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  • Need some help and/or advice

    We are trying to find information on my father in law. All we know is that he was recruited out of Siloam Springs Arkansas, done some pitching, played in the years 1934 & 1935 we think, and it was for one of the St Louis Browns farm clubs. His name was Charles (Charlie) Prickett. Can someone tell us any more about how to find information about him and what team he was on and maybe some stats? We have tried everything we know (which isn't a whole lot), have even been to the library in St Louis, searching newspapers.
    Please help me out if you can. thanks, gwl

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    the unanswered post list grows

    Regarding Charles (Charlie) Prickett, even though our answer comes two years late, no one by that name ever played organized baseball at the major or minor league level. There were three Pricketts, but they all played minor league ball from 1952 forward, and their names were Bob, Greg, and Scott.

    In spite of the usual result, something about this name and request inspires me to doggerel.

    There once were three players named Prickett,
    With talents too thin to long thicket.
    But as we look back,
    On their history wall crack,
    At least they were there,
    Uh ... unlike Charlie.


    Bill McCurdy
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