicago White Sox, 3-0. It is the Browns' 7th consecutive Opening Day win.

                      April 21, 1929: Browns' Herb Cobb Gives Up Pitcher Whitehill's 1st HR!

                      Earl Whitehill

                      Detroit pitcher Earl Whitehill hits his first big league home run today, and he does it off Browns reliever Herb Cobb, helping himself to a 16–9 win. Whitehill will hit two more homers this year, then just one more for the rest of his career. Interesting how that works sometimes.

                      April 21, 1922: White Sox 10 - Browns 5. (10)

                      The Browns had 'em down, but couldn't hold 'em. Going into the 9th with a 4-2 lead over the White Sox, the Browns give up 2 runs for a tie and a trip into extra innings. The Pale Hose are just getting warmed up, blasting two Brownie relievers for 6 runs and an eventual victory over St. Louis by a score of 10-5 in ten innings.

                      Births on April 21

                      Stanley Andrew "Stan" or "Happy Rabbit" Rojek

                      Stan Rojek is born on April 21, 1919 in North Tonawanda, New York. The BR/TR "Happy Rabbit" makes the 1952 Browns his last short hop on the way to retirement early that season. The middle infielder goes 1 for 7 (.143) in 9 games as a Brown, hanging it all up for good on May 13, 1952. Rojek plays most of his career in the National League with the Dodgers (1942, 1946-1947), Pirates (1948-1951), and Cardinals (1951). His career BA is .266 with 4 HR's in 522 games. - Stan Rojek will pass away on July 9, 1997 in the place where he was born 78 years earlier, North Tonawanda, New York.

                      Deaths On April 21

                      ... Not Today!

                      Today's General Reference Links ...

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                      "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                      • April 22nd

                        On This Date in History!

                        April 22, 1947: Feller One-Hits Browns (Again), 5-0!

                        Still Rapid.
                        Still Robert.
                        Still Feller.

                        Al Zarilla's single in the 7th inning is the only hit that St. Louis manages against Cleveland's Bob Feller as the Indians beat the Browns, 5–0. Today's feat is only one of twelve one-hitters that Feller will throw during his career.

                        Great Pitcher Sidebar.

                        Neither Nolan Ryan nor Roger Clemens, of course, were around to play during the life span of the St. Louis Browns. That's OK. Given our record of getting and holding onto great talent, it's unlikely that we would have been able to benefit from the availability of either. It's more likely that both could have enjoyed overlapping careers with the St. Louis Cardinals because of the NL club's strong partisan following in the Houston area through the time that Houston got its own MLB franchise in 1962. Both Ryan and Clemens grew up in the greater Houston metro area. Under the rules in play through the last year of the Browns, they could've signed with anyone they wanted. Not only was Houston a rabid Cardinal town back in the 1940's and 1950's, the town overflowed with Cardinal scouts and bird dogs. There's no way the Cardinals (or Yankees) would've missed the potential of a Ryan or a Clemens.

                        Here's the irony about the records of these two great ones. Nolan Ryan has thrown 7 no-hitters and won 0 Cy Youngs. - Roger Clemens has won 7 Cy Youngs and thrown 0 no-hitters.

                        Go figure.

                        April 22, 1926: Browns Double Pleasure Way To Defensive Gem!

                        "Double your pleasure,
                        Double your fun!
                        Get two outs on this play,
                        ............ Instead of one!"

                        The St. Louis Browns pull off 5 double plays against the Chicago White Sox today, tying the American League record for most double plays in a 9-inning game. In the their excitement to bring us this fact, Baseball Library (dot) Com forgets to tell us who won the game. As Browns fans, let's hope that this great defensive effort wasn't wasted on a losing cause.

                        April 22, 1922: Ken Williams Hits Zenith Day of His Great Career!

                        Years ago, long before people started writing about the great 1922 Browns, I came across the name "Ken Williams" in some arcane statistical reference book that I found as a kid in the downtown Houston public library. I remember thinking: "Wow! Who was this guy? Look what he did! How come we don't know as much about Ken Williams today as we do about Babe Ruth?" Of course, I was too young then to realize that playing for the New York Yankees was the best way to be remembered, and also far too naive to understand that accomplishing great things for the St. Louis Browns was no guarantee against being forgotten. - As it turns out, Ken Williams was not the great player nor was he the incredible character that was Babe Ruth, but, in 1922, he was better than Ruth statistically. For that reason alone, he is worth more than a footnote comment n baseball history.

                        On this date, April 22, 1922, the Browns' Ken Williams hits three home runs and two singles against the visiting White Sox, with George Sisler on base each time, to lead St. Louis to a 10–7 win. In so doing, Ken Williams becomes the first American League player to hit three home runs in a single game.

                        Given a head start on the suspended Babe Ruth in 1922, Ken Williams will also take the American League home run and RBI titles and become the first 30-30 man, with 39 home runs and 37 SBs.

                        A big Brownie cap tip and God Bless to you, Ken Williams - on this anniversary of your greatest moment in baseball time.

                        Births on April 22

                        Not Today!

                        Deaths on April 22

                        Louis Klopsche "Lou" Finney

                        Lou Finney

                        Lou Finney passes away on April 22, 1966 in Lafayette, Alabama at the age of 55. The BL/TR outfielder had a 15-year MLB career (1931, 1933-1942, 1944-1947) in which he hit .287 with 31 HR's. Finney played 73 games for the 1945-1946 Browns, hitting .280 and 2 HR's for his period of limited play as a member of the St. Louis AL club. - Lou Finney was born on August 13, 1910 in Buffalo, Alabama.

                        Frederick Charles "Fritz" or "Flash" Maisel dies on April 22, 1967 in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 77. Maisel's 6-year career in the majors (1913-1918) amounted to a 5-year stint with the Yankees as a BR/TR infielder - and a final year with the Browns as an outfielder. Fritz Maisel finished with a .238 career BA and 6 HR's. - Fritz Maisel was born in Catonsville, Maryland on December 23, 1889.

                        Have a great weekend, everybody! This is the first day this week that I've felt like I actually was going to live through this upper respiratory infection so - that's good news to me. - You guys stay healthy too. There are some bugs out there that really want to take us out. h

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                        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                        • April 23rd

                          On This Date in History!

                          April 23, 1952: Wow! By 1-0, Browns Win Dual 1-Hitter Duel With Feller!

                          Bob Cain Defeats Bob Feller
                          in Matching 1-Hitters Game.

                          If there is a scale of baseball justice (and the existence of that fine instrument has never been proven), the St. Louis Browns just received a small equity payment today. They beat Bob Feller at his own 1-hitter game by keeping the Indians from scoring. Amazingly, Bob Cain of the Browns and Bob Feller of the Indians each pitched a one-hitter this afternoon, with the Browns prevailing, 1-0. The outcome ties an MLB record for the fewest hits by 2 teams in a regular season game that reaches a normal W/L conclusion. Little Bobby Young is the early unsung hero. Young pickled a triple in the first inning and then scored the only run of the game. To make the early season victory even Brown Sugar Sweeter, today's win over Cleveland moved the Browns into first place, if only for a little while.

                          April 23, 1922: Browns Take White Sox on Williams' HR, 4-2.

                          ..WIN WITH KEN!

                          The St. Louis Browns top the Chicago White Sox, 4–2, as Ken Williams poles a homer off Clarence "Shovel" Hodge. Pitchers with nicknames like "Shovel" need to be more careful pitching to guys like Ken Williams. Williams enjoys helping pitchers dig their own graves.

                          April 23, 1902: Cardinals in Court Battle With Browns Over Players!

                          The battle between the established National League and the fledgling American League is heating up as a result of AL club raids and NL player defections. In St. Louis, lawyers for the NL Cardinals initiate proceedings in the circuit court of St. Louis to restrain pitcher Jack Harper, infielder Bobby Wallace, and outfielder Emmet Heidrick from playing with the St. Louis American League team. All three have signed contracts with the Cards. In the end, the Cards fail. These successful player raids by the "new" American League will provide the strongest rationale for peace between the two major leagues.

                          Births on April 23

                          Elam Russell "Elam" Vangilder is born on April 23, 1896 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The BR/TR pitcher is one of the golden boys, along with ace Urban Shocker, of the club now equally revered for their greatness and disappointment, the 1922 Browns. Vangilder won 19, lost 13, and posted a 3.42 ERA for the Browns team that lost the 1922 AL pennant to the New York Yankees by a single game. In his 9 seasons as a Brown (1919-1927), Vangilder posted a W-L record of 88-91. He closed his career with 2 additional seasons as a Tiger (1928-1929), bringing his final career record to 88 wins, 102 losses, and an ERA of 4.28. - Elam Vangilder will pass away on April 30, 1977 in the place where he started, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, at the age of 81.

                          A Great Big BCT/GB to You, Elam Vangilder!

                          James Leroy "Sunny Jim" Bottomley

                          "Sunny Jim" Bottomley is born on April 23, 1900 in Oglesby, Illinois. The BL/TL Cardinal-earned Hall of Fame 1st baseman finishes his career with the 1936-1937 Browns. For his career (1922-1937), Bottomley will hit .310 with 229 HR's. He finishes as the playing manager of the 1937 Browns. - Sunny Jim Bottomley will pass away on December 11, 1959 in St. Louis, Missouri at the age of 59.

                          Walter Irving "Walter" Brown is a born-to-be-a-Brown (but aren't they all?) on April 23, 1915 in Jamestown. New York. The BR/TR pitcher is another of our treasured Brownie short-timers. Heck! Our club has enough cup-of-coffee guys to launch a whole flotilla of Starbucks stores. - Come to think about it, maybe the Browns did give Starbuck's their start. - Walter Brown will go 1-0 with a 4.89 ERA in 19 games and 46 innings of relief work for the 1947 Browns and then drop off the big league radar forever. - Brown will die on February 3, 1991 in Westfield, New York at the age of 75.

                          Here's a great big BCT/GB and a Starbucks styrofoam mug of steaming hot cappucino toast to you, Walter Brown!

                          Deaths on April 23

                          Charles Elmer "Charlie" Miller passes away on April 23, 1972 in Warrensburg, Missouri at the age of 82. An apparent late-season look-see shortstop, Charlie handled two assists flawlessly in the field on September 18, 1912 for the Browns and went 0 for 2 at bat. From there, he Warhols into history, never to be seen again on the big league scene. - Charlie Miller was born on January 4, 1892 in Warrensburg, Missouri.

                          BCT/GB, Charlie Miller!

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                          Have a great weekend, everybody! :atthepc
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                          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                          • April 24th

                            On This Date in History!

                            April 24, 1946: HOF Class Includes 2 Former Browns.

                            Rube Waddell & Eddie Plank

                            The National Baseball Hall of Fame woke up with a voracious appetite for new members this morning. Eleven former players - Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, Frank Chance, Jess Burkett, Tom McCarthy, Rube Waddell, Eddie Plank, Ed Walsh, Jack Chesbro, Clark Griffith, and Joe McGinnity - are named to the Hall of Fame. - Waddell and Plank, of course, were former Browns pitchers who also shared another common thread. They each had their best years as members of the Philadelphia Athletics.

                            April 24, 1922: Williams' HR Paces Browns Past Tigers, 6-2.

                            1922 & 1944: The Very
                            Best of All The Rest.

                            That magical, but ultimately heartbreaking year is just getting cranked. The St. Louis Browns trip the Detroit Tigers, 6–2, today as slugging Ken Williams again homers, this time, a two-run shot off Detroit's Red Oldham.

                            April 24, 1913: Gus Williams of Browns Ties an MLB Triples Mark.

                            Which is least probable: Having tripletts? Or getting
                            3 triples in one 9-inning baseball game?

                            At Chicago today, Gus Williams of St. Louis hits three straight triples in a 3–1 Browns win over the White Sox. The three triples in one game ties a major league mark.

                            Births on April 24

                            Henry Neitz "Hennie" Smoyer is born on April 24, 1890 in Fredericksburg, PA. The Albright College alumnus will grow up to become a BR/TR infielder who goes 3 for 14 (.214) with 0 homers for the 1912 Browns - and then be gone for good from big league baseball. Hennie will not last long enough to even earn a decent "Hank" exchange for his Henry first name. (It's a good thing Henry Aaron was great enough later on to escape the same fate. "Hennie Aaron" hardly befits the man who will one day break Babe Ruth's record for career homers.) - No, Hank Aaron had little in common, talent wise, with our birthday boy, Hennie Smoyer - although, I feel certain that both men loved the game. Our much more modestly gifted Hennie Meyer will pass away quietly on February 28, 1958 in DuBois, PA at the age of nearly 68.

                            BCT/GB, Hennie Smoyer!

                            Samuel "Sam" Harshany is born on April 24, 1910 in Madison, Illinois. The BR/TR catcher will enjoy a brief 4-year, All Browns MLB career (1937-1940) as a limited action player. He will hit .238 with 0 homers (43 for 181) in 61 games during his fleeting moment in the soft limelight of Browns baseball. Although short, Sam Harshany will not forget his days as a Brown. He will even find a way to make it to one of the annual Brownie Reunion Banquets in about 1997. He will even describe his time with the Browns to me as the happiest period of his long life. - Sam Harshany will pass away on February 1, 2001 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 90.

                            BCT/GB and God rest your happy soul, Sam Harshany! :atthepc

                            Deaths on April 24

                            Albert Eugene "Fuzz" White passes away on April 24, 2003 in Springflield, Missouri at the age of 86.The BL/TR right fielder was 0 for 2 in two times at bat for the 1940 Browns, He returned years later to go 3 for 13 for the 1947 Giants - and that's it. As fas as MLB is concerned, there wasn't anymore. He was gone, leaving behid him a career BA of .200 with 0 extra base hits. - Fuzz White was born on June 27, 1916 in Springfield, Missouri.

                            BCT/GB, Fuzz White!

                            Have a Nice Sunday, Everybody!

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                            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                            • April 25th

                              On This Date in History!

                              April 25, 1951: "Mr. Robinson" Assures White Sox of DH Split with Browns.

                              "Where Have You Gone,
                              Eddie Robinson? ..." *

                              In the opening game of a double header, an 8–6 win over the St. Louis Browns, Eddie Robinson of Chicago becomes the 8th player, but only the first White Sox player to hit a ball over the right field grandstand that was added 26 years ago at Comiskey Park. Robinson's blast comes off Al Widmar of the Browns. Also homering today are Jim Delsing and Ken Wood of St. Louis, and Al Zarilla of the White Sox. In the nitecap, Browns ace Ned Garver beats Marv Rotblatt of the White Sox, 7-4, to split the DH.

                              * Where has he gone? Eddie Robinson nows live in Fort Worth, Texas. On April 12, 2005, he accepted our invitation to join the board of our Texas Baseball Hall of Fame.

                              And here's to you, Mr. Robinson,
                              Texas loves you more than you will know,
                              Wo wo wo!

                              God bless you please, Mr. Robinson,
                              Our Hall holds a place for those who play,
                              All the way ... like you did today!

                              April 25, 1943: Gentry Ties Shocker's International League Mark.

                              Urban Shocker

                              Rufe Gentry of Buffalo in International League wins an 11-inning no-hit game against Newark, 1-0. The last Interntional League no-hitter of this length was thrown by a future star Brown, Toronto's Urban Shocker, back on July 22, 1916. - This sort of record just goes to show you what great pitchers were capable of doing before the pitch count mentality took over baseball and trained pitchers to believe that something like this feat would be impossible.

                              April 25, 1933: Another Future Brown in Sensational Debut!

                              Russ Van Atta makes a spectacular pitching debut for the New York Yankees, winning 16-0 over the Senators, while also getting 4 hits in a game marred by a wild free-for-all. Ben Chapman, Buddy Myer, and Earl Whitehill all are suspended 5 days and fined $100 each for their individual participation and various contributions to today's merry mayhem.

                              April 25, 1922: Ken Williams's Bat Is Homer Hot!

                              In a 5–3 win over the Detroit Tigers, Ken Williams smashes his 6th home run in 4 days, this one off Howard Ehmke, and tying Babe Ruth's 1921 feat for the most home runs in that short a time slot. Ken is not done. In 4 more days, on April 29th, he'll pole two more homers.

                              April 25, 1914: Browns "Hold" Tigers with a 2-4-2 DP on Double Steal Try.

                              "Not Today, Cobb!"

                              St. Louis Browns catcher Frank Crossin throws out Detroit's Sam Crawford at 2nd base. The return throw from 2nd baseman Del Pratt nips Ty Cobb at home, for a rare double play on a double steal attempt. Unfortunately, the Tigers go on to win over the Browns anyway by a score of 4–0.

                              April 25, 1909: Great Scott! Browns Lose to White Sox Rookie!

                              Jim Scott

                              Chicago White Sox rookie pitcher Jim Scott debuts with a 1-0 win over the fabled St. Louis Browns. How shocking is this result?

                              April 25, 1904: Cy Young Loses to Future Brown, Begins Hitless Streak.

                              The One & Only Cy Young.

                              In Philadelphia today, Boston's Cy Young pitches eight innings and allows six hits in losing to future Brown Rube Waddell of the Philadelphia A's, 2-0. Even though he loses, Cy Young allows no-hits in the last six outs he pitches today. It is the start of a record 25 1/3 hitless innings pitched streak for the great 511 career win pitcher. - Moses will part the Red Sea again before any pitcher ever tops Young's career wins total.

                              April 25, 1901: 1st American League Home Run Is Hit Today!

                              "It's in the book!"

                              The St. Louis Browns never had a chance at this record. They won't even exist until 1902, but for the record, something big did happen today, although I doubt you will find anyone who knows the answer to this baseball trivia question, cold turkey. - Who hit the first American League home run? Well, the answer is on today's page of history. - Cleveland 2nd baseman Erve Beck hits the first HR in American League history today. He hits it off Chicago’s John Skopec. In spite of Beck's historical, but popularly forgotten heroics, the White Sox prevail over Cleveland in this game by a score of 7-2.

                              Births on April 25

                              Fred Calvin "Hack" Spencer is born on April 25, 1885 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The BR/TR "Hack" of mention here appears in only one game for the Browns on April 18, 1912, and that is it for this Spencer. Here's the curious thing: Spencer pitches only 1.2 relief innings, giving up 2 unearned runs on 2 hits. So, he finishes his MLB career with no times at bat and a pitching ERA of 0.00. Unless Spencer was injured, broke the law, joined the army, or went nuts shortly after his debut, we are left to presume that second chances are simply very hard to come by back in 1912. - Hack Spencer - Hack doesn't hack it for long, but he makes it to "The Bigs." - Hack Spencer will pass away on February 5, 1969 in St. Anthony, Minnesota at the age of 83.

                              BCT/GB, Hack Spencer!

                              Roberto (Ventoza) "Bobby" Estalella is born in Cardenas, Cuba on April 25, 1911. Estalella's career as a BR/TR OF/IF (1935-1949) included a .241 BA for the 1941 Browns as a guy off the bench. Bobby finished with an MLB career BA of .282 in 680 games. - Bobby Estalella passed away on January 6, 1991 in Hialeah, Florida at the age of 79.

                              Alvis Newman "Tex" Shirley is born on April 25, 1918 in Birthright, Texas. The BB/TR pitcher enjoys a 5-year MLB career with the Athletics (1941-42) and Browns (1944-1946). Tex is a member of the Browns' only AL championship club in 1944 and he finsihes his total MLB career with a record of 19 wins, 30 losses, and an ERA of 4.25. Except for the 2 losses he took coming up with the A's, everything else is achieved as a Brown. - Tex Shirley will pass away on November 7, 1993 in DeSoto, Texas at the age of 75.

                              Deaths on April 25

                              James Oscar "Jim" Murray dies at age 67 in Galveston, Texas on April 25, 1945. The rare BR/TL (batting/throwing combo) outfielder got into 31 games for the 1911 Browns. His 19 for 102 (.186 BA) performance proved anything but rare for Brownie short-timers. In fact, averages below Mendoza were usually what made for short-time MLB-life by regular position players. Murray also had brief trials with other clubs in 1902 and 1914, ending with a career BA of .202. - Jim Murray was born on January 16, 1878 in Galveston, Texas.

                              Michael Andreas "Mike" Kreevich passes away on April 25, 1994 in Pana, Illinois at the age of 85. The BR/TR outfielder was an important .301 hitter for the 1944 American League champion Browns. He also played 3 seasons for the Browns from 1943 to 1945. Over the course of his total MLB career (1931, 1935-1945), Kreevich batted .283 with 45 HR's. - Mike Kreevich was born on June 10, 1908 in Mount Olive, Illinois.

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                              Have a nice work week, everybody!
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                              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                              • April 26th

                                On This Date in History!

                                April 26, 1922: Tigers Halt Hot-Hitting Browns, 2-0.

                                ... Day for Browns!

                                Ray Kolp of the Detroit Tigers had the answer for the torrid bats of Sisler & Williams, Inc. today as he used sparse help from his teammates to blank the St. Louis Browns, 2-0.

                                April 26, 1902: Addie Joss Debuts with 1-Hit Shutout Win Over New Browns.

                                ... Addie Joss: Future HOF Pitcher Gets Win in 1st Start Against SL Browns.

                                Making his major league debut today, Cleveland's Addie Joss hurls a one-hitter against the brand new St. Louis Browns, winning 3-0. The only hit off Joss is a scratch single by another future Hall of Famer, Jesse Burkett, the fellow they often called "The Human Crab" because of his less than sunny disposition. (OK, maybe it was because of his great lateral movement. That's what I thought was the real meaning of his nickname when I first read about Burkett as a kid.)

                                Births on April 26

                                Virgil Oliver "Virgil" or "Fire" Trucks

                                Virgil Trucks

                                Virgil Trucks is born on April 26, 1917 in Birmingham, Alabama. The hard-throwing BR/TR pitcher (1941-1943, 1945-1958) built a 17-year MLB career record of 177 wins, 135 losses, and an ERA of 3.39. Remembered mostly for his years with the Detroit Tigers, Trucks also pitched for the St. Louis Browns, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Athletics, and New York Yankees. - During hs brief early season tour with the Browns, Trucks won 5, lost 4 and registered a 3.07 ERA in 16 games before he was dealt away to the White Sox. - He must have njoyed his stay in St. Louis to some degree because he came to the 1997 Browns Reunion Banquet and, from all appearances, seemed to have enjoyed himself immensely. Fire Trucks now lives in Florida and is waking up to another glorious anniversary this morning.

                                Happy 88th Birthday, Virgil Trucks!

                                Deaths on April 26

                                Nathaniel Milton "Milt" Gaston

                                Milt Gaston

                                Milt Gaston dies on April 26, 1996 in Hyanis. Massachusetts at the age of 100 years, 3 months. At the time of his death, Gaston was the oldest living former major leaguer and a man with ties to the birth of power baseball in the 1920's. Gaston posted a pitching record of 38 wins against 49 losses for the 1925-1927 Browns. The BR/TR hurler registered a career (1924-1934) big league record of 97 wins, 164 losses, and an ERA of 4.55. - Milt Gaston will always be a special Brown to me because of a personal contact I had with him around the time of his 100th birthday. I wrote to Gaston around the time of his birthday, asking him to sign a ball for me. A long time passed and I heard nothing. Then, when I read the news of his death in April 1996, I simply assumed that my request had been out of line. I sort of felt guilty that I had even placed the request to him in what turned out to be the final days of his life. Man, was I in for the surprise of my life. - A few days following the death of Milt Gaston, I got a small package in the mail. It was the baseball I had sent to Milt, simply mailed back to me in the the little cardboard box that balls come in - and wrapped in brown paper and secured with wads of tape. When I opened the box, there was the ball - with "Milt Gaston" scrolled in a shaky, but large and legible handwriting. To my added surprise, the box also contained a signed 5x7 photo of Milt Gaston as a Brown that he had folded twice and jammed into the box with the ball. I will be forever grateful to Milt Gaston for signing and sending those two items to me as one of his last acts upon this earth. For as long as I'm around, these Brownie artifacts will remain in placement around me in my study as reminders of the old Brownie righthander. - A very, very special Brownie Cap Tip to you, Milt Gaston, and may God bless your wonderful old-school soul! - You came through for this old fan at the very end of everything else you had done with your 100 years on this planet. It warms my heart to think that I may possess (for now) the last autograph you ever signed. Thanks for taking the time and effort - for those are the two things that all caring requires. - Milt Gaston was born on January 27, 1896 in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

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