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    I received and have a few more photos coming from Steve's Baseball Photography website. I recently received 8" x 10"s of Denny McLain and David Clyde and have Jim Shellenback and Hank Allen coming this week. Allen's is a color photo from a 1969 Senators game and the others are B&W 1972 and 1973(Clyde)spring training photos with the Rangers.
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      I'm Dick Lines' son

      Hey Yankwood or anyone else, I'm Dick Lines' son. I was wondering where I can find anything (film, pictures, that jersey you talked about...) other than his card (I have tons) to help me preserve my father's career for my children? He didn't keep much from those days.

      Any ideas anyone?


      Rick Lines


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        Wow! Dick Lines son. I sold the jersey back around 1990-ish to a man by the name of Gary Hong who lived in the Balt-Wash area. Whether he still has it, I have no idea but he seemed to collect anything and everything concerning the Senators. Unfortunately, I have no other info than that. I just wish I had kept the jersey. It's one of my biggest regrets hobbywise.


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          Thanks for the reply Yank. It's a good start. I'm not sure if that jersey would be valuable to anyone other than me or my sisters. Maybe I can track it down.

          You'd like my dad, he doesn't take himself too seriously. Likes to talk about the homers he threw. Still goes on about the one Bill Freehan hit off him in Tiger stadium. I guess it hit off the facing and bounced halfway back to the infield. "tag him! tag him!" is the punch line.



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            Hi Guys! - I haven't had the time to check in lately but I miss the Nats forum(as well as others).We have a celebrity amongst us! Rick Lines might not mean much to others but we certainly appreciate you giving us the info about your father's playing days!
            I recently purchased two game used bats on ebay(Thanks to Yankwood). I got a Del Unser and A Tim Cullen. The Cullen bat is cracked but in pretty good shape. The Unser bat is in terrific shape. Best to all of my fellow Nats Fans!


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              In my yearbook collection, I have the 1960 edition. It's truly a beautiful thing.


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                I have a completed box score from opening day 1960 (4/18/1960) against the Sox. Found it cleaning out my in-law grandparents place (they lived in Arlington). Washington 10, Boston 1. Ted Williams scored Boston's only run in the game and Eisenhower threw out the first pitch.

                I framed it and it hangs in my office. Quite a piece from the 1st day of the last season.
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                  I have been looking for a copy
                  of "What a Baseball Manager Does" since 1971
                  when I saw it in a public library
                  and finally found a copy in good condition
                  at a fair price last week on Alibris.
                  The book features Ted WIlliams in his role
                  as manager for the Senators and is packed with photos
                  of the team throughout.
                  It was a thrill to unpack it and look over each page...

                  Otherwise I just have a few Senators cards and the 1969 Citgo
                  Frank Howard metal coin card which I found in a local shop.

                  It's good reading everyones posts about their treasured memorabilia.


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                    Last summer I inherited many autographed baseballs from my grandfather-in-law. His brother had season tickets behind the visitor’s dugout in Kansas City and had other teams, and players sign baseballs for him. One is a 1971 team signed baseball from the Washington Senators. Ted Williams signed the sweet spot among many other players on the team. The balls sat in an old suitcase for the last 25+ years.

                    I’m glad to hear that people still have strong memories about the Senators. I will be looking into selling it, but was happy to be an owner of memorabilia from this team.


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