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1908 St. Louis Browns

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  • 1908 St. Louis Browns

    Browns fans had reason to be optimistic about the 1908 season after the roster moves made during the off-season. On November 5th, 1907, the New York Highlanders purchased 2B Hobe Ferris from the Boston Americans (soon to be rechristened the Red Sox), and traded Ferris, 2B Jimmy Williams, and speedy outfielder Danny Hoffman (over 100 stolen bases during the previous three seasons) to St. Louis in exchange for pitcher Fred Glade and outfielders Charlie Hemphill and Harry Niles. The Browns would shift Ferris to third base, giving them a solid infield of Ferris at third, Bobby Wallace at shortstop, Williams at second base, and Tom Jones at first. In addition to Hoffman, the outfield would consist of Roy Hartzell (shifted from third base) and George Stone, who had led the AL in hits as a rookie in 1905 (187) and in batting average in 1906 (.358) and had enjoyed another good season in 1907 with a .320 average. The pitching staff was bolstered by the purchase of the spectacular Rube Waddell (AL strikeout leader the previous six seasons) from the Philadelphia Athletics on February 7th, 1908, to join a staff that included Harry Howell, Jack Powell, Barney Pelty, and Bill Dinneen.

    During the 1908 season, the Browns were in first place June 8th-12th, June 24th-30th, and July 2nd-14th. As late as September 5th a victory over the Tigers had the Browns in second place with a record of 70-52, just one-half game behind Detroit, but then the Tigers took three straight from St. Louis, and the Browns went 13-17 over the last 30 games to finish in fourth place at 83-69, 6.5 games behind Detroit. In 1909 the team slumped to seventh place, and then had three straight 100-loss seasons beginning in 1910. The Browns wouldn't seriously contend for the pennant again until the 1920s.

    The Chicago-based photographer who had begun taking excellent, close-up photographs of the major league players in their uniforms in 1903 had discontinued that practice after about 1905. By 1906, it had become more common for photos to be taken of the players as they warmed up on the field. Photos of the players in the uniform with the initials "StL" horizontal within a diamond on the chest were taken in 1909 or 1910. The 1908 home uniform had the letters S, T, and L interlocked vertically within the diamond.
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    Sportsman's Park, 1907

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      1908 St. Louis Browns, in jackets

      1908 AL St. Louis.jpg


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        1908 St. Louis Browns panoramic photo

        1908 AL St. Louis panoramic.jpg


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          Manager Jimmy McAleer

          McAleer Jimmy Mgr.jpgMcAleer Jimmy Mgr head shot.jpg


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            Pitcher Rube Waddell (19-14)

            Waddell Rube P.jpgWaddell Rube P pitching.jpgRube Waddell StL.jpgWaddell%20Rube%20P%20w%20mascot.jpg
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              Pitcher Rube Waddell (studio portrait)

              Waddell Rube P studio portrait.jpg


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                Pitcher Harry Howell (18-18)

                Howell Harry P.jpgHowell Harry P full body.jpgHowell Harry P full body 2.jpg


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                  Pitcher Jack Powell (16-13)

                  Powell Jack P.jpgPowell Jack P 1909 full body.jpg


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                    Pitcher Barney Pelty (7-4)

                    Pelty Barney P 1905.jpgPelty Barney P 1909 or 1910.png


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                      Pitchers Bill Dinneen (14-7)-----Bill Grahame (6-7)----------Bill Bailey (3-5)-----

                      Dinneen Bill P 1905 Bos.jpgGrahame Bill P 1909 or 1910.jpgBailey Bill P 1909 or 1910.jpg


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                        Catcher Tubby Spencer (.210)

                        Spencer Tubby C.jpgSpencer Tubby C full body.jpg


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                          Catchers Jim Stephens (.200)-----------------Syd Smith* (.184)------------------------------Bert Blue* (.375)---

                          Stephens Jim C.jpgSyd_Smith.bmpBlue Bert C.jpg

                          *On August 8th, 1908, Bert Blue was traded by the Browns to the Athletics in exchange for Syd Smith.


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                            First Baseman Tom Jones (.246)

                            Jones Tom 1B.jpgJones Tom 1B throwing.jpg

                            Jones was traded to the Detroit Tigers in late 1909 and played in the World Series against the Pirates.
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                              Second Baseman Jimmy Williams (.236)

                              Williams Jimmy 2B.jpgWilliams Jimmy 2B full body.jpg


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