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  • Your 1-for-2, Senators Fan 57. Jimmy Piersall did not get the first hit, but Bennie Daniels commited the first error.

    The first Sen do get a hit shared the same name with a Philadelphia A's slugger from the 1930's and 40's. Ironically, that former A's slugger would play a season in Washington in 1943.
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    • Bob Johnson


      • Originally posted by Senators Fan 57 View Post
        Bob Johnson
        Bob Johnson is correct. He got a two-out single in the 2nd inning off Don Mossi of the Tigers.


        • In 1958, this expansion Nat became the first left handed throwing catcher to play in a ML game since 1905. Who is he?
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          • Dale Long

            Since no one has answered this yet, the answer is Dale Long, who caught 2 games for the 1958 Chicago Cubs.

            Dale Long career record
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            "For the Washington Senators, the worst time of the year is the baseball season." Roger Kahn

            "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Rogers Hornsby.


            • Dale Long is correct. Congratulations Aa3rt! You have won a rare, limited edition, 1963 Senators team autographed bat! This bat was used in all 162 games and is like new!


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                You can find Lee Maye clips,singing online. Another member sent them to me once. When he was here,I didn't know he had a pretty successful career as a singer. He was very cool though! He was a flashy dresser and nice about signing autographs.
                Sorry to respond to such an old post, but I actually met Lee Maye, after his playing career had ended. This was circa 1977, he was working as a salesman in a men's clothing store in downtown L. A. called Eagleson's. Of course there were 2 Lee May(e)s that played Major League baseball during the 70s, I knew he was Lee Maye with an e, b/c the other Lee May (w/out an e) was still active (playing 1B for Houston, IIRC), and I went to the store during baseball season, so I figured it wasn't him Sorry to hear of Lee Maye's passing


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