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Urban Shocker gravesite photos

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  • Urban Shocker gravesite photos

    any ideas why Don Barnes was out there putting flowers on his grave in July 1937? He's t

    Grave looks fresh too.

    per SABR bio, Shocker was buried out of All Saints church (and his Yankee teammates were in town to play the Browns) ... so it couldnt be they moved the body in '37

    so compare:

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    The bio says his funeral was at All Saints Church, but he is buried in Calvary Cemetery. I believe the two photos are opposite sides of the same stone.


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      All Saints is about 10 miles from Calvary. No problem there. But what is a mystery is what Donald Barnes, the owner the Browns, is doing at the cemetery in July 1937, when according to the find-a-grave stone there was no burial anywhere near 1937. Plus to my untrained eye it looks like there is a fresh grave there or some sort of digging/planting. A removal? Maybe... but who?? Also there are a lot of people assembled. But no clergyman. It would not have been Urban's Birthday either.


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        From wire stories, it was the first reunion of the 1922 Browns, all guests of Barnes. Shocker and Eddie Foster were deceased. All others contacted, but they couldn't find Gene Robertson. They were scheduled to play a 'short game." A group of them visited Shocker's grave.


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          Above post is correct. The 1922 team had a reunion and visited the graves of both Shocker and Phil Ball. This incident is mentioned in a book which is now available for purchase.


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            Had to look up the name Robertson. St. Louis boy, St. Louis U product. Wonder where he was in '37 that they couldnt find him. His last team was the Mission (CA) Reds. He died in Nevada at Age 81.

            He was Top 10 in HRs in 1925 (Browns actually had 4 in the Top 10 that year, Yankees only 3)

            Can anybody ID the other players at gravesite? Don Barnes is of course 4th from left. Maybe John Tobin third from left?
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