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Who has the mantle of the old A.A. Browns?

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  • Who has the mantle of the old A.A. Browns?

    As we know, official record books tend to date the start of the St. Louis Cardinals' franchise as 1882, with the American association St. Louis Browns. The Cardinals team of today generally dates the team's history to 1892, when Chris Von der Ahe's Browns franchise was invited to the National League, the A.A. having collapsed. However almost all of Von Der Ahe's A.A. Browns were scattered to the four winds and it was essentially a whole new club.

    <first discontinuity>

    Then in 1899 the Browns ... then named Perfectos ... were basically shipped in from Cleveland and the old Browns became the Cleveland Spiders. This siphoning off of the best Spiders for the St. Louis club continued for at least another season.

    <second discontinuity>

    Then finally, in 1902, basically the top seven "Cardinals" (all but one an ex-Spider) jumped to the A.L. to become the driving force of the inaugural season of the St. Louis Browns, the Browns keeping almost none of the old Milwaukee Brewers players.

    So if you want to look at things "genealogically":

    Old St. Louis Browns of the A.A. - R.I.P. 1891
    Old St. Louis Browns of the N.L. - R.I.P. 1899
    Old Western League St. Paul/Milwaukee team - R.I.P. 1901

    Where are the Old Cleveland Spiders of the A.A./N.L. today? they are in Baltimore!

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