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  • June 10

    On This Date in History!

    June 10, 1952: Veeck Fires Hornsby; Browns Thank Veeck!

    Browns Give Trophy To Veeck In Gratitude For Their Deliverance!

    Following three straight road losses to the New York Yankees, owner Bill Veeck fires Rogers Hornsby as manager of the St. Louis Browns while the club is preparing for a series in Boston with the Red Sox. The Browns' current record of 22-29 is not the major reason for Hornsby's dismissal. The Browns have been deeper down in early June in many other years. This time the firing is due to an onslaught of complaints from Brownie players about the despotic Hornsby. Perhaps the people-smart Veeck even senses that the people-dumb Hornsby may be in danger of harm from the Browns and may be in need of removal for his own safety. Regardless of the total reasons, the Brownie players respond with the all the joy of a liberated nation. With Ned Garver serving as their spokesman, they present owner Bill Veeck with a trophy for freeing them from Rajah's tyranny. As it turns out, the apparently player-driven act is actually another publicity stunt that originates in the mind of Bill Veeck. The attention-getting ruse is carried out with the help of team travel secretary, Bill Durney. In a move that goes almost unnoticed in the light of all the attention upon the banishment of Hornsby, the Browns name former great Cardinal shortstop Marty Marion as their playing manager. Unknown to all on this date, Marty Marion also will be recorded by history as the last manager of the St. Louis Browns.

    June 10, 1922: Shocker Barbers! Foul Ball Beans Owner Ball! NY Bulges, 14-5!

    "Let's see, do I go head or hip this time?" - Urban Shocker

    In St. Louis today, its all about hitting and getting hit hard. Babe Ruth's 2-run homer in the third off Urban Shocker ties the game for New York. Shocker then retaliates by plunking Frank Baker, but that action is followed by a double, single, two errors on the same play, and sac fly which allows New York to score four more runs. In frustration unguided by intellect, Shocker then sends Yankee pitcher Carl Mays sprawling on three straight pitches before walking him, and then incredibly fires his first pitch right at New York outfielder Whitey Witt. The Yankees don't just get mad. They take score beyond getting even, scoring six runs off Shocker, and another six off relievers to win, 14–5. In the latter stages of this mayhem, a foul fly in the 7th inning beans St. Louis owner Phil Ball, who is unalertly sitting behind the Browns dugout. Ball has a slight concussion from the beaning and a cut that requires four stitches. - "How was work today, dear?" We only hope that Mrs. Shocker refrains from asking her husband that famous question when he finally arrives home after this game. - The drumming loss drops the Browns' 1922 record to a still robust 30-22.

    June 10, 1902: 1st Great Brown Bobby Wallace Has Record Day On Defense!

    Bobby Wallace: Still Waiting for Actor Andy Garcia To Portray Him In A Movie.

    St. Louis Browns shortstop Bobby Wallace today handles an American League record 17 chances in a 9-inning home game, but the locals still lose to the Boston Pilgrims by 5-4. Wallace, whose 25-year career eventually lands him in the Hall of Fame, has 11 assists and six putouts on the day, but he does make two errors as well. - Today's loss drops the 1st year Browns to an even 19-19 record on the 1902 season.

    A Brownie Record Booker

    Question: Who holds the franchise season record for the most times caught stealing?

    Answer: Future 1947 Brooklyn Dodger manager Burt Shotton earns the worm on this one. Shotton was thrown out attempting to steal on 32 occasions in the 156 games he played during the 1915 season.

    Births on June 10

    Roy Lee "Roy" or "Simon" Sanders is born on June 10, 1894 at some unknown spot in the State of Missouri. The BR/TR pitcher will post an 0-2 record with the 1918 Yankees and a 1-1 mark with the 1920 Browns to total out his MLB career with 1 win, 3 losses, and an ERA of 4.61. His nickname of "Simon" bears with it no simple explanation. Like the more precise location of his birth, the man brings more mystery than mastery to the record books of baseball history. - One thing is sure. - Simon Sanders will die on July 8, 1963 in Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 69.

    Edgar Garland "Garland" Braxton

    Garland Braxton was born on June 10, 1900 in Snow Camp, North Carolina. The BB/TL pitcher will compile a career (1921-1933) big league record of 50 wins, 53 losses, and an ERA of 4.13. He is 0 and 1 in a 26.1 inning tail-ender term with the 1931 and 1933 Browns. - Garland's best year sees him win 13, lose 11, and mark a 2.51 ERA as a member of the 1928 Washington Senators. - Garland Braxton will pass away on February 25, 1966 in Norfolk, Virginia at the age of 65.

    Michael Andreas "Mike" Kreevich is born on June 10, 1908 in Mount Olive, Illinois. The BR/TR outfielder will be an important .301 hitter for the 1944 American League champion Browns. He also will play 3 seasons for the Browns from 1943 to 1945. Over the course of his total MLB career (1931, 1935-1945), Kreevich will bat .283 with 45 HR's. - Mike Kreevich will pass away on April 25, 1994 in Pana, Illinois at the age of 85.

    Joseph Franklin Dimaria, aka "Frank Demaree" is born on June 10, 1910 in Winters, California. The BR/TR St. Marys' College alumnus and outfielder will have a 12-year MLB career (1932-1933, 1935-1944) in which he bats a fine .299 with 72 HR's. His gets into 16 games in his final season during his only appearance for the AL champion 1944 Browns and goes 13 for 51 (.255 BA). - Frank Demaree will pass away on August 30, 1958 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 48.

    Deaths on June 10

    Charles Roy "Curly" Brown passes away on June 10, 1968 in Spring Hill, Kansas at the age of 79. The BL/TL pitcher will post a 3-6 record for the 1911-13 Browns. He also will play the 1915 season with the Cincinnati Reds, adding 2 more losses to his career 3-8 record to go along with his final ERA of 4.20. - Curly Brown was born on December 9, 1888 in Spring Hill, Kansas.

    Charles Thomas "Charlie" Fuchs passes away on June 10, 1969 in Weehawken, New Jersey at the age of 56. The BB/TR will post no record in 35.2 innings of work for the 1943 Browns (his only tenure in St. Louis) and he will finish his brief MLB career (1942-1944) with a mark of 6 wins, 10 losses, and an ERA of 4.89. - Charlie Fuchs was born on November 18, 1912 in Union Hill. New Jersey.

    Today's Reference Link ...
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    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


    • June 11th

      On This Date in History!

      June 11, 2005: Browns Win Nitecap To Split DH With Indians, 1-13, 4-2.

      Gene Moore's Slam Paces Browns To Victory in Game Two.

      Gene Moore hits a pinch-hit grand slam in the bottom of the seventh off Joe Heving of Cleveland to give the Browns a 4-2 win in a doubleheader split with the Indians at Sportsman's Park today. Cleveland takes the opener by a whopping score of 13-1. At the end of the day, the Browns' record to date in 1944 is 28-23.

      June 11, 1922: NY Takes Shocker & Browns Again, 8-4!

      Urban Shocker Loses Instant Rematch With Yankees; Injures Arm.

      Insisting upon another start, Urban Shocker is again beaten by the Yankees, 8–4. New York scores three runs in the 7th on a walk, three hits, and a Ken Williams throwing error. Gene Robertson, a Brownie bench infielder adds the game's topper in the seventh when he lifts a high fly behind the Browns' dugout. The ball strikes owner Phil Ball on the cheek, inflicting a mild concussion and s cut that requires four stitches.* Following this second day in a row as a starter, Shocker will miss three weeks in June and July because of an injury. Shocker still racks up 348 innings over the season for 2nd place among American League pitchers. - Now losers in 4 of their last 5 games, the Browns fall to 30-23 on the 1922 season.

      * For the second consecutive day, Baseball Library (dot) Com reports poor Brownie owner Phil Ball getting hit in the head with a foul ball in the 7th inning. Looks like another obvious case of research and reporting error. If not, this infinitely improbable bad luck should've found its way a long time ago into Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      June 11, 1913: Browns Halt A's Win Streak at 15 with 5-2 Victory!

      ... the mighty A's in the name of chance and random outcomes!

      The Browns end the A's 15-game winning streak at Shibe Park today with a 5-3 victory of their own, but Philadelphia's 5-game lead over Cleveland will be maintained to the end of the 1913 season. Today's streak-buster ups the Browns record to 21-35.

      June 11, 1908: Browns De-Rail Big Train, 6-3!

      (Wonder how often that headline was used during Walter Johnson's career?)

      ... Walter Johnson in the name of a "walking-wounded" opportunity!

      In his first start since his February operation, Washington's Walter Johnson takes the mound on the road at Sportsman's Park and is hammered by the St. Louis Browns into leaving in the 4th inning. He will not pitch again until June 23rd as today results in a Johnson loss and Brownie tump-thumping of the Nationals by a score of 6-3. The Browns win adjusts their 1908 season record to a not-bad 27-21.

      A Brownie Record Booker

      Question: During his 13-year major league career, over how many seasons did George Sisler consecutively hit .300 or above?

      Answer: 9. George Sisler played big league baseball, mostly with the Browns, from 1915 through 1930. (He missed the 1923 season with a serious sinus infection.) After hitting .285 in only 85 games during his 1915 rookie year as a combinaton pitcher/position player, Sisler's BA really took off in 1916 when he became primarily a full-time 1st baseman. Sisler hit .305 in 1916 - and he continued to hit mostly well over .300 through 1925, when he hit .345. Twice during the 9-year streak, George batted over .400. - Sisler "slumped" to .290 in 1926, but he came back to hit over .300 playing full-time during his last 4 seasons (1927-1930). Add 'em up. - Sisler hit over .300 in 13 of his 15 MLB seasons, finishing with a career BA of .340. - A few more guys like George Sisler and the history of the St. Louis Browns could've been a whole different story.

      Births on June 11

      Ernest Alonzo "Ernie" Nevers

      Football Hall of Famer Ernie Nevers is born on June 11, 1902 in Willow River, Minnesota. The football great from Stanford University also pitches for three seasons in the big leagues with the St. Louis Browns (1926-1928), earning a career mark of 6 wins, 12 losses, and an ERA of 4.64. - Ernie Nevers (BR/TR) will pass away on May 3, 1976 in San Rafael, California at the age of nearly 74.

      Earl Leslie "Earl" or "Lefty" Jones is born on June 11, 1919 in Fresno, California. The BL/TL Jones's total MLB career will consist of 10 appearance for the 1945 Browns as a reliever. He posts no record, but he does produce an impressive 2.54 ERA for his short work over 28.1 innings. - Earl Jones will die at age 69 on January 24, 1989 in Fresno, California.

      BCT/GB, Lefty Earl Jones!

      Deaths on June 11

      John Clarence "Nap" Kloza passes away on June 11, 1962 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the age of 58. The BR/TR outfielder went 3 for 20 (.150 BA) for the 1931-1932 Browns and was then gone-for-good from the big leagues. - Nap Kloza was born on September 7, 1903 in the unknown hinterlands of Poland!

      Una protezione e un dio del brownie benedicono a voi, il pelo Kloza! *

      * Sorry, Nap, but I don't speak Polish!

      William Edwin "Bill" Burwell passes away on June 11, 1973 in Ormond Beach, Florida at the age of 78. The BL/TR won 8 and lost 8 for the 1920-1921 Browns. He returned 7 years later in 1928 to add one more win as a Pittsburgh Pirate. His final stats capped at 9 wins, 8 losses, and an ERA of 4.37. - Bill Burwell was born on March 27, 1895 in Jarbalo, Kansas.

      Today's Reference Links ...

      Have a Nice Weekend, Everybody!
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      "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


      • June 12th

        On This Date in History!

        June 12, 1952: Browns Manager Marion Suspended For Pushing Umpire!

        Marty Marion Brings Cardinal Fire To Browns!

        It doesn't take long for new St. Louis Bowns manager Marty Marion to stand up and fight for his club - nor to suffer the consequences of stepping over the line of what's permissible. Two days following his appointment as the replacement for Rogers Hornsby the American League suspends Marion indefinitely for pushing umpire Bill McGowan in the Browns' previous night 7-5 loss to Boston. - Way to go Marty! The Browns need your Cardinal Fire, but watch out! - The American League isn't used to the Browns fighting back - and they don't abide any laying of hands upon the arbiters in this league.

        June 12, 1938: A's Sweep Browns in DH! Bob Johnson Has Record RBI Game!

        Bob Johnson of A's Has 3 HR & All 8 RBI in Game One!

        In the first game of a doubleheader at Shibe Park today, the Philadelphia A's beat the St. Louis Browns, 8–3, as Bob Johnson bats in all the Mack Men runs with three home runs (one a grand slam) and a single. It's Johnson 2nd grand slam during the month of June 1938. - Johnson is flat out hot these days. Before today's explosion, Johnson had banged out 8 homers in his last 14 games - and he had gone 7-for-9 in the first two games of this series with St. Louis. By knocking in all eight runs for his team, "Indian Bob" sets a a single game record that is later surpassed. Buck Ross is the winning pitcher for Philadelphia in the opener. The A's also take the night cap, 1-0, as the Browns drop to a season record of 15-30.

        June 12, 1922: Pruett Fans Ruth X3! Browns Roll Yankees, 7-1!

        "It was just one of those things!" - Babe Ruth (either explaining Pruett or quoting Sinatra.)

        Sportman's Park in St. Louis is a barrel of fun for Browns fans today and the hub of their joy is a guy named Pruett. Browns rookie lefty Hubert "Hub" Pruett strikes out Babe Ruth three times en route to a 7–1 win over the New York Yankees. He allows only six hits. Pruett proves a career enigma to the great slugger Ruth. The Babe will go only 2-for-13 with 10 K's against the less-than-hard throwing southpaw with no Hall of Fame votes. Pruett will finish his career with a 29–48 record, but with compensatory satisfaction of knowing that he shall be forever remembered as the mediocre pitcher who owned in action the greatest slugger in baseball history. In today's game, the Browns collect 9 hits, including two homers off Bullet Joe Bush (a 2-run homer in the 1st inning by Ken Williams and a solo shot later by Jack Tobin). It will prove to be the only loss that the Browns ever inflict upon Bush, who proceeds from here to win his next 17 pitching attempts against the St. Louis Americans. - The win today, however, booms the '22 Browns record to 31-23.

        June 12, 1916: SL Rallies By Boston in 9th, 4-3! Ruth Delivers Glimpse of Future!

        "Some of us pitchers can hit too!" - Babe Ruth

        In St. Louis today, pitcher Babe Ruth puts on a demonstration of his real future in the big leagues. Entered into the game as a pinch hitter in the top of the 7th, the Babe delivers the 1st pinch homer of his career. It is a 3-run shot that pulls the Red Sox from an 0-3 hole into a 3-3 tie with the Browns. In spite of Ruth's efforts, the Browns rally in the bottom of the 9th to socre a run and win the game, 4-3. - The Browns record on the 1916 season is now 21-26.

        A Brownie Record Booker

        Question: What Browns pitcher is the career strikeout leader?

        Answer: Jack Powell holds that distinction with 884 career strikeouts.

        Births on June 12

        In Sislerville, the 12th of June is also the 12th of Never.

        Deaths on June 12

        Wayne Bromley "Rasty" Wright passes away on June 12, 1948 in Columbus, Ohio at the age of 52. The BR/TR pitcher was a key hurler for the great 1922 club and a career (1917-1919, 1922-1923) Brown. His total record for 5 MLB seasons was 24 wins, 19 losses, and an ERA of 4.05. - Rasty Wright was an ALumnus Ohio State University and he was born on November 5, 1895 in Ceredo, West Virgiinia.

        BCT/GB, Rasty Wright! Thanks for your 9-7 Contribution to the 1922 Pennant Run!

        Today's Reference Links ...
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        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


        • June 13th

          On This Date in History!

          June 13, 1933: Gullic of Browns Spoils Wyatt No-Hit Bid With 2 Outs in 9th!

          Former Tiger Loses No-No Gem, But Still Hurls Chicago to 6-1 Win Over Browns.

          At Comiskey Park in Chicago today, newly acquired White Sox pitcher Whit Wyatt has his no hitter spoiled when, with two outs in the 9th, Brownie Ted Gullic gets a hit. Wyatt only joined the White Sox 11 days ago from the Tigers in a trade for pitcher Vic Frasier on June 2nd. Overcoming his personal disappointment, Wyatt hangs on for the win over St. Louis, 6–1. The loss by the Browns drops their 1993 record to 19-36.

          June 13, 1927: Vangilder Does It All! Browns Best Boston at Fenway, 2-0!

          With Elam Vangilder on the roster, Browns don't need Jack Armstrong.

          At Boston today, the Browns' Elam Vangilder must've had his Wheaties for breakfast - or whatever the "Breakfast of Champions" is in 1927. Vangilder shuts out the Red Sox to claim a 2–0 Browns victory, but he doesn't stop there. He also has two singles and a homer on offense to lead the run-attack. His home run flies over the clock in left center. Ted Wingfield pitches eight innings in losing. The Browns win allows the club to edge closer to .500 at 24-27.

          June 13, 1922: Browns Take Series Finale Over NY, 13-4, for 4-Game Split.

          Dave Danforth Pitches Browns to 2-2 Series Split At Home With Yankees.

          In the final contest of a 4-game series in St. Louis, the Browns earn a split by pasting the New York Yankees, 13–4, behind Dave Danforth. George Sisler's base-loaded triple in the 5-run 6th inning is the big blow for the locals. The Browns record in 1922 to-date is now 32-23.

          June 13, 1916: Babe Ruth Leads Boston By Browns, 5-3!

          Babe Ruth: His "Breakfast of Champions" In Later Years Was Often Whiskey & Women.

          At Sportsman's Park today, Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox goes five and 1/3 innings and, with relief help from Ernie Shore, he beats the Browns, 5–3. Ruth allows one run and is also 2-or-2 at the plate, including his 3rd homer in three games. The Browns drop to 21-27 at the end of the day.

          A Brownie Record Booker

          Question: What Browns pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts recorded in a single game?

          Answer: Rube Waddell did it for 9-inning games when he racked up 16 "K"s in a 5-4 win over his old club, the Philadelphia Athletics, on July 29, 1908. Waddell then proceeded to add the extra-inning and all-time single game Browns records on September 20, 1908 when he struck out 17 Washington Senators in a 2-1 Browns victory. Both record-setters were pitched at home.

          Births on June 13

          Emilio Antonio "Emilio" or "Pal" Palmero is born on June 13, 1895 in Guanabacoa, Cuba. The BL/TL Cuban National pitcher wins 6, losses 15, and records a 5.17 ERA during his spotty 5-year (1915-1916, 1921, 1926, 1928) MLB career. Palmero plays one year for the 1921 Browns and goes 4-7 with an even 5.00 ERA. - Emilio Palmera will pass away on July 15, 1970 in Toledo, Ohio at the age of 75.

          Sherwin Merle "Bud" Swartz is born on June 13, 1929 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The BL/TL pitcher works 5 games and 5.1 innings for the 1947 Browns as his only MLB time, record no wins or losses - and ERA of 6.75. After 1947, Swartz is gone-for-good from the big league scene. - Bud Swartz will die on June 24, 1991 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 62.

          BCT/GB, Bud Swartz!

          Deaths on June 13

          Through 2005, No Browns Died Today. Ever.

          Today's Reference Links ...

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          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


          • June 14th

            On This Date in History!

            June 14, 1953: Browns Deal Trucks & Elliott To White Sox!

            Virgil Trucks & Bob Elliott Depart St. Louis in Chicago Fire Sale.

            Hard pressed for money with no relief in sight, Browns owner Bill Veeck deals away star pitcher Virgil Trucks and 3rd baseman Bob Elliott and to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for pitcher Lou Kretlow, catcher Darrell Johnson, and $75,000. In his only season for the Browns, Trucks is 5-4 through today. He will go 15-6 for the White Sox over the balance of the 1953 season to finish the year at 20-10.

            June 14, 1934: Yale Man Rookie 1-Hits Browns! Yankees Roll, 7-0!

            Browns Suffer Bulldog Bite!

            Two weeks removed from Yale Uiversity and the Ivy League, pitcher Johnny Broaca joins the New York Yankees and the Beat-Up-The Browns League today. In his 1st start in the big leagues at Yankee Stadium, 24 year old righty Broaca limits the Browns to a 3rd inning single by Sammy West and goes on from there to blank St. Louis, 7-0. The loss drops the Browns to 24-24 in the 1934 season.

            June 14, 1922: Sisler Grand Slams Browns to 7-6 Comeback Win Over Sens!

            Sisler Bat Sizzles Today! - What Else Is New?

            Never say never. Even with the Browns. At least, never give up as long as George Sisler is around. At Sportman's Park today, the St. Louis Browns fell behind the Washington Senators early by a 5–0 count, but then rallied behind a George Sisler grand slam to take a 7-6 Browns victory home for supper celebration. The comeback win elevates the Browns to 10 games over .500 at 33-23.

            June 14, 1907: Browns Batter Cy Young, But Red Sox Rally To Win, 4-3!

            "Nobody's perfect. I just didn't have it today." - Cy Young

            At Boston today, the St. Louis Browns get to the legendary Cy Young for 3 runs in the 1st inning, but Boston reliever George Winter comes in and holds St. Louis scoreless over the last 8 frames. Meanwhile, the Red Sox rally for 4 runs of their own to come away with a 4-3 win over the visitors from St. Louis. The disappointing loss drops the Browns' 1907 season record to 19-30.

            A Brownie Record Booker

            Question: What Browns pitcher holds the franchise record for most losses in a single season?

            Answer: Fred Glade is the name we're looking for here. In only the fourth year of the franchise's existence, Glade led the American League with 25 losses in 1905. It would be a mark that no future Browns pitcher would ever surpass, even though the opportunities to do so would often be there all the way through the final 1953 season. For the record, Glade's 1905 season chart included 6 wins, 25 losses, and an ERA of only 2.81 over 275 innings of mostly disappointing outcomes.

            Births on June 14

            William Homer "Bill" or "Blue Sleeve" Harper is born on June 14, 1889 in Bertrand, Missouri. The BB/TR pitcher works 2 games and throws 8 innings for the 1911 Browns in his only big league exposure. He is involved in no decisions, but he does post a 6.75 ERA. Where and how he acquires the "Blue Sleeve" nickname we may only guess. - From a batter's perspective, the answer, my friends, is most likely blowin' in the wind. - "Blue Sleeve" Harper will take his true gone-for-good leave from Planet Earth on June 17, 1951 in Somerville, Tennessee at the age of 62.

            BCT/GB, Blue Sleeve Bill Harper!

            Deaths on June 14

            Fred Johnson is a natural reminder of Roy Hobbs.

            Fred "Cactus" Johnson passes away on June 14, 1973 in Kerrville, Texas at the age of 79, but please don't count him out. He may be planning a comeback that we don't know about. You see, Cactus Johnson was a man of mysterious abilities in the arts of the comeback. The BR/TR pitcher had a 4-year career MLB record of 5 wins and 10 losses (5.26 ERA), but those seasons will play out for Johnson in a most unusual way. After posting a 2-2 record with the New York Giants in 1922-1923, Johnson was out of major league baseball for 15 years. He returned at the age of 44 to go 3 and 8 on the mound for the 1938-1939 Browns. We cannot explain the details of Johnson's long hiatus from the big leagues - nor are we able to offer any explanation for the factors leading to his very late return. In the absence of further research, we are left with only a few curious thoughts and humbling observations:

            (1.) Were it not for his poor record at ages 44-45, Johnson may well have played out the real-life Roy Hobbs story.

            (2.) Players who appear to be gone for good - sometimes prove us wrong.

            (3.) Perhaps Johnson acquired his nickname "Cactus" for the fact that he was able to hold his major league pitching water in the tank for 15 years between starts. - (Sorry about that one.)

            (4.) Maybe wacky Joaquin Andujar of the Cardinals was right when he implied that he could sum up the unpredictability factor in baseball in these two words: "You never know."

            Mystery man Fred Johnson was born on March 10, 1894 in Tolar, Texas.

            BCT/GB, "Cactus Fred" Johnson! - You were really something else!

            Elwood Good "Speed" Martin passes away on June 14, 1893 in Lemon Grove, California at the age of 89. The BR/TR pitcher broke into the majors with the 1917 Browns, posting an 0-2 record with an ERA of 5.75 in 15.2 innings of work. Martin spends the rest of his career with the Chicago Cubs (1918-1922) and he records a career mark of 29 wins, 42 losses, and an ERA of 3.78. - Speed Martin was born in Wawawai, Washington on September 15, 1893.

            Harry Duquesne Makowsky, aka "Duke Markell" passes away on June 14, 1984 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the age of 60. The BR/TR pitcher is another short-timer, going 1-1 with a 6.33 ERA in 21.1 innings of work for the 1951 Browns as his total major league experience. - Duke Markell was born on August 17, 1923 in Paris, France.

            BCT/GB, Parisian Duke Markell! :atthepc

            Today's Reference Links ...

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            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


            • June 15th

              On This Date in History!

              June 15, 1951: Browns Acquire Tommy Byrne From Yankees!

              = +

              Bill Veeck of the Browns was busy at the trading table today. As a result, the Browns acquired pitcher Tommy Byrne from the New York Yankees in exchange for pitcherStubby Overmire and that ever-popular demand in most Veeck deals - $ 25,000 cash. - Byrne was 2-1 with New York and will go 4-10 with the Browns over the balance of 1951. - Overmire was 1-6 with St. Louis and will go 1-1 for the Yankees for the rest of the season. - The $ 25,000 cash will go to meet payroll and the light bill at Sportsman's Park.

              June 15, 1950: Browns Acquire Pillette & Others From Yankees!

              Duane Pillette will stay
              in St. Louis long enough
              to start the last game
              ever for the Browns in

              The New York Yankees almost pulled off a trade with the St. Louis Browns for pitcher Joe Ostrowski in April of this year, but it fell through. Today the Yankees got their man in a multi-player deal with the Browns that also involves cash. The Yankees get Ostrowski, along with pitchers Tom Ferrick and Sid Schacht, plus 3rd baseman Leo Thomas. In return, the Browns get infielder Snuffy Stirnweiss, outfielder Jim Delsing, pitchers Duane Pillette and Don Johnson, and $ 50,000 in cash. Both Ferrick and Ostrowski will prove their worth in the 1950 Yankee pennant drive. Tomorrow, the Yankees will beat the Browns, 7–5, at Sportsman's Park, with former Brownies Ferrick and Ostrowski starring in relief for their new plantation masters.

              June 15, 1948: Browns Deal Zoldak To The Indians!

              Sam Zoldak Smiles At Memory of Trade To World Series Champs!

              Pitcher Sam Zoldak won the equivalent of the baseball lottery today. The Cleveland Indians pick up Zoldak from the St. Louis Browns in exchange for pitcher Bill Kennedy and $ 100,000. Kennedy will go 7-8 for the Browns in 1948, while Zoldak will be 9-6 for the Tribe club that goes on to win the 1948 World Series.

              June 15, 1926: Browns Bid "Bye Bye, Baby Doll" In Trade With A's!

              Baby Doll Jacobson Is Gone For Good From The Browns!

              The St. Louis Browns bid goodbye to one of the last great stars of their 1922 club by dealing outfielder Baby Doll Jacobson to the Philadelphia Atheltics for outfielder Bing Miller. Baby Doll has no time to shake hands with Connie Mack in the wake of his trade by the Browns. Before the day is done, he is subsequently moved again by the A's to the Boston Red Sox in a separate multi-player deal.

              June 15, 1922: What A Difference The Rules Make! Browns Down Sens, 3-2!

              "Just follow the bouncing ball and give me credit for a home run!" - Marty McManus

              Marty McManus breaks a 2-2 tie between the St. Louis Browns and the Washington Senators at Sportsman's Park today when his outfield drive bounces over the fence for a home run and a 3-2 Brownie victory. Several years later, the rule will be changed and balls that bounce over the fence will be limited to ground rule doubles. - The change does not happen fast enough to help the Senators today. - The "bounce-off" homer victory for the Browns moves their 1922 record up to 32-23. - Whoever said that life or the baseball rules makers were fair?

              A Brownie Record Booker

              Question: For their entire history, 1902 to 1953, what is the overall regular season win/loss record of the St. Louis Browns?

              Answer: The St. Louis Browns won 3,414 times. They lost 4,465 games.

              Births on June 15

              Harry Ernest "Dutch" Schirick is born on June 15, 1890 in Ruby, New York. The BR/TR position player has either a phenomenal one game career, or else, he is the beneficiary of a records error. In his only MLB game for the Browns on September 17, 1914, Schirick draws a walk and is charged with no official times at bat. In spite of these facts, he is also credited with 2 stolen bases in 2 tries for a perfect steal percentage of 1.000. The "flying Dutchman" must have stolen 2nd and 3rd in his only opportunity as a baserunner because he wasn't hit by a pitch or allowed 1st base in some other plate appearance as a batter due to catcher interference. The fact too that there is no record of his fielding work in this game also adds credence to the probability that he appeared as a pinch hitter one time - then stole 2 bases before he was stranded on 3rd. - Dutch Schirick will pass away on November 12, 1968 in Kingston, New York at the age of 78.

              BCT/GB, Dutch Schirick! - Way to fly!

              Frank Patrick "Frank" Crossin is born on June 15, 1891 in Avondale, Pennsylvania. The BR/TR catcher will play 56 games in this 3-season (1912-1914) all-Browns MLB career and bat .147 with 0 homers. Why he doesn't play longer in the big leagues hardly merits the trouble of setting up a seminar to discuss all the possible reasons. - All the same, bless his heart, he gets there - and he is a St. Louis Brown for three seasons. - Frank Crossin will pass away on December 6, 1965 at the age of 74.

              BCT/GB, Frank Crossin! - Keep on swingin' in case you hit something!

              Raymond Sinclair "Ray" Richmond is born on June 15, 1896 in Fillmore, Illinois. The alumnus of Eastern Illinois State Normal School is a BR/TR pitcher who will go 2-1 with an ERA of 8.62 for the 1920-1921 Browns and then be gone-for-good from the big leagues. - Ray Richmond will pass away on October 21, 1969 in De Soto, Missouri at the age of 73.

              BCT/GB, Ray Richmond! With a little better location, that ERA might've been smaller!

              Ellsworth Tenney "Babe" Dahlgren is born on June 15, 1912 in San Francisco, California. More than anything else, Babe Dahlgren will be remembered as the man that Yankee manager Joe McCarthy sent into the lineup as a replacement at 1st base for the great Lou Gehrig when the latter was finally too ill to continue his incredible streak of consecutive games. The BR/TR 1st sacker, of course, will be no qualitative substitute for Gehrig, but he has a nice average career, anyway. During his 12 seasons in the big leagues (1925-1946), Dahlgren will hit .261 and bang 82 HR's. His Brownie time is limited to 2 games for the 1942 club and 28 games for the 1946 bunch. As a Brown, he does pretty much nothing, but he does finish his career as one of of our guys. Arthur Richman, our official No. 1 Browns fan, and one of the great historians of this franchise, has described Babe Dahlgren as one of the nicest guys one could ever hope to meet. (I guess that may be one reason he finishes as a Brown. Remember what Durocher said about nice guys?) - Babe Dahlgren will pass away on September 4, 1996 in Arcadia, California, leaving the world a little less nicer than it was the day before he came.

              Deaths on June 15

              Luther Lane "Luke" Stuart passes away on June 15, 1947 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at the age of 56. The BR/TR 2nd baseman is another MLB short-timer. The Guilford College alumnus was 1 for 3 in 3 games for the 1921 Browns, managing 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. His only hit was a home run - a memory he gets to keep (along with that .333 BA) on his way to The Land of Gone-For-Good. - Luke Stuart was born on May 23, 1892 in Almance County, North Carolina.

              BCT/GB, Luke Stuart! - You old slugger you!

              James Forrest "Jim" Buchanan passes away on June 15, 1949 in Norfolk, Virginia at the age of 72. The Midland Lutheran College alumnus was a BL/TR pitcher who posted a 5-9, 3.50 ERA record for the 1905 Browns as his only MLB experience. - Jim Buchanan was born on July 1, 1876 in Chatham Hill, Virginia.

              BCT/GB, Jim Buchanan! - Say hello to your presidential namesake for us when you have the time!

              Today's Reference Links ...

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              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


              • June 16th

                On This Date in History!

                June 16, 1953: Browns Stop Yankees, 3-1! Streaks End for Both Clubs!

                Duane Pillette Puts The Wrap on A Tale of Two Streaks!

                Baseball streaks are a fragile and curious business. Thanks to the law of averages, luck, skill variability, psychological factors, and the (ahem!) baseball gods - all streaks finally end, one way or another. The New York Yankees and the St. Louis Browns enter into today's game as A Tale of Two Streaks. The Yankees have won 18 games in a row and the Browns are busy heading the other way with 14 consecutive losses. Duane Pillette of the Browns puts an end to both milestone runs with a 3-1 pitching victory over New York at Yankee Stadium. Along the way, Johnny Mize becomes the 93rd player in baseball history to reach 2,000 career hits when he singles in the only Yankee run in the bottom of the 5th inning.

                Note: This game is erroneously reported in Baseball Library Dot Com as taking place on June 15, 1953. Information from the retrosheet display of schedules and scores on Baseball Almanac Dot Com reveals that the game actually was played on June 16, 1953.

                June 16, 1938: Browns Walk Foxx 6 Times in 12-8 Loss To Red Sox!

                Jimmie Foxx Had No Chance To Homer Again Today!

                After hitting number 19 in yesterday's 7-4 Red Sox win over the Browns at Sportsman's Park, Jimmie Foxx had no chance today to keep up the power run. The Browns walk Foxx 6 consecutive times - and they do it with 4 different pitchers. One of the walks is intentional and another apparently is semi-intentional. Whatever. It doesn't matter. The visiting Boston Red Sox win anyway, 12–8, before a measly paying crowd of 1,028 hardcore, but numbed-by-redundant-defeat-into-silence Browns fans. Johnny Marcum gets the win for Boston. Ed Linke takes the loss for St. Louis. - Today's 6th straight loss drops the Browns' record in 1938 to 15-33.

                June 16, 1927: Ruth's 22nd Blast Leads Yankees in Rout of Browns, 8-1!

                "See you in September, Mr. Zachary!" - Babe Ruth

                At New York today, St. Louis lefty Tom Zachary lasts only a single inning as the St. Louis Browns fall to the Yankees, 8–1. While he's briefly there, Zachary serves up Babe Ruth's 22nd homer with Earl Combs on base. Lou Gehrig follows Ruth with his 15th homer and Mr. Zachary is done for the day, taking the later assigned loss with him to the showers. Yankee pitcher Waite Hoyt gets the win. Hoyt allows the Browns a single run on a solo homer by outfielder Fred Schulte. - The loss today drops the Browns to 24-28 in the 1927 season.

                Note: This game also is erroneously reported in Baseball Library Dot Com as taking place on June 15, 1953. As before, information from the retrosheet display of schedules and scores on Baseball Almanac Dot Com reveals that the game actually was played on June 16, 1953.

                A Brownie Record Booker

                Question: Who holds the franchise record for most triples in a single season?

                Answer: The record was originally set by George Stone, who pounded out 20 triples in 154 games during the 1906 season. The record was tied by Heinie Manush when he did the same in 154 games during the 1928 season.

                Births on June 16

                ... Not today. Ever.

                Deaths on June 16

                Benjamin James "Bennie" Bowcock passes away on June 16, 1961 in Taunton, Massachusetts at the age of 81. The BR/TR 2nd baseman played 14 games for the 1903 Browns as his total career in the big leagues. Benny did pretty well during his eye-blink career, going 16 for 50 (.320 BA) with 3 doubles, 1 triple, 1 HR, and 10 RBI. For reasons now lost in the wall cracks of time and baseball history, Bowcock was gone-for-good from MLB after 1903. - Bennie Bowcock was born on October 28, 1979 on Fall River, Massachusetts.

                BCT/GB, Bennie Bowcock! - Way to crush 'em while you could!

                Clinton Dawson "Clint" Courtney

                Clint Courtney: His Heart
                Gave Out Early, But His
                Spirit Will Never Die!

                Clint Courtney went out as a baseball man. He died of a heart attack on June 16, 1975 in Rochester, New York at the age of 48. Courtney was in town as the manager of the Richmond Braves at the time. The BL/TR, bespectacled catcher was one of the scrappiest ballplayers to ever don the chocolate brown uniform of the St. Louis Browns. His stats are only a part of the story. They don't tell you the story of the man. In an 11-year big league career (1951-1961), "Scrap Iron" Courtney hit .268 with 38 homers. In his two seasons as a Brown (1952-1953), Courtney hit .286 and .231. In the end, it was his fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude on the field that endeared to his teams and made him sometimes hated by opponents. In 1953, Courtney was almost singlehandely responsible for bench clearing brawl between the Browns and Yankees that resulted in numerous fines and suspensions.

                I first saw Courtney play when he was catching for the 1950 regular season champion Beaumont Roughnecks of the AA Texas League. Beaumont had a great club that year under manager Rogers Hornsby and they also featured another future big league star at 3rd base - a fellow named Gil McDougald. The Roughnecks lost in the first round of the playoffs that year, but their 91-62 record over the regular season was achieved with a fellow named Cortney directing the pitching staff and stirring up his patented brand of resentment from the other TL clubs for his in-your-face style of play.

                Clint Courtney was born on March 16, 1927 in Hall Summit, Louisiana.

                BCT/GB, Clint Courtney! - Your fighting spirit lives on forever in the memories of those of us who were lucky enough to have seen you play!

                In special tribute to Clint Courtney, I'm going to re-post here a wonderful opening entry about Curtney left by a fellow named "Giant" on our forum on March 15, 2005. Thanks, Giant! - Your information really says a lot about the man and the affection that many of us held for him. ...

                (March 15,2005) Clint "Scrap Iron" Courtney turns 78 tomorrow. The first catcher to wear glasses, Courtney was better known as a fearless battler. Obtained by the Browns at the request of manager Rogers Hornsby, Courtney was TSN AL Rookie of the Year in 1952 (.286, 5 HR, 50 RBI, 116 G). He twice batted over .300 as a platoon player. "Scrap Iron's" most famous baseball brawl came in 1953 when the Browns met the Yankees. Courtney and Phil Rizzuto collided at second base, and Billy Martin jumped on Courtney in a wild melee that nearly provoked a riot among the few fans at St. Louis. The incident produced a then-AL record $850 in fines. Courtney died on June 16, 1975 while manager of Richmond (International League), exactly two years to the day after he was hired for the position.

                The Courtney Highlights:

                November 23, 1951: The Yankees send young C Clint Courtney to the Browns for P Jim McDonald. Courtney, the first major league catcher to wear glasses, appeared in one game for New York.

                » July 16, 1953: The Browns tie a record with three successive HRs -- by Clint Courtney, Dick Kryhoski, and Jim Dyck -- in the first inning. Their five bases-empty HRs in three innings establishes a new mark. It's enough to beat the Yankees 8-6.

                » April 15, 1954: The Orioles Clint Courtney hits the first home run in Memorial Stadium. Following a 90-minute parade, they draw an Opening Day record crowd of 46,354 in a 3–1 afternoon win against the White Sox. Bob Turley strikes out nine in besting Virgil Trucks. Vern Stephens and Clint Courtney homer for the O's.

                » June 6, 1954: C Clint Courtney of the Orioles makes an unassisted DP in a 7-5 win against the Yankees.

                » August 29, 1954: Orioles bespectacled C Clint Courtney goes 5-for-5, as Baltimore defeats the Senators 5-0.

                » December 6, 1954: The Orioles conclude their 2nd large trade in three weeks sending C Clint Courtney, SS Jim Brideweser, and P Bob Chakales to the White Sox for C Matt Batts, infielder Fred Marsh, and pitchers Don Johnson and Don Ferrarese. Courtney batted .270 in 397 at bats, and struck out an American League-low seven times, the league's lowest since Joe Sewell hung up his spikes in 1933.

                » April 3, 1960: The Orioles pick up C Clint Courtney, along with SS Ron Samford, from the Senators for 2B Billy Gardner.

                » May 27, 1960: Since there is no rule limiting the size or shape of the catcher's mitt, Baltimore manager Paul Richards combats the passed-ball problem while catching Hoyt Wilhelm (38 in 1959; 11 so far this year) by devising an oversized mitt to gather in Hoyt's fluttering knuckler. It is half again as large as the standard glove and 40 ounces heavier. Wilhelm goes the distance in beating New York 3–2 at Yankee Stadium. Clint Courtney has no passed balls behind the plate.

                » June 19, 1960: In a brilliant pair of pitching performances, the Orioles Hoyt Wilhelm and Milt Pappas throw shutouts to beat the host Tigers. Wilhelm allows two hits in winning the opener, 2–0, over Bunning, and Pappas allows three hits in winning the nitecap, 1–0, over Don Mossi. Gentile and Hansen homer in the opener as Clint Courtney, using the big glove, is twice charged with batter interference, the 1st loading the bases in the 4th.

                » August 15, 1960: Behind Art Ditmar's 5-hitter and Mickey Mantle's two home runs, off Jerry Walker and Hoyt Wilhelm, New York cops a 4–3 win and first place in the American League. The 2nd home run comes after C Clint Courtney drops a Mantle foul pop-up. Baltimore's loss is only its 2nd in the last 15 games. Baltimore and Chicago now trail by a half-game.

                Clint Courtney died on June 16, 1975 while manager of Richmond (International League), exactly two years to the day after he was hired for the position.

                ... by Giant, posted on 3/15/05 as a thread entitled "Clint Courtney."

                Marlin Henry "Marlin" Stuart

                Marlin Stuart, The Smilin' Arkansan!

                Marlin Stuart passes away on June 16, 1994 in Paragould, Arkansas at the age of 75. The BL/TR pitcher had a 9-4 record for the 1952-1953 Browns. For his total big league career (1949-1954), Stuart posted a mark of 23 wins, 17 losses, and an ERA of 4.65. - Marlin Stuart was born on August 8, 1918 in Paragould, Arkansas.

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                "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                • June 17th

                  On This Date in History!

                  June 17, 1915: Browns Lose "Battle of Bunker Hill", 11-10!

                  Babe Ruth Gets 10 "K"s In Win Over Browns.

                  On Bunker Hill Day in Boston, the St. Louis Browns manage only 4 hits and 1 run off Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox in 6 innings. Ruth strikes out 10 before collapsing in the 7th. Carl Mays relieves Ruth with 1 out and the Red Sox emerge with an 11–10 win. Ruth gets credit for the win. - The Red Sox are now tied for 2nd place in the American League with the Detroit Tigers. - The Browns fall to a record of 19-33 with the loss.

                  Note: This game is erroneously reported in Baseball Library (dot) Com as being played on June 15, 1915. A check with the retrosheet data on Baseball Almanac (dot) Com shows that the game was actually played on June 17, 1915. I have submitted an error report to the original source. Along the same line, I wasn't able to use the following great report about Joe Cronin of the Red Sox hitting two 3-run pinch homers in a DH today against the Browns because the opposition on the day really was the Philadelphia Athletics - NOT the Browns! An error report has been submitted on this one too. - Here's the story, with my correction in parentheses. ...

                  June 17, 1943

                  Player-manager Joe Cronin of the Red Sox hits two 3-run pinch HRs, one in each game of a doubleheader, as Boston beats the St. Louis Browns (really the Philadelphia Athletics) 5-4 and loses 8-7. He had hit a 3-run pinch HR two nights before against the A's, three HRs in his last four ABs. He will pinch-hit 42 times this year with 18 hits, including an AL record five pinch-hit HRs.
                  ... Baseball Library (dot) Com

                  A Brownie Record Booker

                  Question: Who holds the franchise single season record for most complete games pitched?

                  Answer: Jack Powell did it back in 1902, the first year of the Browns, when he pitched 36 complete games. In today's pitch-count crazy world, that record would be safe for all time, even if the Browns were still playing.

                  Births on June 17

                  Peter J. "Pete" O'Brien is born on June 17, 1877 in Binghamton, New York. The BL/TR utility infielder will have a 3-year, limited action MLB career (1901, 1906-1907) and hit .223 with 3 HR's. In his only full season, O'Brien hits .233 with 2 of those homers in 151 games for the 1906 Browns. The rest of his time is spent with Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Washington. After 1907, Pete is out of the big leagues for good. - Pete O'Brien will pass away on January 31, 1917 in Jersey City, New Jersey at the age of 39.

                  Claude R. "Claude" Rossman is born on June 17, 1881 in Philmont, New York, The BL/TL 1st baseman/outfielder will have a 4-year (1904, 1906-1909) career in MLB and he will hit .283 with 3 HR's. In his only time as a Brown at the end of his career, he goes 1 for 8 in 2 games for the 1909 Browns and is then gone-for-good. - Claude Rossman will pass away on January 16, 1928 in Poughkeepsie, New York at the age of 46.

                  Deaths on June 17

                  Allen Sutton "Allen" or "Dixie" Sothoron

                  - Prior to entering pro baseball, Sothoron attended Juniata College.

                  Allen Sothoron passes away on June 17, 1939 in St. Louis Missouri at the age of only 46. The BB/TR pitcher started his big league career by posting 55 wins and 62 losses for the Browns (1914-1921). Allen enjoyed his best year as a member of the 1919 Browns when he won 20, lost 12, and posted a 2.20 ERA. For his entire career (1914-1922, 1924-1926), Allen Sothoron finished with a record of 91 win, 100 losses, and an ERA of 3.31. - Allen Sothoron was born on April 27, 1893 in Bradford, Ohio.

                  William Homer "Bill" or "Blue Sleeve" Harper passes away on June 17, 1951 in Somerville, Tennessee at the age of 62. The BB/TR pitcher worked 2 games and threw 8 innings for the 1911 Browns in his only big league exposure. He was involved in no decisions, but he did post a 6.75 ERA. Where and how he acquired the "Blue Sleeve" nickname we may only guess. - From a batter's perspective, the answer, my friends, was most likely blowin' in the wind. - "Blue Sleeve" Harper was born on June 14, 1889 in Bertrand, Missouri.

                  BCT/GB, Blue Sleeve Bill Harper!

                  Julio Giacomo "Julio" Bonetti dies on June 17, 1952 in Belmont, California at the age of 40. The BR/TR pitcher was 6-14 with the 1937-1938 Browns. He returned to pitch 1.1 innings of no-decision ball for the 1939 Cubs as the wrap on an MLB short-time career. His finals stats include 6 wins, 14 losses, and an ERA of 6.04. - Julio Bonetti was a real-deal Italian-American who was born in Genoa, Italy on July 14, 1911.

                  Byron Simon "Byron" or "Duke" Houck dies on June 17, 1969 in Santa Cruz, California at the age of 77. The Universiy of Oregon alumnus and BR/TR pitcher had a 4-year big league career (1912-1914, 1918) in which he won 26, lost 24, and registered an ERA of 3.30. In his only season with the 1918 Browns, Houck won 2, lost 4, and posted a 2.39 ERA. - Byron "Duke" Houck was born on August 28, 1891 in Prosper, Minnesota.

                  Bruce Douglas "Bruce" or "Hump" Campbell

                  Bruce Campbell: Another good one that got away.

                  Bruce "Hump" Campbell passes away on June 17, 1995 in Ft. Myers, Florida at the age of 85. The BL/TR outfielder enjoyed a 13-year career (1930-1942) in the big leagues and he finished with a fine total BA of .290 and 106 HR's. - Campbell had 2 good seasons with the 1932 Browns (.285, 14 HR) and the 1933 Browns (.277, 16 HR). - Bruce Campbell was born on October 20, 1909 in Chicago, Illinois.

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                  Have a nice weekend, everybody! If you're anywhere near Houston tomorrow, please join us for a seminar on Texas Baseball History.

                  Here's the link. ...

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                  • June 18th

                    On This Date in History!

                    June 18, 1953: Yankee Hurlers Blank Browns Twice, 5-0, 3-0!

                    Eddie Lopat Serves Up 1st Goose Egg Today!

                    Yankee Stadium is not a happy place for the St. Louis Browns today, but that seldom is the case, anyway. Today's big misery is brought to the Browns by Yankee pitchers Eddie Lopat and Jim McDonald. In a doubleheader, both of the Yankee moundsmen throw complete game shut outs as the Browns fall by scores of 5-0 and 3*-0. - Today's double dip into the goose egg bin leaves the Browns with a 1953 season record of 20-41.

                    A Brownie Record Booker

                    Question: What Browns pitcher holds the franchise record for most 20-Game Win Seasons?

                    Urban Shocker won 20 or more games for the Browns 4 Times!

                    Answer in Detail: As a Brown, Urban Shocker was 20-10 in 1920; 27-12 in 1921; 24-17 in 1922; and 20-12 in 1923. - As a "reward" for his productivity, the Browns trade Shocker to the New York (anybody-but-them) Yankees after the 1924 season where he becomes an important contributor to New York pennants in 1926 and 1927, but never again pitches a 20-win season.

                    Births on June 18

                    Irving John "Irv" Medlinger is born on June 18, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. The BL/TL pitcher will work 9 games and 13.2 innings for the 1949 and 1951 Browns without gaining a win or a loss. His 13.84 career ERA for this total big league career is the only skidmark he leaves on the record books in his hurried burst away to the Land of Gone For Good. - Irv Medlinger will pass away on September 3, 1975 in Wheeling, Illinois at the age of 48.

                    BCT/GB, Irv Medlinger!

                    Deaths on June 18

                    James Irvin "Willie" Adams passes away on June 18, 1937 in Albany, New York at the age of 46. At 6'4", Adams is one of the big men of his day, but his stuff on the mound apparently fails to match the power of his height. The BR/TR pitcher from Albright College will break into the big leagues with the 1912 Browns and go 2-3 with an ERA of 3.89. He also pitches 9 innings for the 1913 Browns, but will have no W/L record. In 1914, Adams jumps to the Federal League. Over his total career (1912-1914, 1918-1919), "Willie" Adams will post a final big league mark of only 8 wins, 16 losses, and an ERA of 4.87. - Willie Adams was born on September 27, 1890 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

                    Edward Carl "Eddie" Gaedel

                    Eddie Gaedel: Still Walking Tall in Technicolor!

                    Eddie Gaedel dies on June 18, 1961 in Chicago as a result of injuries he received in a mugging that occurred after he left a Chicago bar. Little Eddie Gaedel was only 36 years old at the time of his death. The "Bats Right/Never Threw Left" 3'7" midget who became one of the most famous Browns of all with only one single time at bat in the big leagues hardly needs an explanation here. On August 19, 1951, Browns owner Bill Veeck sent Gaedel up to hit as a pinch hitter for leadoff man Frank Saucier in an afternoon game at Sportsman's Park against Bob Cain Cain of the Detroit Tigers and the rest is history. As a result of the marketing stunt, Gaedel walked on four pitches and was replaced by pinch runner Jim Delsing. He never played another pitch of organized baseball, but he retired with a perfect OBP (On Base Percentage) of 1.000. As another result, one that would most assuredly draw great challenge in today's politically correct world, midgets (or, "vertically challenged" people, as they are known today) were banned from baseball in 1951. - Eddie Gaedel was born on June 8, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois.

                    BCT/GB, Eddie Gaedel! - Your mythical place in Browns history still walks tall!

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                    "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                    • June 19th

                      On This Date in History!

                      June 19th: The 1st Ten Years, (H)ome or (A)way.

                      "Ho Hum! - Guess I'll take it easy today!"

                      There isn't much to report from available sources on this date in Browns history. No games are noted in detail. No outrageous citations are listed of new ways to lose ballgames. No blockbuster giveaway trades are pulled off for cash. No creative marketing promotions, ala Eddie Gaedel, are hatched.

                      So, on Father's Day, 2005. we are left to wake easy on something as plain as the following. Here's the Browns' record on June 19th for their first ten years of operation - followed by their season-to-date win/loss tallies in parentheses:

                      1902: Philadelphia 6 - Browns 2 (H). (23-23)
                      1903: Browns 4 - Washington 0 (H). (22-21)
                      1904: New York 4 - Browns 3 (A). (23-24)
                      1905: Philadelphia 5 - Browns 4 (A). (18-32)
                      1906: Browns 3 - Washington 2 (H). (29-16)
                      1907: Browns 9 - New York 0 (A). (22-32)
                      1908: Browns 4 - New York 0 (H). ((31-24)
                      1909: Cleveland 3 - Browns 2 (A). (19-30)
                      1910: Washington 4 - Browns 1 (H). (11-37)
                      1911: No Game Today.

                      So, the Browns went 4-5 on this date over their first ten years. - Ho Hum. Look for more exciting news in the days to come.

                      A Brownie Record Booker

                      Question: What Browns pitcher holds the career lead for most walks issued?

                      Answer: Dixie Davis is our man. Dixie gave up a total of 640 walks as a Browns pitcher over seven seasons from 1920 to 1926.

                      Births on June 19

                      George Washington "Buck" Stanton is born on June 19, 1906 in Stantonsburg, NC. Stanton will go 3 for 15 as a lefty-all-the-way right fielder for the 1931 Browns before taking his hidden but famous first and middle names with him into the greater darker regions of everyday anonymity. Buck played baseball at the University of North Carolina before turning professional. Buck Stanton will pass away on January 1, 1992 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 85.

                      BCT/GB, George Washington Stanton! - No lie!

                      Donald Joseph "Don" Gutteridge

                      Don Gutteridge at home in Kansas.

                      Don Gutteridge is born on June 19, 1912 in Pittsburg, Kansas, his lifelong home. The Pittsburg State alumnus and BR/TR infielder will be a prominent fixture at 2nd base on the Browns 1944 American League championship club. Don's career record for 12 years (1936-1940, 1942-1948) includes a .256 BA and 39 HR's, but his stats fall short of telling the reader how much his passion for winning and personal leadership bring to all clubs he plays for. Gutteridge was a Brown from 1942 to 1945. In one of those bizarre baseball ironies, Don begins his career with the Cardinals in 1936, but later ends up playing against the Cardinals twice in the World Series in three years - in 1944 as a Brown and in 1946 as a member of the Red Sox. Today Gentleman Don Gutteridge is still very much with us on Father's Day 2005.

                      If you haven't read the biography he wrote with Ronnie Joyner and Bill Bozman, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. For ordering information, contact Ronnie Joyner at [email protected]

                      Happy 93rd Birthday, Don Gutteridge! - Hope to see you again at next year's Browns Reunion!

                      Deaths on June 19

                      Thomas "Tom" Jones (not the singer) passes away on June 19, 1923 in Danville, PA at the age of 46. The BR/TR 1st baseman / infielder / outfielder posted a career BA of .251 from 1902 to 1910. He was with the Browns from 1904 to 1909. During the deadball era, a 1st baseman wasn't burdened with the power expectations that go with that position in the early 21st century. It's a good thing for Tom Jones that was the case. In 3,847 career AB's, Jones managed only 4 home runs. - Jones was born on January 22, 1877 in Honesdale, PA.

                      Walter "Wally" Gerber

                      Wally Gerber: A Brownie With a Golden Glove.

                      Wally Gerber passes away on June 19, 1951 in Columbus, Ohio at the age of 69. The BR/TR shortstop is a 12-year member of the Browns (1917-1928) and was an achoring defensive player in the infield of their great 1922 club. Over his total career (1914-1915, 1917-1929), Gerber hit .257 with 7 homers. His defensive skills made up his lack of offense. - Wally Gerber was born on August 18, 1891 in Columbus, Ohio.

                      Bert "B.G" Graham B.G. Graham passes away on June 19, 1971 in Cottonwood, Arizona at the age of 85. The BR/TR 1st base/2nd base spot player had a brief whirl with the 1910 Browns as his only big league exposure and then was gone-for-good. Graham played 8 games and went 3 for 26 (.115) with 0 HR's. He got his hits when they counted, however, driving in a season/career total of 5 RBI. - B.G. Graham was born on April 3, 1886 in Tilton, Illinois.

                      BCT/GB, B.G. Graham! - It's not how much, but when you hit that counts most!

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                      Happy Father's Day, Browns Dads!
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                      "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                      • June 20th

                        On This Date in History!

                        June 20, 1940: Browns Sweep Red Sox! Tribe Takes Over 1st!

                        June 20, 1940: Browns Are The Hammer Today and The Red Sox Are The Nail.

                        The St. Louis Browns completed a 4-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox today by taking a twin bill from the Bostons at Fenway Park by scores of 2-1 and 11-4. Elsewhere, the Cleveland Indians built on their capture of 1st place in the American League by drubbing the Washington Senators, 12-1. Today's results leave Cleveland on top with a 35-22 record as Boston slips to 31-20. Detroit dropped a 6-4 game to Philadelphia, but the Tigers remain in the hunt at 32-21. The Browns' success in Boston pulls them in sight of .500 ball with a record of 27-30.

                        June 20, 1934: Dazed Hemsley Leads Browns Rout of A's, 11-3!

                        Rollie Hemsley Has A 5 RBI Day In Spite of Getting Knocked Silly!

                        At Shibe Park today, the St. Louis Browns rout the Philadelphia A's, 11–3, behind five RBIs by Rollie Hemsley. Catcher Hemsley is knocked numb in a plate collision in the 4th inning, but he stays in the game to triple with the sacks full in the 7th. For whatever consolation it may serve them, Bob Johnson of the Athletics expands his MLB lead in home runs when he cracks his 20th long ball in the 9th inning of a lost Philadelphia cause.

                        June 20, 1926: Browns Ruin Trip For Walter Johnson Fans!

                        Big Train Runs Out of Steam in St. Louis!

                        A delegation of Coffeyville, Kansas fans journeys to St. Louis today to see their hometown hero, Walter Johnson, pitch and, hopefully, win against the St. Louis Browns at Sportman's Park. Unfortunately for the loyal Kansans, "The Big Train" cannot hold a 4-0 lead as the Browns rally to defeat Walter Johnson, sending him down for his seventh loss in a row.

                        A Brownie Record Booker

                        Question: What is the season home attendance record for the Browns and when did it occur?

                        Answer: The Browns drew their largest season crowd in 1922 when 712,918 fans came to watch the great Almost Champions of the American League. That was a pretty good crowd total for St. Louis in the early 1920's, especially when we consider the fact that the Browns had to compete for fans back then with the same site Cardinals of the National League. By today's standards, a season gate of 700,000 plus would more than likely get a club relocated to someplace like Las Vegas the following year.

                        Births on June 20

                        Jim Delahanty
                        Birth Name: James Christopher Delahanty Bats : Right
                        Born On: 06-20-1879 Throws : Right
                        Born In: Cleveland, Ohio Height : 5-10½
                        Died On: 10-17-1953 Weight : 170
                        Died In: Cleveland, Ohio First Game: 04-19-1901
                        College: None Attended Last Game: 05-08-1915
                        Nickname: None Draft: Not Applicable

                        Jim Delahanty played several positions in a 13 season big league career (1901-1902, 1904-1912, 1924-1915), hitting for a final average of .283 with 19 homers. In 33 games for the 1907 Browns, Delahanty hit only .221 with 0 homers. - Jim Delahanty was 74 when he died in 1953.

                        Robert Paul "Bob" Mahoney

                        Bob Mahoney: A Good Man Gone Too Soon!

                        Bob Mahoney is born on June 20, 1928 in LeRoy, Minnesota. The BR/TR pitcher will go on to a 2-5, 4.44 ERA record with the 1951 Browns after starting that season with no record for the White Sox in 6.2 innings of work for the White Sox. Mahoney returns to pitch for the 1952 Browns, but has no decisions in 3.0 innings of work. After 1952, Bob Mahoney is goen from the big leagues for good, but he returns in several years to attend several alumni reunions in St. Louis. Bob's 2-5 record in 1951 becomes hhis caree mar, but with a career ERA that shifts up to 4.96. - Sadly, Bob Mahoney passes away on August 27, 2000 after a sudden illness. He dies in his Linclon, Nebraska home at the age of 72.

                        BCT/GB, Bob Mahoney! - We miss your bright smile and happy company!

                        Deaths on June 20

                        Patrick Henry "Pat" Newnam passes away on June 20, 1938 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 57. Newnam's brief two-year MLB career was spent with the 1910-11 Browns. In 123 total games, Newnam batted .213 and hit 2 HR's. Pat Newman. was born on December 10, 1880 in Hempstead, Texas.

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                        "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                        • June 21st

                          On This Date in History!

                          June 21, 1951: Bill Veeck Gets Option To Buy Browns From DeWitts!

                          Wonder if Bill Veeck's newly acquired option to buy the St. Louis Browns from the Bill DeWitt family will have much impact upon the club's future?

                          June 21, 1940: Browns' Radcliff Spoils Rookie Hudson's No-Hit Bid in 9th!

                          Sid Hudson Has Two 1-Hitters in 1940 Rooke Year.

                          Washington Senators rookie pitcher Sid Hudson takes a no-hitter into the 9th inning at Sportsman's Park, but the St. Louis Browns' Rip Radcliff hits a pop fly double down the right field line with no outs to break it up. A passed ball moves Rip to 3rd base, but Hudson steadies himself and retires three batters in a row for a 1–0 Washington win. Hudson's off to a hot start. He will again throw a 1-hit shutout in August. His next near no-no victim will be the Philadelphia A's.

                          Editorial Note: Baseball Library (dot) Com also lists this fact for June 21, 1933: "Behind Earl Whitehill, the Senators beat the Browns, 9–0. Joe Cronin has his 2nd of five consecutive multi-hit games." The problem is - the Senators didn't play the Browns that day. They beat the White Sox by 9-0. I have reported the error.

                          A Brownie Record Booker

                          Question: Who holds the franchise single season record for pitching the most complete game shutouts?

                          Answer: Fred Glade set the record early when he threw 6 complete game shutouts in 1904. Three of those shutouts were by scores of 1-0 - which is also the franchise single season record for most 1-0 wins in a year. Glade's CG season shutout record was tied in 1906 when Harry Howell also posted 6 gems. - Not surprisingly, Glade and Howell set their records deep in the heart of the dead ball era.

                          Births on June 21

                          Hunter Benjamin "Hunter" Hill is born in Austin, Texas on June 21, 1879. The BR/TR 3rd baseman/outfielder will break into the big leagues with the 1903-1904 Browns, but he will move to the Senators in his 2nd year and will finish his brief career with Washington (1904-1905). Hill will record a .216 career BA and 1 HR in 1,200 total AB's. - Hunter Hill will pass away on February 22, 1959 in Austin, Texas at the age of 79.

                          Spencer Dewey "Spencer" Adams is born on June 21, 1898 in Layton, Utah. The BL/TR infielder will finish his limited action, 4-year MLB career (1923, 1925-1927) by hitting .266 in 88 games for the 1927 Browns. For his career, Adams will hit .256, but he will fail to homer in 395 official times at bat. - Spencer Adams will die on November 24, 1970 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 82.

                          Russell "Russ" or "Sheriff" Van Atta is born on June 21, 1906 in Augusta, New Jersey. The Penn State alumnus and BL/TL pitcher will have a 7-year MLB career and finish with a record of 33 wins, 41 losses, and an ERA of 5.60. Van Atta will go 18-32 during his 5 years as a Brown (1935-1939). - Russ Van Atta will pass away on October 10, 1986 in Andover, PA at the age of 80.

                          Deaths on June 21

                          Joseph Daniel "Joe" Jenkins passes away on June 21, 1974 in Fresno, California at the age of 83. The BR/TR catcher played 40 games in the big leagues over 3 seasons (1914, 1917, 1919), hitting only .133 with 0 homers in 60 official times at bat. In his only year as a Brown in 1914, Jenkins batted .125 (4 for 32). - Joe Jenkins was born on October 12, 1890 in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

                          Edward Karl "Ed" or "Babe" Linke passes away on June 21, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois at the age of 66. The BR/TR pitcher will go on to a 6-year MLB career (1933-1938) in which he will win 22, lose 22, and have an ERA of 5.61. - He spends only his last year as a 1938 Brown, but he's with the club long enough to drop his career record to .500 by going 1-7 on the year. - Ed Linke was born on November 9, 1911 in Chicago.

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                          "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                          • June 22nd

                            On This Date in History!

                            June 22, 1946: Future Browns Owner Veeck Buys Cleveland Indians!

                            Bill Veeck: Baseball's Mr. Imagination.

                            Bill Veeck heads a syndicate which purchases the Cleveland Indians. This launches Veeck on a long career as a lively promoter. - Baseball Library (dot) Com.
                            No kidding!

                            June 22, 1916: Sisler Loses Final Mound Start of Year; White Sox Win, 2-0!

                            Like Babe Ruth, George Sisler Could've Pitched Way To HOF.

                            At Sportsman's Park today, St. Louis Browns 1st baseman George Sisler makes his final mound appearance of the year, a complete game 2–0 loss to Chicago White Sox starter Reb Russell. - Sisler's bat is winning the battle over where he belongs. The 1916 season will see Sisler go 177 for 580 times at bat for a .305 batting average. Of course, he's no slouch either as a pitcher. In three 1916 starts, George goes only 1-2 in the win-loss column, but he completes each game and finishes the year with a 1.00 ERA. He's just too valuable as a hitter to be kept on the bench waiting for his next start. - Today's loss drops the the 1916 Browns' record to 24-32.

                            A Brownie Record Booker

                            Question: Over the course of their 52 year existence (1902-1953), how many times did the St. Louis Browns finish with the worst record in the American League?

                            Answer: The Browns finished with the worst AL record 11 times, not missing the opportunity to pull off one last worst performance during their final 1953 season in St. Louis.

                            Births on June 22

                            John Gus "Red" Fisher is born on June 22, 1887 in Pittsburgh, PA. Fisher will go 9 for 72 (.125) with 0 HR's as a BL/TR outfielder for the 1910 Browns and that will be it for his big league career. - Red Fisher will pass away on January 31, 1940 in Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 52.

                            BCT/GB, Red Fisher!

                            Howard Richard "Dick" Kauffman is born on June 22, 1888 in East Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The BB/TR alumnus of Bucknell University will serve as a 1st baseman, outfielder, pinch hitter in 44 games for the 1914-1915 Browns, batting .259 with 0 HR's and a fast track pass to The Land of Gone-For-Good. - Dick Kauffman will pass away on April 16, 1948 in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania at the age of nearly 60.

                            BCT/GB, Dick Kauffman!

                            William Francis "Bill" or "Bad Bill" Mizeur is born on June 22, 1897 in Nokomis, Illinois. The BL/TR will go 0 for 1 in each of the 1923 and 1924 Browns seasons as his total MLB career experience. That "0h fer 2" career mark is enough to earn him an applicable nickname and a fast lane trip to The Land of Gone For Good. - Bill Mizeur will pass away on August 27, 1976 in Decatur, Illinois at the age of 79. - In light of his big league experience, we may only hope and pray that Bad Bill made it through the Pearly Gates on his one and only try.

                            BCT/GB, Bad Bill Mizeur! - Around here, we try to remember the otherwise forgettable!

                            George Lawrence "George" or "Pooch" Puccinelli is born in San Francisco on June 22, 1907.The BR/TR outfielder will go on to a 4-season bench player career (1930, 1932, 1924, 1936) in which he bats .283 with 19 homers. In his only season with the 1934 Browns, "Pooch" hits.231 with 2 homers in 26 trips to the plate. - George Puccinelli will pass away on April 16, 1956 in San Francisco, California at the age of 48.

                            Maurice Milton "Maury" Newlin is born on June 22, 1914 in Bloomingdale, Indiana. The BR/TR pitcher wins 1, loses 2, and registers a 6.42 ERA for the 1940-1941 Browns as his only MLB exposure. - Maury Newlin will pass away on August 14, 1978 in Houston, Texas at the age of 64.

                            Deaths on June 22

                            Charles Judson "Charlie" or "Eagle Eye" Hemphill passes away on June 22, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 77. The BL/TL outfielder had a long career (1899, 1901-1911), hitting a very respectable .271 with 22 homers in the heart of the deadball era. Hemphill joined the Browns early in their first year of 1902 and he hit .317 in the 103 games he played for St. Louis that year. Charlie also was a Brown through the 1907 season. - Old Eagle Eye Charlie Hemphill was born on April 20, 1876 in Greenville, Michigan.

                            Frank Witman "Frankie" or "Blimp" Hayes passes away on June 22, 1955 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey at the age of 40. The BR/TR catcher played 14 years in the big leagues (1933-1934, 1936-1947), hitting .259 with 119 HR's. Hayes saw back up duty with the 1942-1943 Browns and hit ,252 and .188 over the flow of those 2 seasons. - Franke Hayes was born in Jamesburg, New Jersey on October 13, 1914.

                            Henry Albert "Hank" Edwards passes away on June 22, 1988 in Santa Ana, California at the age of 69. The BL/TL outfielder posted a career big league BA of .280 with 51 HR's from 1941 to 1953. Edwards ended his career as a bench player for the last 1953 Browns club, hitting .198 with no homers in 106 times at bat. - Hanks Edwards was born on January 29, 1919 in Elmwood Place, Ohio.

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                            "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                            • June 23rd

                              On This Date in History!

                              June 23, 1933: Browns DH Split With NY Helps Sens Take Over 1st Place!

                              Sens' Joe Cronin Has 15 Hits in Last 4 Games.

                              The St. Louis Browns helped out the Washington Senators today by snatching the 2nd game of their doubleheader with the New York Yankees at Sportsman's Park by a score of 5-4. The Yankees had defeated the Browns in the opener by 10-6. The Missouri split allowed the Washington Senators to take over first place bt a half game in the American League by virtue of their 3rd win a row over the Chicago White Sox at Comiskey Park by a tally of 7-3. The Senators now have a 38-23 season record. The Yankees are now at 38-24. The Browns are now 16 and 1/2 games back at 23-41. In the Senators' victory, Joe Cronin led Washington on its way with his 5th consecutive multi-hit game. With his two hits today matching his output on June 18th, and with 13 hits in the three games of the 19th, 21st and 22nd, Cronin has set a new record for most hits in three games (13) as well as four games (15).

                              June 23, 1932: Goslin's 3-HR Day Paces Browns By Yankees, 14-10!

                              Goose Goslin Has 3rd 3-Homer Game!

                              "The Goose" was on the loose at Sportsman's Park today. For the third time in his big league career, future Hall of Fame outfielder Goose Goslin of the St. Louis slammed three homers in a game, this time leading the Browns to a 14-10 pasting of the usually more powerful New York Yankees. - Today's Goslin-Glory performance moved the Browns season record up to a game over .500 at 32-31.

                              June 23, 1915: Ty Cobb Runs Wild; Tigers Top Browns, 4-2!

                              Cobb Steals Home; Also Scores from 2nd on Grounder to Pitcher!

                              For the 5th time this month, and 6th time this year, Ty Cobb steals home today in a 4–2 Tiger win over the St. Louis Browns in a game played in Detroit. Cobb scores another run from 2nd base when Sam Crawford hits a comebacker to Browns pitcher Grover Lowdermilk. Lowdermilk somersaults after catching the short-bounding grounder and then sits on the mound holding the ball as Cobb scores all the way from 2nd base on the play. The Brownie pitcher is not the first, nor will he be the last hurler made to feel silly by the contemptible, but oh-so-talent-ripe peach from Georgia. - Today's loss drops the Browns' 1915 season record to 21-35.

                              June 23, 1906: Howell Gives Up 11 Hits, But Still Washes Cleveland, 9-0!

                              Harry Howell of The Browns Had a Club Record-Tying 6 Shutouts in 1906.

                              Talk about pitching out of jams! - Harry Howell of the St. Louis Browns allows 11 Cleveland Nap hits today, but he still manages to shut out Cleveland, 9-0, in a game played at home. Howell will go on to throw 6 shutouts in 1906, tying the single season franchise record set by Fred Glade only two years earlier in 1904. It will be a record tie that lasts forever as no future Browns pitcher ever matches the dead ball era performances of Glade and Howell. - Today's win moves the Browns' 1906 record up to 30-27.

                              A Brownie Record Booker

                              Question: What Browns pitcher holds the franchise single season record for throwing the most wild pitches?

                              Answer: Carl Wellman did it first in 1913 when he lost control of 11 wild pitches. - That record was tied by Bill James (not the current sage of stat freaks) in 1914; tied again in 1917 by Dave Davenport; and tied by a 4th man in 1936 when Jack Knott also rolled out another 11 wild ones.

                              Births on June 23

                              William Donald "Bill" (not "Billy") Cox is born on June 23, 1913 in Ashmore, Illinois. Not to be confused with "Billy Cox" of Brooklyn Dodger legend, this Bill Cox is a BR/TR pitcher who will go on to post an MLB career (1936-1940) record of 2 wins, 9 losses, and an ERA of 6.56. Cox records 1 win and 7 losses for the 1938-1940 Browns as the major part of his total big league tab. - Bill Cox will pass away on February 16, 1988 in Charleston, Illinois at the age of 74.

                              Deaths on June 23

                              George Henry "George" Boehler passes away in his birth home town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana at the age of 66 on June 23, 1958. Boehler's BR/TR, 9-year MLB pitching career stretched over parts of several seasons from 1912 to 1926. He was 0 and 1 over 8 total innings he pitched for the 1920-21 Browns and he finished his career with a record of 6 wins 12 losses - and an ERA of 4.72. - George Boehler was born on January 2, 1892 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

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                              "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


                              • June 24th

                                On This Date in History!

                                June 24, 1953: The Last June 24th Game in Browns History.

                                The Smiles of 1953 Are Lean and Misleading.

                                In the last game they will ever play on June 24th, the St. Louis Browns defeat the Washington Senators at Griffith Stadium in our national's capitol today by the narrowest of margins. The final score is 7-6, Browns, but there is room for little joy in the moment. The victory only raises the club's 1953 season record to a dismal 23-44. More importantly, the rumors about the club's departure continue to swirl - and there is little evidence to spark hope that the Browns are doing anything but playing out the string of their final days.

                                Sorry to be so down today, but the absence of any detailed reports on the fates of the Browns on this date in history reminds me of the 1953 season climate. Our club had little going for it that year to make us feel hopeful. For many of us, even those of us who were still adolescents at the time, the sale of Sportsman's Park to the Cardinals earlier in the spring felt like the death rattle. Where's the future? - It's not likely to be found in a place they now call Busch Stadium.

                                A Brownie Record Booker

                                Question: Which players hold the franchise single season records for striking out the most and fewest times?

                                Hank Severeid: The Man Put The Ball in Play.

                                Answers: Interesting to first note here is the fact that the worst and best efforts both were accomplished in separate 143 game appearance seasons. Gus Williams struck out the most times when he fanned 120 times in 1914. - Hank Severeid struck out the fewest times in 1921 when he breezed on only 9 trips to the plate.

                                Births on June 24

                                Ralston Burdett "Rollie" Hemsley

                                Rollie Hemsley: A Brown for Four Seasons, 1934-1937.

                                Rollie Hemsley is born on June 24, 1907 in Syracuse, New York. The BR/TR catcher will have a 19-year career in the majors (1928-1944, 1946-1947) and he will hit .262 with 31 homers. As a Brown for 5 years (1933-1937). Hemsley will hit .309 in 123 games for the 1934 club. - Rollie Hemsley will pass away on July 31, 1972 in Washington, D.C. at the age of nearly 65.

                                Albert "Al" or "Lefty" Gerheauser is born on June 24, 1917 in St. Louis, Missouri. The BL/TL pitcher will finish his MLB career by posting an ignominious 0-3 record for the 1948 Browns. Over the whole road of his time in the big leagues (1943-1946, 1948), Gearhauser will post a record of 25 wins, 50 losses, and an ERA of 4.13. - Al Gearhauser will pass away on May 28, 1972 in Springfield, Missouri at the age of nearly 55.

                                Deaths on June 24

                                Loy Vernon "Loy" Hanning passes away on June 24, 1986 im Anaconda, Missouri at the age of 68. The BR/TR pitcher had a career mark of 1 win, 0 losses, and an ERA of 6.26 for the 1939 and 1942 Browns during his only 2 seasons in the big leagues. - Loy Hanning was born on October 18, 1917 in Bunker, Missouri.

                                BCT/GB, Loy Hanning!

                                Sherwin Merle "Bud" Swartz passes away on June 24, 1991 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 72. The BL/TL ptcher worked 5.1 innings for the 1947 Browns, posting no record to go with his 6.75 ERA before vanishing into The Land of Gone For Good. - Bud Swartz was born on June 13, 1929 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

                                BCT/GB, Bud Swartz!

                                Jack Raymond "Jack" Bruner passes away on June 24, 2003 in Lincoln, Nebraska at the age of nearly 80. The BL/TL pitcher and University of Iowa alumnus was 1-2 in 1949 for the White Sox and 1-2 in 1950 for the Browns. Bruner's short career MLB totals are 2 wins, 4 losses, and an ERA of 4.91. - Jack Bruner was born on July 1, 1924 in Waterloo, Iowa.

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                                Have A Nice Weekend, Brownie Fans! :atthepc
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                                "Our fans never booed us. - They wouldn't dare. - We outnumbered 'em." ... Browns Pitcher Ned Garver.


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