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  • Paul Dean as a Brownie

    Does anybody know the story re: Paul Dean's trial with the Browns in '43?

    Interestingly, in '44, the Browns went to great lengths to protect Dean, who was at the bitter end of his ill-fated career, by calling him up on 8/18/44 for an inactive list, even though he had only pitched 8 games in an A1 minor league all year and didnt pitch after May in '43. Of course, a comeback from him would have been a big story. (Not to mention his pitching against his old teammates the Cardinals in the WS.)

    2-0 vs. DET with a 1.00 ERA in the '34 world series!

    Another oddity is that the Little Rock Travelers were a CHW farm team that played against the Browns' farm team in the Southern assn.: the Memphis Chickasaws in '44. Wonder if that was an accommodation to Dean who lived in Arkansas and maybe he only pitched when the team was home? Perhaps he was an 'Arkansas Non-Traveler'.

    p.s. Surprisingly, the Paul Dean SABR bio is unassigned, if anyone cares to apply:

    Great Dean story: Frankie Frisch ordered him not to throw a certain player a fastball. Dean felt the order was a personal insult and refused to pitch unless Frisch recanted.
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    I mentioned this on another thread, but Willis Hudlin was co-owner of the Little Rock team in 1944 and sold himself to the Browns (and appeared in 1 game). I imagine he had a good relationship with Luke Sewell (the two played in Cleveland together) and was behind the Dean move.


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