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  • May 26th

    On This Date in History!

    May 26, 1952: In Search of The Truth.

    "Never look back. That thing that may be gaining on
    you may be a mystery about what I did or didn't do."

    - Satchel Paige

    The first rule of historical research is to never assume that your sources are correct. In cross-checking rhe following report from "baseball" for the scores of a reported Memorial Day doubleheader om May 26, 1952, I found one of those contradictions that I am unable to resolve without further research. Since it's always my goal to avoid, whenever possible, contributing to the misinformation/disinformation that's out there in the annals of baseball history, I'll have to give you these reports as I now have them. If anyone knows the truth about what actually happened on Memorial Day 1952, please e-mail me at [email protected] or post away here.

    Baseball Library.Com reports the following for 5/26/52: "In a Memorial Day doubleheader in St. Louis, 13,000 fans at Sportsman's Park cheer as the Browns sweep two from Detroit. Satchel Paige picks up a save in the opener and then wins his 4th game in the nitecap."

    link ...

    Baseball Almanac.Com reports this outcome for 5/26/52: The Browns lost to the Chicago White Sox, 6-2, at Sportsman's Park.

    link ...

    Thinking that Baseball Library.Com may have recorded the year inaccurately, I checked the years 1951 and 1953, the other two seasons that Satchel Paige was with the Browns, in Baseball Almanac.Com and found that (1.) the Browns never played the Tigers on Memorial Day while Paige was with the club; and (2.) the Browns won no doubleheaders from the Tigers from 1951-1953.

    Go figure - but always be careful what you're figuring. It may not be based on correct information.

    May 26, 1944: BoSox Fell Browns, 4-2, in 11th; Potter Gem Slips Away!

    On the way to perfection ...

    It is a frustrating day at Sportsman's Park. The Boston Red Sox defeat the St. Louis Browns, 4–2, in 11 innings, in spite of the fact that Browns pitcher Nels Potter retires the first 23 batters he faces. The loss leaves the Browns with a record of 19-16 through this date in the 1944 season.

    May 26, 1917: Browns Drown When They Can't Reach Shore; Sox Win, 11-7!

    Red Sox Win Is A Shore Thing Today.

    At St. Louis today, Boston Red Sox starter Carl Mays is rocked for four runs and lasts just one inning, giving way to Lore Bader, who gives up single runs to the Browns in the 2nd and 3rd. That's good enough for a victory for Bader, as the Sox score in each of the first five innings on their way to an 11–7 victory. Ernie Shore sinks further threat over the last six innings, allowing a single Brown run in the 9th. Shore's save goes unnoticed for 50 years until later research uncovers his efforts. Today's loss leaves the Browns with a record of 15-22 through this date in the 1917 season.

    New Feature: Brownie Record Bookers.

    From here on, I thought it might be kind of interesting to include a daily fact about Brownie team leaders in various statistical categories. For as long they last, or until we can find more, I'll be adding a single record fact each day. Hopefully, we will be able to cover all the really important ones over the course of a year.

    Today's Question: Most Browns fans know that lefty hitting Ken Williams holds the Browns' single season HR mark with his 39 round-trippers in 153 games in 1922. - Who holds the record for the best home run year by a Browns right handed batter?

    Today's Answer: It's Harlond Clift. The right handed hitting 3rd baseman Clift hit 34 home runs for the 1938 Browns in 149 games.

    Births on May 26

    Eugene Edward "Gene" Paulette is born on May 26, 1891 in Centralia, Illinois. The BR/TR infielder will enjoy a cups-of-coffee with the Browns in 1916 and 1917. Over the course of his 6-year big league career (1911, 1916-1920), Paulette will hit .269 with 2 homers in 500 games. Paulette's career will be ended by new Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis on March 21, 1921. On that date, Landis bans Paulette from organized baseball for life for taking part in throwing games. Paulette will play his last big league game for the Phillies on October 3, 1920. Because of his lifetime ban, obviously, Paulette is gone-for-good after the 1920 season. - Gene Paulette will pass away from this earth on all of its temptations on February 8, 1966 in Little Rock Arkansas at the age of 74.

    William Allen "Bill" Fincher is born on May 26, 1894 in Atlanta, Georgia. The BR/TR hurler will pitch in 12 games for the 1916 Browns, going 0-1 with a 2.14 ERA before heading off to the Land of Gone For Good. Bill Fincher will pass away on May 7, 1946, in Shreveport, Louisiana, just 19 days shy of his 52nd birthday.

    BCT/GB, Bill Fincher!

    Deaths on May 26

    Clyde Ellsworth "Buzzy" Wares passes away on May 26, 1964 in South Bend, Indiana at the age of 78. The BR/TR middle infielder played 92 games for the 1913-1914 Browns as his total MLB playing career, hitting .220 with 0 HR's. Before winding his way back to the Browns in time for his brief MLB career, Wares will be remembered for a unique trade made by the club on March 28, 1913. On that date, St. Louis Browns infielder Buzzy Wares is "traded" to the Montgomery, Alabama team in exchange for the Brown's use of the minor league club's stadium for spring training. The Browns get Wares back. Perhaps, his reaquisition is tied to a continuation in Montgomery of a pattern that Wares flashed earlier on the west coast. Wares led Pacific Coast League shortstops in errors in 1911-1912 with a total of 199. - Buzzy Wares was born on March 23, 1886 in Vandalia, Michigan.

    William George "William" Rumler dies on May 26, 1966 in Lincoln, Nebraska at the age of 75.The BR/TR utility catcher/outfielder hit .251 in his 3-year Browns/big league career (1914, 1916-1917). He collected 1 HR in his 171 official at bats and was then gone-for-good. - William Rumler was born on March 27, 1891 in Milford, Nebraska.

    General Reference Links ...
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    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


    • May 27th

      On This Date in History!

      May 27, 1945: Yankees Halt 9-Game Losing Streak to Browns, 10-9, 3-1!

      (Read that headline as often as it takes to seem real!)

      Yankees Finally Halt Brownie Juggernaut!

      After losing nine straight games to the St. Louis Browns over two seasons, the New York Yankees zoom past the bizarre jinx to sweep a doubleheader in Yankee Stadium, winning 10–9 and 3–1. Incredibly, the Browns blow an 8–2 lead in the first game and lose in the 14th inning. The nitecap is called after eight innings because of darkness. Today's double loss drops the Browns' 1945 season-to-date record to 15-13.

      May 27, 1940: Browns Send Joe Gallagher to Brooklyn for Roy Cullenbine.

      Roy Cullenbine Brought His Best from Bums to Browns.

      The Brooklyn Dodgers today trade outfielder Roy Cullenbine to the St. Louis Browns for outfielder Joe Gallagher. Cullenbine was hitting .180 for the Dodgers in 22 games. Roy will go on from here to bat .230 for the Browns in 86 games. Not-So-Joltin'-Joe Gallagher had been hitting .271 in 23 games for the Browns. Joe will go on from here to bat .264 for the Dodgers in 57 games. - So, why did the Browns even pull the string on this deal? - They traded a guy hitting .271 for a guy hitting .180 and, even though that action was limited, the Dodgers still got a guy that far outperformed what they gave up in the deal. Maybe the Browns saw Cullenbine as a better fielder. Perhaps it just came down to the common denominator in so many Browns trades. It probably was cheaper to acquire Cullenbine than it was to keep Gallagher.

      May 27, 1936: Tribe Massacres Browns, 12-2!

      Hal Trosky Gets 10th HR Against Browns Today.

      At Municipal Stadium in Cleveland today, the Indians go on the warpath to wipe out the lowly St. Louis Browns, 12–2. The Tribe's Billy Sullivan collects five safeties and Hal Trosky crushes his 10th home run, to go along with a triple and single. The loss pushes the Browns' season-to-date record in 1936 to a hopeless 9-29.

      May 27, 1935: Even a Blind Hog Finds an Acorn Now and Then.

      The Moose is on The Loose in St. Louis!

      In an attempt to cut payroll and pick up some current payroll money, the St. Louis Browns inadvertently make a trade that actually benefits the club. In a deal completed today, the Boston Red Sox get star Brownie 2nd baseman Oscar Melillo in exchange for outfielder Moose Solters and $35,000. Solters will make the trade look good for the Browns, hitting .330 on the year with 104 RBI. In the process, Solters becomes the first American Leaguer to collect 200 hits while playing for two teams. Only Irish Meusel in the National League has done it previously.

      May 27, 1934: Big Bad Browns Bully Yankees, 16-7!

      Bobo Newsom Walks 11, But Brownie Bats Save The Day!

      Bobo Newsom of the St. Louis Browns walks 11 batters, but still knocks the visiting New York Yankees out of first place with a 16–7 Browns win at good old Sportsman's Park. Bruce Campbell helps Newsom with a grand slam as the Brownies score eight runs in the 4th to pin the loss on Red Ruffing. Cleveland moves into the league lead as a result of the Yankee loss. The Browns' record for 1934-to-date moves to an even 16-16.

      May 27, 1928: Happy Trails To You, Mr. Sisler!

      George Sisler On Way to His Indian Summer with the Braves.

      Aging former Browns star George Sisler clears American League waivers and joins another former St. Louis hero and future Hall of Famer, Rogers Hornsby, on the roster of the Boston Braves. Moving over from his short stay in Washington, Sisler will hit .340 for the remainder of the 1928 season.

      May 27, 1927: George Burns Steals Home; Indians Steal Game, 7-3!

      "Didn't know I was a good baserunner, did ya'?" - George Burns *

      In St. Louis today, the Cleveland Indians beat the St. Louis Browns, 7–3, scoring their only earned tun on John Hoddap's homer. For the second game in a row, veteran Cleveland 1st baseman George Burns swipes home for the Indians on the front end of a double steal, with Joe Sewell running from 1st. The pair pulls it off in the top of the 9th to nail casket shut on Browns hope. The two Clevelanders also did it yesterday in series game two's 9–7 Indians win. The loss today drops the Browns to 17-19 at this point in the 1927 season.

      * Not really the same George Burns who pulled off the steal of home today.

      May 27, 1925: Browns Lose to Indians, 4-2, But Set AL Assist Mark!

      "I can't recall if I started with the '27 Browns or not!" - Greg Maddux

      The St. Louis Browns today have 26 assists in a 10-inning 4–2 loss to the Cleveland Indians. They have an amazing 24 assists in the first nine innings for an American League mark. Man! Talk about some great ground ball pitching! I didn't know that Greg Maddux started with the '27 Browns. Did you? - Seriously, the loss today dropped the Browns to 18-22 on the year to date.

      May 27, 1911: Tigers Send Browns' Bill Bailey Home a Loser, 9-3!

      After giving up three runs in six innings, the roof caves in on the St. Louis Browns' Bill Bailey as the Detroit Tigers send him home a 9–3 loser. In the 5th inning, St. Louis Browns catcher Jim Stephens, attempting to catch Donie Bush's pop foul, crashes into the grandstand, knocking himself senseless, and sustaining a sprained ankle. Melly Meleon has his 2nd homer in a week for St. Louis off winning pitcher Doc Lafitte.

      May 27, 1909: How About 1909, Mr. Maddux?

      In a game featuring a record-setting 44 assists by both teams (as noted by historian Joe Dittmar), the Cleveland Naps nip the St. Louis Browns, 5-2. The National League high assist marks of April 23, 1903 and May 15, 1909 (NY vs. Cin) fall short of today's record. Addie Joss for Cleveland and Barney Pelty for St. Louis are the pitchers as each team records 22 assists. - OK, Maddux, you're off the hook. It was Pelty pitching for the Browns today. - The loss at home assisted the Browns to an updated record of 15-17 on the season.

      A Brownie Record Booker.

      Question: Who holds the franchise record for most official times a bat in a single season?

      Answer: Jack Tobin. Tobin had 671 official times at bat in 1921 over the course of 150 games. He's our all-time leader in that department.

      Births on May 27

      Harold Stewart "Hal" Spindel is born on May 27, 1913 in Chandler, Oklahoma. The BR/TR UCLA alumnus will go on to a short-term, 85-game career (1939, 1945-1946) as a big league catcher. In 1939, his only year with the Browns, Spindel will hit .269 in 48 games. Overall, Hal finishes with a BA of .254 in 209 total at bats. He has no MLB homers to his credit. - Hal Spindel will pass away on July 28, 2002 in San Clemente, California at the age of 89.

      Deaths on May 27

      Jesse Cail "Jesse" or "The Crab" Burkett passes away on May 27, 1953 in Worcester, Massachusetts at the age of 84. The BL/TL Hall of Fame (HOF, 1946) outfielder had a 16-year MLB career (1890-1905), hitting .338 with 75 career HR's. Burkett also marked a career pitchig record of 3-11, 5.56. "The Crab" played 3 years for the Browns near the end of his career (1902-1904), but hit over .300 only once. He batted .306, .293, and .271 as a full-time player in his twilight Brownie years. - Jesse Burkett was born on December 4, 1868 in Wheeling, West Virginia.

      Herman Charles "Herman" or "Dutch" Bronkie dies on May 27, 1968 in Somers, Connecticut at the age of 72. The BR/TR 1st/3rd baseman played light duty time with the 1919 and 1922 Browns. Over the course of his spotty and scattered MLB career (1910-1912, 1914, 1918-1919, 1922) Bronkie hit .242 in the total 122 games of his career, collecting only a single HR. - Dutch Bronkie was born on March 31, 1885 in South Manchester, Connecticut.

      Harry Warren "Rip Collins passes away in Bryan, Texas (near Texas A&M University) on May 27, 1968 at the age of 72. The Texas A&M hurler graduated to a big league career that spanned from 1920 to 1931. The BR/TR Aggie starter/Browns finisher posted a career big league mark of 108 wins, 82 losses, and a 3.99 ERA. Rip's record with the Browns (1929-1931) accounted for 25 of the wins and 18 of the losses. - Rip Collins was born on February 26, 1896 in Weatherford, Texas.

      Today's Reference Links ...

      Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Everybody - and Try To Remember Who We're Honoring! - If It Weren't for Those Fellow Americans in The Military Who Died for Us, We Wouldn't Be Here To Spend Some of Our Time Recording the History of The St. Louis Browns - and that Wouldn't Even Come Close to Being Our Deepest Loss!
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      "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


      • May 28th

        On This Date in History!

        May 28, 1953: Elliott Slams! Satch Slams Door! Browns Over Indians, 7-5!

        Ex-Brave Bob Elliott Has Big Day for Browns!

        The crowd has fun at Sportsman's Park today. Bob Elliott drives in 6 runs - 4 on a grand slam homer - to lead the St. Louis Browns to a 7–5 win over the Cleveland Indians. Add to the glory the mound work of the old philosopher, Satchel Paige, who picks up his 2nd save in two nights. The Brownie sweep of the 2-game series with Cleveland pulls the club's 1953 record-to-date up to 14-23. - Elliott soon will pay a price for the kind of early success that raises his market value. A little more than two weeks from today, on June 13, 1953, Bob Elliott and pitcher Virgil Trucks will be traded by the Browns to the Chicago White Sox for catcher Darrell Johnson, pitcher Lou Kretlow, and the always popular, but really-needed-now player known as $75,000 cash. - On second thought, maybe Bob Elliott doesn't mind the trade. He will leave a club that finishes in last place, 46 games behind, and he joins a club that finishes in 4th place, only 17 games back and in the money.

        May 28, 1951: White Sox Take Series Opener With Browns, 4-2!

        Saul Rogovin Holds Browns to 2 Hits Today.

        On May 15, 1953, the Chicago White Sox acquired pitcher Saul Rogovin from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for pitcher Bob Cain. Today the newly acquired Rogovin pays fast dividends to his new club today by throwing a 2-hit game against the St. Louis Browns at Comiskey Park in a 4–2 Chicago win. In losing this first game of a three-game series, the Browns' record to date in 1951 drops to 11-27. The White Sox will go on to sweep the series.

        May 28, 1934: Gehrig 2 HR + Ruth 1 HR + Other NY Bats = NY 13 - SL 9.

        "I love coming to St. Louis!" - Lou Gehrig

        In St. Louis today, Lou Gehrig hits a 6th inning homer off Paul Andrews of the Browns. Lou then follows Babe Ruth's 7th inning homer with another round tripper. The back-to-back homers off Jack Knott in the 7th are the last swan song for Ruth and Gehrig in their long string of double long ball KO punches. The New York Yankees also get homers from Jack Saltzgaver and Tony Lazzeri on their way to a rumbling 13–9 victory over the St. Louis Browns. The Yankee win gives New York the rubber game in a three game series and drops the Browns to 16-17 on the year.

        Brownie Record Bookers

        Question: Who holds the franchise record for most doubles in a single season?

        Beau Bell

        Answer: Beau Bell. - Beau Bell banged out 51 doubles in 1937 to pace all Browns for all time in that department.

        Births on May 28

        Robert Paul "Bob" Malloy is born on May 28, 1918 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The Pitt alumnus is a BR/TR pitcher will see limited action in 5 years in the big leagues (1943-1944, 1946-1947, 1949) and will wind up his career by posting a 1-1, 2.80 ERA record in 9.2 innings for the 1949 Browns. For his career, Malloy's record will be 4 wins and 7 losses with an ERA of 3.26. - Bob Malloy is still with us in 2005.

        Happy 87th Birthday, Bob Malloy!

        Francis Field "Frank" Saucier

        "Attention please! Now batting for Frank Saucier ..."

        Frank Saucier
        is born on May 28, 1926 in Leslie, Missouri. The BL/TR Westminister College alumnus and outfielder will go to a great minor league reputation as a hitter on his way to short-term service with the 1951 Browns. In the previous year, Saucier hit .343 to win the 1950 Texas League batting championship and pace his club to the pennant. - Saucier goes only 1 for 14 (.071) for the '51 Browns before abruptly leaving baseball for private business. He is one of those guys who has the talent, but apparently not the burning passion for baseball that is required of those who achieve long-term greatness. The man obviously has the will and passion to succeed elsewhere, and he goes on to become quite wealthy in his oil business enterprises. - Ironically, Frank Saucier is best remembered today in baseball circles as the only man in MLB history to have a midget pinch hit for him. When midget Eddie Gaedel made his solitary appearance as a pinch hitter on August 19, 1951, he batted for the scheduled lead off man, Frank Saucier.

        Happy 79th Birthday, Frank Saucier! - You will always rank high on our list of stars who might've been!

        Deaths on May 28

        Albert "Al" or "Lefty" Gerheauser passes away on May 28, 1972 in Springfield, Missouri at the age of nearly 55. The BL/TL pitcher finishes his MLB career by posting an ignominious 0-3 record for the 1948 Browns. Over the whole road of his time in the big leagues (1943-1946, 1948), Gearhauser posts a record of 25 wins, 50 losses, and an ERA of 4.13. - Al Gearhauser was born on June 24, 1917 in St. Louis, Missouri.

        Sigmund "Sig" or "Jack" Jakucki passes away on May 28, 1979 in Galveston, Texas at the age of 69. Truth be known, near the end of his life, Sig had fallen upon hard times due to bad health and personal problems. He was fortunate to have the nearby friendship of Frank Mancuso, one of his teammates from the 1944 Browns American League championship club. Frank would never tell you this publicly, but I will here because I think it shows how tightly connected that '44 club really was. Mancuso pretty much took care of Jakucki in his waning months, including paying for his burial. Not wanting to feel like a burden upon Frank, Sig insisted that Frank hold onto his watch as collateral for the help. Frank still has that watch. As I recall, it is an old beat up Timex with a scratched face. - Long Live The Browns! - As a player, Sig Jakucki played a vital pitching role with the 1944 Browns, going 13-9 with an ERA of 3.55. - In his all-Browns, MLB career (1936, 1944-1945), Sig Jakucki posted a complete record of 25 wins, 22 losses, and an ERA of 3.79. - Sig Jakucki was born on August 20, 1909 in Camden, New Jersey.

        BCT/GB, Sig Jakucki! - Wish your life could have been happier!

        Roy Joseph "Roy" Cullenbine passes away on May 28, 1991 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan at the age of 77. The BB/TR outfielder had a 10-year (1938-1947) MLB career in which he batted .276 with 110 HR's. As a 3-year Brown (1940-1942), Cullenbine batted .317 with 9 homers in 1941, his only season as a full-time player for St. Louis. - Roy Cullenbine was born on October 18, 1913 in Nashville, Tennessee.

        Today's Reference Links ...
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        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


        • May 29th

          On This Date in History!

          May 29, 1953: Elliott Gets 2,000th Hit! His 2BH Helps Browns Roar By Tigers!

          For 2nd Day in a Row, Bob Elliott Kites Own Trade Value.

          At Sportsman's Park today, 3rd baseman Bob Elliott lines a double in the Browns' 6-run 11th inning to lead St. Louis by the Detroit Tigers, 11–5. For Elliott, it is his 2,000th big league hit. Harry "The Hat" Brecheen (1–6) wins his first game of the 1953 season for the Browns as the club improves their record to 15-23.

          May 29, 1950: Browns Are Cure for Pitcher's 15-Game Losing Streak.

          Win Today Almost Makes Howie Judson Smile.

          Chicago White Sox pitcher Howie Judson had lost 15 straight games coming into today's contest at Sportsman's Park against the St. Louis Browns. The streak included 14 losses from the 1949 season and 1 this year. All that ends today as the St. Louis Browns provide Judson with an opportunity for a reversal of fortune. The White Sox take the Browns, 12-8, and Judson (1-1)picks up the win in relief to halt his negative free fall. Speaking of such, the loss by the Browns today drops the club's 1950 record to 8-23.

          May 29, 1929: Former Brown Plows St. Louis Into Loss Column!

          Marty McManus Paces Tigers Over Browns, 7-6!

          In Detroit today, the Tigers' George Uhle notches his 9th consecutive win of the year by defeating the St. Louis Browns in a nip-n-tuck game, 7–6. Former Browns star Marty McManus kicks in three hits to the winning Tiger cause, including a home run and a double. In spite of the chagrining loss, the Browns' record for the 1929 season is still riding high at 24-14.

          May 29, 1922: Ken Williams Slams Browns By Tigers, 9-6!

          Ty Cobb Is Unhappy Tiger Camper Today. - What Else Is New?

          It's another happy day at Sportsman's Park as the St. Louis Browns top the Detroit Tigers, 9–6. Ken Williams blasts a grand slam homer in the 3rd inning to pave the path of victory. Things are not so happy on the Detroit side, naturally, but a couple of Tigers take their frustrations out on the officials. Harry Heilmann and Ty Cobb get into an argument with the umpires. They are ejected from the game and both are suspended from playing in tomorrow's scheduled doubleheader. - Wonder what they said and did to draw that severe a penalty? - At any rate, their antics changed nothing but their own club's prospects for success tomorrow as the Brown's' win today improves the team's record to 23-17. - In case you're wondering, the Tigers will manage to overcome their loss of Cobb and Heilman tomorrow and come away with a 6-5, 1-2 split with the Browns in the twin bill.

          Brownie Record Bookers!

          Question: Who is the career leader in pitching appearances for the St. Louis Browns?

          Answer: Elam Vangilder. Vangilder appeared in 323 games as a pitcher for the Browns over 9 seasons (1919-1927) to top all hurlers for the lead in this category.

          Births on May 29

          George Hartley "George" McQuinn

          George McQuinn

          George McQuinn is born on May 29, 1910 in Arlington, Virginia. The longtime BL/TL 1st baseman of the Browns (1938-45) will be one of the pennant and World Series heroes of the St. Louis 1944 American League championship club. Over his big league career (1936-1948), McQuinn will bat .276 with 135 homers. - George McQuinn will pass away on December 24, 1978 in Alexandria, Virginia, at the age of 68.

          Deaths on May 29

          John Leonard "Doc" Lavan passes away on May 29, 1952 in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 61. The BR/TR Michigan alumnus and versatile infielder will go on to a 12-year career in the big leagues (1913-1924), hitting .245 with 7 HR's. He starts out as a Brown in 1913, but moves over to play 5 games for the Athletics at the end of the season. Lavan returns to to the Browns in 1914 and remains with the club through 1917. - Doc Lavan was born on October 28, 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

          Carl Nettles "Carl" Reynolds passes away on May 29, 1978 in Houston, Texas at the age of 75. Carl played college ball at Southwestern University and then embarked upon a long and succesful run as a BR/TR big league outfielder. From 1927 to 1939, Reynolds hit .302 with a career best year that included a .359 BA, 22 HR's, and 102 RBIs for the 1930 White Sox. In his only year in St. Louis, Reynolds hit .286 with only 8 homers and 49 RBI for the 1933 Browns. - Carl Reynolds was born on February 1, 1903 in LaRue, Texas.

          Today's Reference Links ...

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          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


          • May 30th

            On This Date in History!

            May 30, 1951: Go Go Sox Take Two From Browns!

            Al Widmar lost today, but not for the White Sox!

            In a doubleheader at Comiskey Park today, the first place Chicago White Sox sweep past the St. Louis Browns, 5–2, 8-1, behind lefty Billy Pierce in Game One and Randy Gumpert in Game Two. Gumpert's record now moves to 3-0. The Sox 2nd game hurler also bangs out two hits that are good for two runs batted in. Al Widmar is the loser for the Browns in Game Two. The double loss gives the Go Go Sox a sweep of the three-game series and drops the Browns' 1951 season record to 11-29.

            Note: This doubleheader outcome is erroneously reported as a split by Baseball Library (dot) Com. I was able to confirm the actual sweep by the White Sox through Baseball Almanac (dot) Com at the following link. ...


            Unlike the previous discrepancy involving Satchel Paige, the errors in the "Library" account of the DH played on this date are fairly obvious from a reading of how it is reported at

            "The first place White Sox beat the Browns, 5–2 behind Billy Pierce. But in game 2, Randy Gumpert (3–0) stops Chicago's 4-game winning streak, beating the Sox, 8–1. Gumpert has two hits and two runs batted in. Al Widmar is the loser." - Baseball Library (dot) Com
            Randy Gumpert never pitched for the Browns. Al Widmar did pitch for the White Sox, but not until 1952. It may have been the "Library" writer's confusion about Widmar that caused the reporting error. I'm going to report the error when I finish here and try to get it corrected. (BMc)

            May 30, 1947: Browns Split DH with Tigers, 1-2, 8-3 Before 56,367 in Detroit!

            Newhouser Nullifies Browns in Game One of DH!

            Before a crowd of 56,367 in Detroit, the first-place Tigers split a pair with the St. Louis Browns to move to three games ahead of the Cleveland Indians for 1st place in the American League. Detroit wins the lidlifter, 2–1 as Hal Newhouser scatters five hits, but Nels Potter of the Browns tops Virgil Trucks, 8–3, to take the nitecap. Tiger rookie Johnny McHale accounts for all three runs of his club's runs in Game Two with a pair of homers. The split leaves the Browns with a record of 14-21 for the 1947 season to date.

            May 30, 1938: Browns Split DH with Tigers, 9-10, 3-0 in Detroit!

            Rudy York Hits 3rd Slam of May Today!

            In Detroit today, Rudy York of the Tigers hits his 3rd grand slam of the month as the Tigers beat the St. Louis Browns, 10–9, in the first game of a Memorial Day holiday pair. Incredibly, York will slam five big ones this year. - The Browns come back to take Game Two by 3-0, but no particulars are readily available on how they do it. - The split gives the Browns a record of 11-23 to date in the 1938 season.

            May 30, 1937: Tigers Butcher Browns in Detroit, 18-3!

            Hank Greenberg Goes 5 for 5 Today!

            It is a game today in Detroit between the Tigers and Browns, but it may as well be the Lions versus the Christians in Rome. Led by Hank Greenberg and Gee Walker, the Detroit Tigers collect 20 hits in pasting the St. Louis Browns, 18–3. Greenberg is 5-for-5 with two homers, and Walker also has two homers in four hits while driving in seven runs. Tiger rookie George Gill is the winning pitcher. The biggest plus for the Browns today? Unlike the Christians, none of the Browns are eaten.

            May 30, 1922: Tigers Split With Browns In Spite of Key Player Suspensions!

            "Pitch count, hell! Gimme the ball!" - Urban Shocker

            It's a split-game doubleheader day at Sportsman's Park. Playing without Harry Heilmann and Ty Cobb, the Detroit Tigers down the St. Louis Browns, 6–5, in the morning game. The Browns' Urban Shocker takes the mound in Game Two this afternoon and allows only one run in 14 1/3 innings. Shocker isn't removed from the game by manager Lee Fohl. He and Browns outfielder Jack Tobin are tossed out of the game for protesting umpire Owens' ball and strike calls. Tobin's argument must be really acrimonious. It gets him a week's suspension. The Browns finally win Game Two, 2–1, in the 16th on a single by catcher Pat Collins. Hub Pruett picks up the win, striking out four of the last five batters. - The split leaves the Browns at 24-18 to date in 1922.

            May 30, 1916: Earl Hamilton Begins Boomerang Trip!

            "Hurry back, Earl!"

            Browns pitcher Earl Hamilton, winner of 50 games over the last four seasons, but ebbing along with just one appearance this year, is sold by St. Louis to Detroit today. He'll go 1–2 for the Tigers and then be waived back to St. Louis in three weeks and two days on June 22, 1922.

            May 30, 1914: Browns and Tigers Split Again! Each Game Score Today is 2-1!

            Ty Cobb: Cracked Brain Never Stopped Him, But Cracked Rib Does.

            At St. Louis today, the St. Louis Browns and Detroit Tigers combine for just 11 hits in a doubleheader. Detroit's Harry Coveleski tosses a one-hitter in the opener to win, 2–1. The Tigers manage four hits off Earl Hamilton. In Game Two, Carl Weilman wins for the Browns by an identical 2–1 score, outpitching Miles Main of the Tigers. Both pitchers allows just three hits in Game Two, with Sam Crawford collecting two of the three Bengal bingles. The Tigers miss Ty Cobb, who is sitting out these games with a cracked rib. Cobb will not return to the Tiger lineup until June 5th.

            Brownie Record Bookers

            Question: Who drew the most walks for the Browns in a single season?

            Answer: Lu Blue. 1st baseman Lu Blue walked 126 times in 151 games for the 1929 Browns for the all time franchise season record.

            Births on May 30

            Roy T. "Dixie" Upright is born on May 30, 1926 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. In a performance that far precedes the ugly installation of the *designated hitter* in the American League, the BL/TL Upright apparently never takes the field, but does appear in 9 games as a pinch hitter for the 1953 Browns. Dixie goes 2 for 8 with one walk. He strikes out 3 times, but 50% of his big league hits are home runs. His other hit is a single. He scores 3 runs and has 1 RBI as a result of the homer. After the 1953 season, Upright whistles "Dixie" in The Land of Gone for Good without ever taking the field on defense in the big leagues. - Dixie Upright will be permanently removed from Planet Earth's lineup on November 13, 1986 in Concord, North Carolina at the age of 60.

            BCT/GB, Dixie Upright, and thanks for stopping by!

            Deaths on May 30

            Malcolm Joseph "Joe" McDonald dies on May 30, 1963 in Baytown, Texas, just east of Houston, at the age of 75. The BR/TR 3rd baseman played 10 games for the 1910 Browns, going 5 for 32 and a .157 career batting average. After 1910, of course, Joe McDonald was gone-for-good. - Because of his Baytown, Texas death site, it's probable that McDonald worked in the Humble Oil/Exxon refinery after his baseball days. That's the major reason people live in Baytown to the present day. That's not a certainty, but a pretty good bet. - Joe McDonald was born on April 9, 1888 in "unknown parts" of Texas - and that covers a lot of ground - and much more than McDonald covered as a big leaguer.

            BCT/GB, Joe McDonald, and also to you, Baytown Texas!

            Howard Watterson "Howie" Gregory passes away on May 30, 1970 in Tulsa, Okahoma at the age of 83. The BL/TR pitcher worked 7 innings in 3 games for the 1911 Browns as his total MLB career and finished with a record of 0-1 that included an ERA of 5.14. From there he went to the land of you know where! - Howie Gregory was born on November 18,1886 in Hannibal, Missouri.

            BCT/GB, Howie Gregory! - I'd give you an emotican here, but I've used up my image limit for this page!

            Today's Reference Links ...



            Happy Memorial Day, Everybody!
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            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


            • May 31st

              On This Date in History!

              May 31, 1950: Browns Fire Club Shrink, Dr. Tracy!

              "Zee reason I could not cure zee Browns'
              'Loser Complex' is simple to explain. You see -
              zee Browns are not suffering from a complex.
              Zey really are losers!"

              With their record descending to 8–25 and the club just getting comfortably nestled in last place, the St. Louis Browns fire their team psychologist, Dr. David Tracy. Tracy, a New York psychologist, had been hired to help the Browns players overcome their "loser complex". What a job that must have been! - Curing the Browns of their "loser complex" could have earned Dr. Tracy the assignment of talking Job's turkey out of being poor.

              May 31, 1948: Browns and Indians Split Pair, 3-8, 6-0.

              Cliff Fannin Goose Eggs Tribe in Nitecap, 6-0!

              In a doubleheader at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland today, the Indians drub the St. Louis Browns, 8–3, then lose 6–0, to stay in 2nd place behind the Philadelphia A's. In the opener, Lou Boudreau hits a grand slam and Jim Hegan homers in the 5-run Cleveland 6th inning. Gene Bearden is the winner in Game One. In the nitecap, Cliff Fannin allows just four hits to earn a split for the Browns. At the end of the day the Browns remain one game under .500 on the 1948 season with a current record of 16-17.

              May 31, 1936: Hornsby's Pinch Single Pushes Browns By Tigers, 11-10!

              "My old team should be grateful that I wasn't throwing tomahawks today!" - Chief Hogsett, Browns starter.

              Brownie fates take a rare upswing today as they rally for 5 runs in the top of the 9th at Detroit to take the lead and then hold on to an 11-10 comeback victory. Manager Rogers Hornsby drives in the eventual winning run with a pinch hit single. Starting pitcher Chief Hogsett makes his first appearance with the last-place Browns today, but he distinguishes himself immediately on the negative side, placing the Browns in an early hole and positioning himself in the unwanted section of the record books. Hogsett's poor control causes him to hit four Detroit batters, tying the major league record for most HBP's in a single game. In spite of the win, the Browns' record for 1936 climbs only to 12-36.

              Brownie Record Bookers

              Question: Who holds the franchise season record for most times being hit by a pitch?

              Answer: Dick Padden. It happened early in the club's history. In only the 3rd year of their existence, 2nd baseman Dick Padden was plunked 18 times in 132 games for the 1904 Browns.

              Births on May 31

              Not Today. Ever.

              Deaths on May 31

              Jacob Willard "Jake" Early passes away on May 31, 1985 in Melbourne, Florida at the age of 70. The BL/TR 9-year veteran catcher (1939-1943, 1946-1949) recorded a career BA of .241 with 32 HR's. As a member of the 1947 Browns, Early hit .224 with 3 HR's. - Jake Early was born on May 19, 1915 in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

              Today's Reference Links ...

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              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


              • June 1st

                On This Date in History!

                June 1, 1951: Pirates Waive Dale Long To Browns.

                Dale Long: An example of how a big league
                career takes talent + persistence over time.

                The Pittburgh Pirates today waive 1st baseman Dale Long to the St. Louis Browns. After going .238 in 34 games for the Browns, he will be shipped by St. Louis to San Francisco of the Pacific Coast League. After a three year hiatus from the majors, Long will be back in Pittsburgh for the 1955 season and he will continue a big league career that carries him through the 1963 season and two World Series appearances with the New York Yankees in 1960 and 1962.

                June 1, 1937: Dietrich No-Hits Browns! White Sox Roll, 8-0!

                Luke Sewell Calls Signals for Chicago Masterpiece Today.

                At Comiskey Park today, Chicago White Sox pitcher Bill Dietrich throws an 8-0 no-hitter against the St. Louis Browns. It is the third MLB no-hitter for Chicago batterymate Luke Sewell. Sewell previously caught a no-hitter for Wes Ferrell in 1931 and then for Vern Kennedy in 1935. Ironically, but as things often happen in baseball, Luke Sewell is only part of today's Browns sorrow. Joy lays ahead. Seven years from now, Sewell will manage the 1944 Browns to the only pennant in the club's history. Today's no-no loss, however, drops the Browns' 1937 record to 10-25.

                Brownie Record Bookers

                My apologies. Due to some kind of synaptic misfiring in my ancient pelican brain, I forgot to include entries in this new "daily" category for May 30th and May 31st. Those daily reports each have now been edited to include the information that wasn't there when you first read them. Today's entry follows:

                Question: What Browns player holds the record for grounding into the most double plays during a single season?

                Answer: Glenn McQuillen. In 77 games as an outfielder and 23 games as a pinch hitter, Glenn "Red" McQuillen grounded into 21 double plays during the 1942 season to set the franchise record for a single year of damage.

                Births on June 1

                James Elmer "Jim" or "Mer" Duggan is born on June 1, 1885 in Whiteland, Inidiana. The BL/TL 1st baseman from Franklin College goes 0 for 4 in his only big league game for the Browns on June 29, 1911. He does pick up a walk and one RBI, leading one to surmise that his career BOB came with the bases full. This one-game, gone-for gooder will pass away on December 5, 1951 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the age of 66.

                BCT/GB, Jim Duggan! - Way to make 'em pitch to you with the bases full!

                Henry Levai "Hank" Severeid

                Hank Severeid: An All Time Brownie Great Catcher.

                Hank Severeid is born on June 1, 1891 in Story City, Iowa. This BR/TR catcher is the greatest receiver in franchise history in the the opinion of many, including my own. For 11 seasons as a Brown (1915-1925), Severeid hits for a consistently high average and does a yeoman's job behind the plate. In his two best years, he bats .324 in 1921 and .321 for the great 1922 club. Over the course of his entire career (1911-1913, 1915-1926), Hank hits .289, but without any power. He hits only 17 career homers. - Hank Severeid will pass away on December 17, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 77.

                Fred Warren "Lefty" Stiely is born on June 6, 1901 in Pillow, PA. The BL/TL pitcher will go 1-1 with a 5.97 ERA n his 3-year, 9-game Browns/MLB career (1929-1931). - Fred Stiely will pass away on January 6, 1981 in Valley View, PA at the age of 80.

                Deaths on June 1

                No St. Louis Browns players ever died on the June 1st, unofficial first day
                of summer.

                Today's Reference Links ...

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                "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                • June 2nd

                  On This Date in History!

                  June 2, 1950: Browns Sweep Sens, 10-5, 9-3! Dorish in Record Steal of Home!

                  Harry Dorish Is Last AL Pitcher in 20th Century To Steal Home!

                  At Griffith Stadium today, the visiting last-place St. Louis Browns sweep two from the 5th place Washington Senators, 10–5 and 9–3. Hank Arft is 5-for-5 for the Browns in the opener, while Harry Dorish is the winning pitcher in Game Two. When Dorish swipes home on the front end of a double steal with Ray Coleman running from 1st, he becomes the last American League pitcher in the 20th century to steal home. The Brownie double-win elevates their current 1950 record to 11-25.

                  June 2, 1943: Browns-Red Sox Split 2 Extra Inning Games, 7-4, 2-3!

                  It's a long day's journey into night at Fenway for Browns & Sox!

                  At Fenway Park today, the visiting St. Louis Browns and the Boston Red Sox split a pair of extra inning games. The Browns take the opener, 7-4, with the Red Sox bouncing back to take the nitecap, 3-2. The twin bill concludes a four-game series (May 31st thru June 2nd) in which all 4 contests are decided in extra innings. All total, it takes the Browns 45 innings to drop 3 out of 4 to the Beantowners. The divided outcome today leaves the Browns at 12-18 to this point in the 1943 season.

                  June 2, 1928: Browns Pay Big Bucks To Bonus Baby Bettencourt!

                  Ancient Head Gear of the Easier Game.

                  St. Mary's College football star Larry Bettencourt breaks in at 3rd base with the St. Louis Browns. A future member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Bettencourt was an All-American center who will later play for the Green Bay Packers. The $6,000 bonus he receives from the (Call the doctor! Here comes the big one!) Browns is a record for a rookie just out of school. Bettencourt will go on to hit .283 with 4 HR's in 67 games for the 1928 Browns. He will play two more limited-action seasons for the Browns (1931-1932) and finish his pre-NFL Packer career with an MLB batting average of .258 and 8 homers. In comparing football and baseball, Bettencourt's example proves again that it is far easier to hit another man than it is to take a round bat, swing at a round ball going 90 MPH - and it it squarely.

                  June 2, 1922: Shocker Scatters 14 Hits; Browns Best Chicago, 12-4!

                  Urban Shocker Coasts Behind Hot Brownie Bats!

                  It isn't pretty, but it's a Sportsman's Park win that the Browns will gladly rack. Urban Shocker of the Browns scatters 14 hits, while his teammates tally the same number more effectively in beating the Chicago White Sox today by a score of 12–4. "Browns Bomber" Ken Williams homers in the Browns' 7-run third to open the flood gates. The win takes the Browns' current record up to 27-18 for the 1922 season.

                  Brownie Record Bookers

                  Question: Which Browns club had the worst franchise record for grounding into double plays?

                  Answer: The 1951 Browns top them all. Over the 154-game season, the '51 club grounded into 151 double plays. h

                  Births on June 2

                  John Joseph "Jack" or "Peach Pie" O'Connor is born on June 2, 1869 in St. Louis, Missouri. The BR/TR position player plays some 1st base and outfield, but is primarily a catcher over the course of his 21-year career that spans (with some holes) from 1887 to 1910. He hits .264 lifetime with 19 homers. He is a limited action Brown in 1904, 1906-1907, & 1910, but is best remembered as the Browns manager of 1910 who attempts to help Nap Lajoie of Cleveland win the American League batting title over Ty Cobb by allowing the former to bunt safely for hits 5 times on the Browns during the last game of the season. When the travesty comes to light and is proven true, things don't turn out peachy for old Peach Pie. O'Connor is fired by the Browns and thrown out of baseball. - Jack O'Connor will pass way in the shadows of ignominy in St. Louis on November 14, 1937 at the age of 68.

                  Charles Claude "Charlie" Jones is born on June 2, 1876 in Butler, Pennsylvania. He will attend Grove City College prior to entering professional baseball. The BR/TR utility guy will play74 games as an outfielder for the 1908 Browns in his only year of service to the club. He finishes the 1908 season hitting .232 with 0 homers. For his MLB career (1901, 1904-1908), the man they sometimes called "Casey Jones" will bat .233 with 5 HR's. - Charlie "Casey" Jones will pull out of the station for the last time on April 2, 1947 in Two Harbors, Minnesota at the age of 70.

                  Hollis John "Sloppy" Thurston is born on June 2, 1899 in Freemont, Nebraska. The BR/TR pitches only 4 innings for the 1923 Browns to start his MLB career and is then dealt to the White Sox with no record and a 6.75 ERA that same year. Sloppy has staying power. From 1923 to 1927, and again from 1930 to 1933, Thurston racks up 89 wins, 86 losses, and an ERA of 4.24 with several MLB clubs. - Sloppy Thurston will pass away on September 14, 1973 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 74.

                  Deaths on June 2

                  Brownie deaths are off the chart for June 2nd, so far.

                  Today's Reference Links ...


                  Note: Because I have to be out of town tomorrow, attending the funeral of my 99-year old aunt, the post for June 3rd follows this one, a day early. Look for the June 4th post to be here late Saturday. Thanks.
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                  • June 3rd

                    On This Date in History!

                    June 3, 1934: Browns Get 9 Hits In A Row in 6th Inning To Tie AL Mark!

                    Browns Demonstrate Their Own Big Bang Theory Today!

                    At Sportsman's Park today, the St. Louis Browns tie the American League record with nine consecutive hits in the 6th inning, all with two outs, to both beat and confound the Cleveland Indians, 12–8. The loss drops the Tribe out of 1st place and improves the Browns' 1934 record to 20-19.

                    Brownie Record Bookers

                    Question: What pitcher achieved the highest winning percentage for a franchise record over the course of a single season?

                    Answer: Alvin Crowder did it in 1928 when he won 21 and lost only 5 for a winning percentage of .808. No other Brown pitcher ever topped Crowder's winning rate.

                    Births on June 3

                    No Stork Browns Express on June 3rd. Ever.

                    Deaths on June 3

                    Dwight Ely "Dwight" Stone passes away on June 3, 1976 in Glendale, California at the age of 89. The BR/TR will go 2-6 with a 3.56 ERA for the 1913 Browns and then put in one year with the 1914 Kansas City Packers of the short-lived Federal League to finish his career with a total of 10 wins, 20 losses, and an ERA of 4.08. - Dwight Stone was born on August 2, 1886 in Holt County, Nebraska.

                    Today's Reference Links ...


                    Thank you, Browns, for making June 3rd a light information day. Normally I don't like it, but today I needed it. I'm going off in ahort while to help bury a lady who was very dear to me. When my aunt was born, on March 13, 1906, the St. Louis Browns were just getting ready to start their 5th season of play. She would later go to school in Beeville, Texas with Lloyd Brown, a future Browns pitcher who was a couple of years older.

                    Take care, everybody. - I'll be back here late Saturday to post the news of June 4th.
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                    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                    • June 4th

                      On This Date in History!

                      June 4, 1931: Ruffing Halts Melillo Streak, But Browns Halt Yankees, 8-6.

                      Oscar Melillo Had 8 Straight Hits Til Mr. Ruffing Came Along Today!

                      After hitting safely in his last eight times at bat, Oscar Melillo, the slick-fielding but light-hitting 2nd baseman of the St. Louis Browns, is stopped by Red Ruffing of New York at Yankee Stadium today. St. Louis wins, 8-6, to bring their 1931 record to 15-23.

                      June 4, 1927: Browns Brake "Big Train", 5-3!

                      The train ran behind time today!

                      At Griiffith Stadium today, a Superman effort by the St. Louis Browns proves the club to be occasionally more powerful than a locomotive. Even though that strange visitor from the Planet Krypton is yet to reach Earth in 1927, the metaphor fits. Pitching only his 2nd game of the year, Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators is pounded by the Browns, who go on to win 5–3. Johnson finishes the game, striking out six and allowing nine hits, including a homer by catcher Johnny Schulte. Elam Vangilder is the winning pitcher for St. Louis, taking the Browns' 1927 season record up to 21-23 and closing in hopefully on .500 ball.

                      June 4, 1925: Pitcher Bush Shows Why He Was Playing RF, Not Pitching!

                      Bullet Joe Bush Does Self & Browns In With One Pitch!

                      Veteran hurler Joe Bush, playing right field for the St. Louis Browns today, is called in to pitch to Cleveland Indians pinch hitter Harvey Hendrick with the bases filled, two out in the 9th, and the Browns leading 10-8. Hendrick hits the first pitch offered by Bush for a "walk-off" triple, scoring 3 runs, and handing the Indians the comeback win, 11-10, at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. The heartbreaking loss drops the Browns' 1925 record to 24-25.

                      Brownie Record Bookers

                      Question: Who holds the Browns franchise record for hitting the most triples in a single season?

                      Answer: It's a tie at 20 triples each for George Stone in 154 games in 1906 and Heinie Manush in 154 games in 1928.

                      Births on June 4

                      Leopold Christopher Hoernschemeyer, aka "Lee Magee" is born on June 4, 1889 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The BB/TR utility position player must have anticipated the problems that his original name would create for him in box scores - to say nothing of the trouble it would have caused the uniform makers, had teams put players' names on the backs of jerseys in those ancient times - and he became "Lee Magee." - Magee will have a 9-year MLB career (1911-1919) in which he hits .276 with 12 HR's. In his only year as Brown, Magee will hit .170 with 0 HR's in 36 games for the 1917 club. - Lee Magee will pass away on March 14, 1966 at Columbus, Ohio at the age of 76.

                      Raymond Leroy "Ray" Coleman is born on June 4, 1922 in Dunsmuir, California. The BL/TR outfielder will go on to have 3 tours of service with the Browns (1947-1948, 1950, & 1952). In between, Ray played for the Athletics in 1948 and the White Sox in 1951-1952, before coming coming back to St. Louis to finish his MLB career in 20 games for the 1952 Browns. Ray Coleman will record a career BA of .258 with 20 homers. Ray and his wife Peggy have been regular attendees of the Brownie banquets over the years and, I must say from personal experience, no player speaks more plainly and eloquently of his gratitude for having been a member of the Browns family than Ray Coleman. Ray and Peggy are retired these days, and living in Horn, California. Up until 4 or 5 years ago, Ray still served as a member of his community's local volunteer fire department. For all I know, he may still be at it. The guy is amazingly energetic and youthful in his appearance and movements.

                      Ray Coleman as a White Sox player was always a Brown at heart!

                      Happy 83rd Birthday, Ray Coleman! - And hello to you too, Peggy!

                      Gordon William "Billy" Hunter is born on June 4, 1928 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. He will become an alumnus of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After a brief minor league carer, the BR/TR shortstop will then break into the majors with the Browns in 1953 and hit .219 with 1 HR in 153 games for the last edition of the club. Over his 6-year MLB career, 1953-1958, Hunter will bat .219 and a total of only 19 HR's. Bill Hunter is still very much with us in 2005.

                      Billy Hunter - As An Older Fellow.

                      Happy 77th Birthday, Billy Hunter!

                      Deaths on June 4

                      Paul Bernard "Paul" Krichell passes away on June 4, 1957 in New York City at the age of 74. In 243 at bats as a BR/TR catcher for the 1911-12 Browns, Paul completed his big league career with a BA of .222 and 0 homers. Regardless of his short stay and weak output, Krichell is another of our "at-least-I-got-here-and-what's-your-excuse" guys. We salute him for it. Paul Kritchell is certainly best remembered today as the famous Yankee scout who signed Lou Gehrig for the New York Yankees. Paul Krichell was born on December 19, 1882 in New York City.

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                      It's good to be home. - Have a nice weekend, everybody. :atthepc
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                      • June 5th

                        On This Date in History!

                        June 5th Scores: The First 14 Years.

                        In the wake of a decided disinterest by our usual sources in the fates of the St. Louis Browns on this date in history, let's first turn in brief compensation to the scoreboard for a look at how the club fared on games played on June 5th during the first 14 years of its existence. Each score will be followed by the Browns' Win/Loss record to date at the end of the day:

                        Chances are ...

                        1902: Browns 7 - Baltimore Orioles 6 @ Baltimore / 17-17.
                        1903: Browns 3 - Washington Senators 1 @ Washington / 21-14.
                        1904: Browns 6 - Washington Senators 5 @ home / 17-19.
                        1905: No Game Today / 17-14.
                        1906: Browns 9 - New York Highlanders 5 @ home / 23-20.
                        1907: Browns 10 - Washington Senators 1 @ Washington / 17-25.
                        1908: No Game Today / 22-20.
                        1909: No Game Today / 17-21.
                        1910: Browns 2 - Boston Red Sox 1 @ home / 8-30.
                        1911: No Game Today / 14-31.
                        1912: Browns 13 - Philadelphia Athletics @ home / 13-30.
                        1913: Browns 12 - Washington Senators 3 @ Washington / 20-31.
                        1914: Browns 6 - Detroit Tigers 5 @ Detroit / 22-19.
                        1915: Philadelphia Athletics 4 - Browns 2 @ Philadelphia / 17-25.

                        In the beginning, the St. Louis Browns seemed unbeatable on June 5th. They won all 9 of the games played on that date during their first 13 years. It wasn't until 1915 that the Browns finally fell on June 5th to the A's, fate, and the law of averages.

                        June 5, 1920: Shibe Says New Baseball No Livelier Than Earlier Versions.

                        Philadelphia Athletics' vice president Thomas Shibe denies charges that the baseballs currently being used are livelier. Shibe, a member of the firm that manufactures the balls, cites the abolition of the spitball and other "freak" pitches as the reason for the increase in HRs this season. Shibe's statement stands on an ancient baseball tradition of denying the obvious, and sometimes, with legally codified assistance: Baseball is a sport - not a business. - There was no color line in baseball. - There is no gambling in baseball. - All baseball games are played on the "up and up." - The owners did not collude for years to keep players in a form of slavery, vis-a-vis the reserve clause. - And no player, but nobody, would ever think of using a performance-enhancing drug. If they did, the owners surely didn't know it was going on. - The MLB clubs also want the fans to know that they regret having to raise ticket and concession prices each year, but they are losing money fast and simply have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. - This much MLB promises the fans. - They will deal with the steroid problem as forthrightly as they dealt with the 1919 World Series Scandal.

                        A Brownie Record Booker

                        Question: What player named Sisler holds the franchise record for highest slugging average in a single season?

                        Answer: That would be George Sisler. The Sizzler belted out a .632 SA in 154 games during the 1920 season to lead all other Browns for all time.

                        Births on June 5

                        Frank Elmer "FranK" Huelsman is born on June 5, 1874 in St. Louis, Missouri. The BR/TR outfielder is another of those rare "Double Browns" in baseball history. Huelsman plays 2 games for the 1897 "Browns" (who later became better known as the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League) - and he also plays 20 games for the new St. Louis Browns of the American League in 1904. Over his 3 seasons of limited action (1897, 1904-1905), Huelsman will bat .258 with 5 homers. - Frank Huelsman will pass away on June 9, 1959 in Affton, Missouri at the age of 85.

                        William Alphonse "Billy" Maloney is born on June 5, 1878 in Lewsiton, Maine. The BL/TR catcher/outfielder will play 30 games for the 1902 Browns and hit .205. - For his MLB career (1901-1902, 1905-1908), Maloney will hit .236 with 6 HR's. - Billy Maloney will pass away on September 2, 1960 in Breckenridge, Texas at the age of 82.

                        Albert Leonard "Beany" Jacobson is born on June 5, 1881 in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The BL/TL pitcher will post a 4-year big league career (1904-1907) mark of 23 wins, 46 losses, and a 3.19 ERA. Beany goes 10 and 15 for the 1906-1907 Browns. The origins of his "Beany" nickname ares not immediately available, but the 16 batters he hits in his 612.1 total career innings pitched hardly seems worthy of that title. Maybe he is simply proficient at chin-whiskering. Perhaps he is fond of wearing one of those silly looking skull caps. - Whatever. - "Beany" Jacobson will pass away on January 31, 1933 in Decatur, Illinois at the age of 51.

                        Deaths on June 5

                        Sydney E. "Syd" Smith passes away on June 5, 1961 in Orangeburg, South Carolina at the age of 77. The BR/TR utility position player is a catcher for the 1908 Browns, hitting .184 in limited action. Over his 5-year MLB career (1908, 1910-1911, 1914-1915), Syd Smith batted .247 with 2 HR's in 397 times at bat. - Syd Smith was born on August 31, 1883 in Smithville, South Carolina.

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                        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                        • June 6th

                          On This Date in History!

                          June 6, 1944: D-Day Prompts Cancellation of All Major League Games.

                          As word spreads in America about the allied invasion of Europe, all major league games are cancelled as the nation focuses attention to the far more important matter of the massive assault upon the beaches of Nazi-occupied France. - This great event in world history results in a 4-day hiatus for the St. Louis Browns at home. After finishing a 4-game series with the Philadelphia Athletics at Sportsman's Park on Sunday, June 4th, the club will not play again until Thursday, June 8th, when the Cleveland Indians come to town. - Having taken 3 of 4 from the A's, the Browns are 27-20 in the American League on the day of the Normandy invasion.

                          Brownie Record Bookers

                          Managers' Row. As the scarcity of Browns historical news continues for a third straight day, we turn our attention again to what the boys have done in the records department. Our first stop will be to list the line of succession for all Brownie managers. If you didn't have this list before, you now will. Here they are, as noted by their order of succession and their years of service. Please note that the list includes interim managers and that the dates of service do not always indicate that a particular man was there for that whole season:

                          (1.) Jimmy McAleer (1902-1909)
                          (2.) Jack O'Connor (1910)
                          (3.) Bobby Wallace (1911-1912)
                          (4.) George Stoval (1912-1913)
                          (5.) Branch Rickey (1913-1915)
                          (6.) Fielder Jones (1916-1918)
                          (7.) Jimmy Austin (1918)
                          (8.) Jimmy Burke (1918-1920)
                          (9.) Lee Fohl (1921-1923)
                          (10.) Jimmy Austin (1923)
                          (11.) George Sisler (1824-1926)
                          (12.) Dan Howley (1927-1929)
                          (13.) Bill Killifer (1930-1933)
                          (14.) Allen Sothoron (1933)
                          (15.) Rogers Hornsby (1933-1937)
                          (16.) Jim Bottomley (1937)
                          (17.) Gabby Street (1938)
                          (18.) Fred Haney (1939-1941)
                          (19.) Luke Sewell (1941-1946)
                          (20.) Zack Taylor (1946)
                          (21.) Muddy Ruel (1947)
                          (22.) Zack Taylor (1948-1951)
                          (23.) Rogers Hornsby (1952)
                          (24.) Marty Marion (1952-1953)

                          Question: Which three men had more than one term of separately appointed full or interim mangerial service with the Browns?

                          Answers: (See the list above.)

                          Births on June 6

                          Edward James "Eddie" Silber is born on une 6, 1914 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The BR/TR Temple University alumnus will have a brief, but sweet spin as an outfielder with the 1937 Browns (.313 in a 26 for 83 AB run). One fruitless AB in 1939 drops his career BA to .310. Silber is another of those incomplete stories. How a guy with a promising bat suddenly vanishes is the subject for further research. - Eddie Silber will pass away on October 26, 1976 in Dunedin, Florida at the age of 62.

                          BCT/GB, Eddie Silber!

                          Deaths on June 6

                          Otis Owen "Otis" Brannan passes away on June 6, 1967 in Little Rock, Arkansas at the age of 68. The BR/TR 2nd baseman from Arkansas State University played two years in the majors for the 1928-1929 Browns. He finished with a career MLB BA of .249 and 11 homers. In his only season as a starter for the 1928 Browns, Brannan got into 135 games and hit .244 with 10 homers. In 1929, Otis hit .294, but he only played in 23 games and and had 51 times at bat. - Otis Brannan was born on March 13, 1899 in Greenbrier, Arkansas.

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                          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                          • June 7th

                            On This Date in History!

                            June 7, 1927: Browns Lose, 11-9! Gaston Gives Philly Fan A Ballpark Memory!

                            Milt Gaston Blows Gasket in Philly Today!

                            At Shibe Park in Philadelphia today, the St. Louis Browns outhit the A's, 18–14, but lose, 11–9. Both starters Rube Walberg of the Athletics and Milt Gaston of the Browns are knocked out in the 3rd inning. When Gaston is lifted, he bypasses the dugout exit and leaps into the stands to punch a Philly fan who has been riding him hard. (Man! It was only the 3rd inning! That fan really got to Gaston fast!) At any rate, the police quickly move to escort Milt Gaston from the field. On the grand old ballgame side of the damage ledger, old man Ty Cobb scores three runs and also pulls off one stolen base for the A's, while George Sisler has three steals and is 4-for-4 for the Browns.

                            Even though he was on the other side today, Ty Cobb may have been the main guy who saw nothing wrong with Gaston's decision to go into the stands to punch out a fan. - Wonder what the fan told his grandkids about the episode years later?

                            "One time I was at Shibe for a game with the Browns. ... I was having a great time ... and minding my own business when ... all of a sudden ..."

                            No word here on what action was taken against Milt Gaston, but we shall try to find out.

                            A Brownie Record Booker

                            Question: Who holds the franchise record for most career pinch homers?

                            Answer: It's Pat Collins with 4.

                            Births on June 7

                            Edwin Lee "Ed" or "Satchelfoot" Wells is born on June 7, 1900 in Ashland, Ohio. The BL/TL pitcher from Bethany College will play 11 years in the big leagues (1923-1934), leaving behind a record of 68 wins, 69 losses, and an ERA of 4.65. He will finish his career with the 1933-1934 Browns, winning only 7 against 21 losses. - Ed Wells will pass away on May 1, 1986 in Montgomery, Alabama at the age of 85.

                            Deaths on June 7

                            No Brownie souls took flight today. Ever.

                            Today's Reference Links ...

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                            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                            • June 8th

                              On This Date in History!

                              June 8, 1950: Red Sox In Record Rout of Browns, 29-4!

                              The spirit of General George Custer materialized on the Browns bench today.
                              When asked if he'd like to pitch the bottom of the 8th, Custer wryly replied,
                              ... "No thanks. - Been there. - Done that."

                              By the most lopsided score in big league baseball history, the Boston Red Sox annihilate the St. Louis Browns at Fenway Park, 29–4. Bobby Doerr has three home runs and eight RBI; Walt Dropo bangs two home runs and collects seven RBI, and Ted Williams crashes two home runs and five RBI. All three players collect round trippers in the 8th inning. The carnage list is amazing. Boston pitcher Chuck Stobbs walks four times in four innings. - Al Zarilla adds four doubles, including two in one inning, and a single—with no ribbies. All total, the Red Sox set a major league record with 58 total bases. Another mark is set for most extra bases on long hits as Boston produces 32 in the game, and also, for the most extra bases on long hits in consecutive games (51). The Red Sox have 28 hits in this baseball massacre, with four players collecting four hits apiece for a total record of 51 for two days of feasting upon the beleagured Browns. (Today's game is not an anomaly. Yesterday the Red Sox whacked the Browns, 20-4!) Also today, leadoff batter Clyde Vollmer goes to the plate eight times in eight innings for the only time this has happened in baseball history. Boston has now scored 104 runs in their last seven games - and a record 49 runs in two straight games against the Browns. Today's latest loss leaves the Browns at 13-28 on the 1950 season.

                              Where's the hope for Brownie redemption? It comes tomorrow at Fenway when the Browns rebound to defeat the Red Sox, 12-7.

                              June 8, 1923: Browns Player Leaves Game in 2nd; Returns To Play in 9th!

                              "By the powers vested in me by the gods of baseball ..." - Connie Mack

                              When is a major league manager bigger than the rules that normally govern the game of baseball? When his name is Connie Mack. That's when. - After St. Louis Browns catcher Pat Collins leaves the game following a pinch runner appearance in the 2nd inning, A's manager Connie Mack gives the okay to the Browns for Collins to return to the game as a pinch hitter for pitcher Ray Kolp in the 9th. Collins walks, but the Browns go on to lose a close on to the A's by 6-5. Today's loss drops the Browns' 1923 record to 20-24. - Hmmm! - Can you imagine any contemporary manager, especially someone like Atlanta's Bobby Cox, allowing the other team to bring back a previously used player as a pinch hitter in the 9th inning of a one-run game?

                              June 8, 1922: SL Rally Falls Short; Red Sox Hold On To Win, 7-5!

                              Elmer Smith's Grand Slam Does Browns In Today!

                              At Sportsman's Park today, the newly mighty St. Louis Browns fight back, but cannot overcome an earlier disaster. Thanks largely to Elmer Smith's grand slam homer off Brownie starter Elam Vangilder, the Boston Red Sox build a quick 7–1 lead. A Browns rally is sparked by a Jack Tobin homer, but the effort falls short and the visiting Bostons hold on to win, 7–5. Today's loss drops the Browns' 1922 record to 29-21, still good enough for 2nd place in the American League.

                              June 8, 1921: Would Sisler Have Caught The Same Break in New York?

                              "They should never have busted me in the first place!" - Babe Ruth

                              Babe Ruth is arrested for speeding in New York, fined $100, and held in jail until 4:00 p.m. Game time at the Polo Grounds is 3:15, so a uniform is taken to him. Ruth changes in his jail cell and follows a police escort to the ballpark where he enters the game with the New York Yankees trailing the Cleveland Indians, 3-2. The Yankees rally for a 4-3 win. - Now, had George Sisler been arrested for the very same speeding violation in Manhattan, do you suppose he would've been bailed, dressed, and escorted by the police in time to finish playing a crucial game against the Yankees?

                              June 8, 1911: Red Sox Errors Pave 11-5 Browns Victory!

                              "Don't look at me. I wasn't around in 1911." - Bill Buckner

                              At St. Louis today, four Browns batters reach base on errors in the 4th inning and St. Louis goes on to beat the Boston Red Sox, 11–5. - Today's win pulls the Browns' 1911 record up to 15-32.

                              A Brownie Record Booker

                              Question: Who holds the franchise record for most home runs in one season by a Browns rookie?

                              Answer: Walt Judnich is the man with 24 homers in 137 games in 1940.

                              Births on June 8

                              Edward Carl "Eddie" Gaedel

                              Eddie Gaedel: Still Walking Tall in Technicolor!

                              Eddie Gaedel is born on June 8, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. The "Bats Right/Never Threw Left" 3'7" midget who became one of the most famous Browns of all with only one single time at bat in the big leagues hardly needs an explanation here. On August 19, 1951, Browns owner Bill Veeck sent Gaedel up to hit as a pinch hitter for leadoff man Frank Saucier in an afternoon game at Sportsman's Park against Bob Cain Cain of the Detroit Tigers and the rest is history. As a result of the marketing stunt, Gaedel walked on four pitches and was replaced by pinch runner Jim Delsing. He never played another pitch of organized baseball, but he retired with a perfect OBP (On Base Percentage) of 1.000. As another result, one that would most assuredly draw great challenge in today's politically correct world, midgets (or, "vertically challenged" people, as they are known today) were banned from baseball in 1951. - Sadly, Eddie Gaedel will meet a tragic early death. He dies on June 18, 1961 in Chicago as a result of injuries he receives in a mugging incident that occurs after he leaves a Chicago bar. Eddie Gaedel is 36 years old at the time of his death.

                              As a fitting touch, Eddie Gaedel owns June 8th as the only Brown ever born on this date. It's as unique to Eddie Gaedel as his career experience in the big leagues was to vertically challenged people from time immemorial.

                              BCT/GB, Eddie Gaedel! - Your mythical place in Browns history still walks tall!

                              Deaths on June 8

                              Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige

                              "Never look back. Something might be gaining on you." - Satchel Paige

                              Satchel Paige passes away on June 8, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 75(?) years. The BR/TR legendary Paige was regarded by most as one of the two greatest pitchers in the history of the Negro League. (The other was a fellow named Smoky Joe Williams who, like Paige, is now an inducted member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.) - Paige arrived late in the big leagues because of the color line that kept him from pitching in the majors during his best years. Breaking in with the Cleveland Indians in 1948, Paige went on from age 42 to a brief 6-year career in the big leagues (1948-1949, 1951-1953, 1965), one in which he won 28, lost 31, and posted an ERA of 3.27. In his 3 years as a Brown, Paige posted his biggest win year in 1952 when he went 12-10. - Satchel Paige was born (we think) on July 7, 1906 in Mobile Alabama.

                              BCT/GB, Satchel Paige! - And thank you for lending your legend to the history of the St. Louis Browns!

                              Glenn Richard "Glenn" or "Red" McQuillen passes away on June 8, 1989 in Gardenville, Maryland at the age of 74. The BR/TR outfielder and alumnus of McDaniel College had a 5-year, patchy career as a utility man for the 1938, 1941-1942, & 1946-1947 Browns. McQuillen hit .274 with 3 homers during his 210 game, All-Browns career. In 1942, McQullen will set a single season franchise record by hitting into 21 double plays. - Glenn McQuillen was born on April 19, 1915 in Strasburg, Virginia.

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                              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                              • June 9th

                                On This Date in History!

                                June 9, 1950: Garver Halts Bleeding; Browns Defeat Red Sox, 12-7!

                                Ned Garver Puts Stop on Boston Massacre II.

                                After two days of record-breaking slaughter by the Red Sox at Fenway Park, the St. Louis Browns rally today behind the pitching of Ned Garver to defeat Boston, 12-7. The win salvages the 3rd game in the series, but the sting of the first two losses remains the talk of baseball. The Red Sox won the 1st two contests by 20-4 and 29-4, with the 2nd game setting a record as the most lopsided loss in major league history. - The 7 runs scored by the Red Sox today are enough to give them an MLB record total of 56 runs in a 3-game series, but the Browns are just happy get any kind of victory. The win casts doubt upon the claim that the Browns are merely metaphorical flying bugs on the Big League Highway. The proof is easy. If the Browns were merely bugs, they could not have peeled themselves off the windshield to even have played that 2nd game, greater slaughter. - This afternoon's St. Louis victory also leaves the Browns heading for Yankee Stadium with a 1950 record-to-date of 14-28. The Browns will have to be careful in the Bronx too. That place is loaded with bug zappers.

                                June 9, 1919: Sisler Gets Rare Assist/Put Out Credit on Single Out Play.*

                                George Sisler's Athleticism Leads To Rare Play.

                                Browns 1st baseman George Sisler leads St. Louis to a 2-1 win at Griffith Stadium over Washington today with two hits off Walter Johnson. Sisler gets an RBI and scores a run for his efforts. He also is credited with a rare assist and putout on the same single-out ground ball play. When Sisler gets a glove on a ground ball hit wide of 1st base, the ball bounds toward the 2nd baseman. Sisler gets back to 1st base in time to take the throw on a single out play that is scored 3-4-3. - With today's win, the Browns record for 1919 moves to .500 at 18-18.

                                * This game is shown on Baseball Almanac as having been played on June 8, 1919.

                                June 9, 1912: Speaker Hits For Cycle To Lead Red Sox By Browns, 9-2.

                                Tris Speaker Hits For Cycle Against Browns.

                                In St. Louis today, Boston Red Sox rookie pitcher Hugh Bedient coasts to a 9–2 win over the St. Louis Browns. Tris Speaker, the American League's leading hitter, is 4-for-5 off Roy Mitchell, hitting for the cycle to pace the Boston attack. The St. Louis win brings the Browns 1912 season record up to 14-33.

                                June 9, 1909: Future Black Sox Pitcher Cicotte Blackens Browns, 3-2.

                                Eddie Cicotte's Big League Sock Drawer Will Include Red, White, & Black Choices.

                                The 1919 World Series is ten years and better than a half season away today as Red Sox (and future White/Black Sox) pitcher Eddie Cicotte comes into a game at Fenway Park to help his club edge the St. Louis Browns, 3-2. Cicotte, relieving for Jack Ryan, comes into the game with the scored tied, 2-2, and pitches the last three innings for the victory. When the Red Sox push across the tie breaking run in the 8th, Cicotte holds the Browns in the 9th to get the win. (Please note that In most record books, Eddie Cicotte is erroneously listed as pitching only one inning in this game and mistakenly credited with a save. Researcher Dix Tourangeau first noted the error that led to this correction.) As a result of their loss, the Browns record falls to 17-24 in the 1909 season.

                                A Brownie Record Booker

                                Question What Browns pitcher holds the single season franchise mark for achieving the lowest ERA?

                                Answer: Barney Pelty did the job back in 1906 when he finished the season with an ERA of only 1.69 over 260.2 innings pitched.

                                Births on June 9

                                Raymond Everett "Ray" Shore is born on June 9, 1921 in Cincinnati. Ohio. The BR/TR pitcher will have a brief, but All-Browns MLB career (1946, 1948-1949), achieving a record of 1 win, 3 losses, and a Hefty-Bag ERA of 8.23. - Ray Shore will pass away on August 13, 1996 in St. Louis, Missouri at the age of 75.

                                Deaths on June 9

                                Frank Elmer "Frank" Huelsman passes away on June 9, 1959 in Affton, Missouri at the age of 85. - The BR/TR is another of those rare birds who played for both the old National League "Browns" (the ones who became the Cardinals) in 1897 and our Browns (the American League club from 1902-1953) in 1904. Both stops were brief, as was Huelsman's total MLB career. The spare-part outfielder hit .258 with 5 HR's (1897, 1904-1905) in 824 AB's with the old Browns, White Sox, real Browns, and Senators. - Frank Huelsman was born on June 5, 1874 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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                                "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


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